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I feel like the Women of Marvel are pretty well represented here, so I assumed it was a dc character.Like Mera, Rose Wilson, or Big Barda.                                                                                                                                                               On to Nightwatch, I feel like He could have worked if they had gone a slightly different route.For example, let's say the past version can't remember the spell and truly believes he is a hero but the future version is manipulating him, and when the past version finds out he has to decide if he wants to follow this path or create a new one.He could have been Ironlad or Gwenpoll before they were created.
Looking up his history on Wikipedia, he literally just sounds like a lamer version of Spawn in terms of powerset(with a story that doesn't really go anywhere or offer any reason for his character to exist period). I'd rather have villains like Annihilus or Nightmare made into full-on mods over this guy(who should just be left in comic obscurity, where he rightfully belongs).

And as for the little-known female bad ass, I'm guessing its Jennifer Kale(as she's among the movesets you conceived way back when, in the General Moveset Thread that I seem to solely use these days to post my own stuff, when I feel inspired & in the mood for it :P).
Perhaps you could have these two as potential skins for the character in question?

Decent picks. I've asked BaconWizard17 to create one costume that the character has worn before. Perhaps those two can make it four if someone is willing to make them.

Yes, I called it.It was to myself but still, I called it.

Curious, then... who did you think the "little-known female bad ass" was? She came very close in the poll.

So, I usually don't use the Crypt for conversation (usually, that's at the Lab), but I will here. What is your view of the Marvel character Nightwatch? (No, he is not one of my planned mods.) I thought about him suddenly upon hearing some rumor that he may get a movie and that Spike Lee is considering directing it.

As I recall, Nightwatch was some dude with a black costume and large cape that was clearly inspired by Todd McFarlane's Spawn, before appearing in this costume seen above. He also has a strange story. Dr. Kevin Trench witnessed a super hero getting killed -- only to find out that the hero was an older version of himself. He took the costume, but didn't put it on, and hid somewhere, only to change his mind later and become Nightwatch. I do recall seeing him in Spider-Man's Maximum Carnage story.
Then, my cousin said something about that whole origin not being his true story. That he was really a villain named Nighteater (Really? :laugh:) who hired others to create some spell that portrays him as a hero. She-Hulk eventually found out and Trench was confronted about it. I don't know what ever happened to him after that.

Anyway, what is your take on Nightwatch? Cool? Lame? Someone you'd want to see in MUA? Someone who has a pathetic villain code-name almost as bad as Taserface? (LOL) Maybe I'll wait to see if/when Marvel makes his movie, reintroducing him in a possibly better, less confusing light.

Hey BLAW can i getta Copy of that 90's Storm skin plz the link isn't there anymore
Yes, I called it.It was to myself but still, I called it.
Ladies and gentlemen, the poll is now closed. After 48 votes, the winner is "An Avenger to no longer be just an outfit..."

So as I've stated, this character will be after my current project. But just who is the Avenger I was referring to? Click the question mark below to find out...

This current poll has had quite the turnout so far. After 36 votes, the "Avenger to no longer be just an outfit" is leading with a commanding 14 votes. The "little-known female bad-ass" is not far behind with 8 votes. I will continue to keep an eye on the voting results.

When the poll is over, whoever wins will be my very next mod (after my current project), and I will reveal who the character is via my signature question mark. Unless the winner turns out to be the secret mod -- I can't tell you who the "strange, forgotten hero from the 90's" is. That one, you'll just have to find out for yourself, but trust me, you'll want to play as that forgotten hero... Of course, they are all good picks if you knew who I'm referring to.

good afternoon, I was wondering if you outsiders could create a booster for Iron Man based on the powers of X-MEN LEGENDS II, this pattern of the game is bad.

Sorry, I can't take requests. Officially, I'm supposed to be retired from modding, but my girlfriend is a fan of my work and convinced me to temporarily come out of retirement and create some more mods. The power of a beautiful woman, I tell you...

I couldn't do what you're requesting anyway, as I don't have XML2. (In addition, I've been very busy lately.) In the past, I did think of creating an Iron Man booster where he can change to various armor in-game (via my shape-shift system) all with different skills, but it may complicate things or make Stark too powerful.

valeu max por tudo cara vamos continuar ,com mais trabalhos e esse jogo nao ira perder nenhum espašo, acredito eu que vc e um dos pilares daqui entao oba sorte na sua nova etapa da vida.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Mortal Kombat - Release Katalog
« Last post by Ceamonks890 on November 13, 2017, 03:59pm »
I would like to see a mod of kung lao and kratos based on the mk9.

But Kratos isn't even a Mortal Kombat character *facepalms*
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