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uhm, sorry to bump up this post again but...any chance to get some updates in Havok skills? like his blast from XML1? because i loved that attack and i'd love to get it here
Mod Releases and Conversions / The Outsider's Crypt - Moondragon
« Last post by Outsider on June 16, 2019, 09:44am »

Here comes a mod of Heather Douglas, the powerful daughter of Drax and former Avenger & Guardian of the Galaxy known as Moondragon. It is important for you all to know that this is NOT my mod, so she is not one of my final works. This was the work of Fox456, but he needed my help to fix her and make her better, which I did and finished her. Years ago, he asked me not to release her to the public -- that he wanted to do it after he looked through it. However, he has not been seen or heard from in nearly four years since then. And personally, I hate when my work goes to waste. After all, what's the point of working on something if it is never released? (I had this talk with MUALover in regards to Malice as well.) So, after years of holding out, I am now forced to break that promise and release Moondragon. So, check her out.

-6 powers, 3 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-Ability of Flight.
-4 hex-edited skins, 4 HUDs, loading screen, icons, 3 mannequins, and sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #25.

-Her voice file could be better. Maybe Raven's voice from Injustice could do the trick...
-If there is a skin out there of Moondragon's classic costume that look as sharp as her mannequin by MelloMods, somebody find it...

1. 5-Star Flurry: Launches a rapid series of punches and kicks.
2. Lunar Lift: Uses telekinesis to lift and throw both objects and enemies.
3. Spinning Dragon Kick: Executes a spin kick that damages enemies up to 4 times.
4. Crescent Blast: Releases a powerful kinetic force, causing knockback on enemies.
5. Moon Mist: Throws pellets that produce a dense fog and crystalize enemies.
6. Moonbeam: Fires a psionic energy beam that pierces through the first target and splits to other enemies.
7. (Boost) Defenders Unite!: Creates an illusion of one of her comrades from the Defenders to assist her in battle.
8. (Special) Mental Domination: Alters the minds of her foes, converting them to her team for a time.
9. (Boost) Blue Moon: Generates a psychic shield that deflects projectiles and damages all enemies that come nearby.
10. (Xtreme) Dragon of the Moon: Morphs into her dragonite form, and breathes intense fire at all of her enemies.

Fox456 - Initial mod maker
Outsider - Coding fixes & adjustments, Xtreme creation, loading screen, HUDs (except classic), hex-editing, etc.
MJFan - Classic skin
UltimateVenom - Classic HUD
???? - Other skins
MelloMods - Mannequins

None so far.


ok thanks cool mannequin anyway
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Cohollows Sneak Peeks
« Last post by Cohollow on June 15, 2019, 05:01pm »
Iceman and Blob wrecking house!

I've got too many things on the go at once. i gotta commit and get the next thing out to ya'll :P
is there a skin matching your john Stewart mannequin i cant seem to find it anywhere???

There is none to my knowledge atm, the closest is DCUO skins from Aventureimax and unlikely that I convert that model.
At the time I released that mannequin, I was doing very random stuff lol
is there a skin matching your john Stewart mannequin i cant seem to find it anywhere???
Thank you always for your hard work, Outsider :) your dedication to your craft is extremely admirable.
Everyone, as part of my fixing up the talents files of my older mods, the following mods have been updated:
Baron Zemo
:hulk_icon: Bruce Banner (Hulk)
Gun Girls (Both)
Jessica Jones
M. Bison
:beetle: MACH-V
Martian Manhunter
Poison Ivy
Radioactive Man
Typhoid Mary

Yeah, I know... that's a LOT of updates, but again, you only have to update the data folder. They improve their gameplay, damage output, etc. (The Stepford Cuckoos didn't need an update -- they're fine.) Download these important updates ASAP.

From the looks of things, I only have to update Outsider's Last Call and then the boosters. Hopefully, all of my mods that were done after the Last Call (including my Mortal Kombat mods) were done without the need of an update. Hopefully.

Now for the BIG news...

A trade deal has been reached between talented skinner/model converter Andersonbrazil and myself. As a result, some exciting things are coming your way. I can't say what I've asked him for, but what he's asked me for -- well, let's just say my very next mod will have the Masters of Evil seeing STARS... Stay tuned.

Fair enough.
There should be a way. Try this:
With XMLBCUI (tool) decompile the file data/ps_thor.engb.
Download MUALover's Booster and have it in a different folder. With XMLBCUI decompile the ps_thor.engb from it as well.
Open both generated ps_thor.xml files and from MUALover's copy the text from the attack_light1 code until the grabsmash code.
Replace the codes from mine ps_thor.xml from also attack_light1 until grabsmash.
Save it and compile it with XMLBCUI to .engb.
Would you show the code segment that I need to replace? I'm slightly confused as grabsmash is located before ea_light_attack1.
*Gazillion Entertainment.
Special thanks to: UltraMegaMagnus for the tools, tutorials and source files.

Dr. Strange  :strange:
Includes two animated capes. One for his Classic skin and another for his MCU skin.
Instructions are in .txt file
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