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Re: Mortal Kombat - Release Katalog
« Reply #360 on: April 17, 2019, 02:50am »
Bumping this thread, in order to post my movesets for the three new characters introduced in MK11 on the base roster. Hope modders find these useful if they ever want to tackle these guys in future.

Geras(Mortal Kombat):
Abilities of teleportation by pressing jump button twice, 100% chance of resurrection(granting him a temporary buff in damage output and chances of avoiding enemy attacks), healing factor
1. Metallic Fist: Geras generates one of his hands into a metal-like gauntlet, before throwing a hard punch an enemy's way. Charge attack for max damage!
2. Sand Pillar: Geras spawns a column made of sand that sends opponents flying into the air, dealing knockback damage.
3. Titan Tackle: Geras charges forward and grabs an unlucky enemy, continuing on for a while longer before flinging them away, dealing physical damage.
4. Sand Trap: Geras generates a trap on the ground made of sand. If an enemy moves across it, they'll seemingly sink into the ground and be struck by a pair of sand hammers, dealing physical damage.
5. Sand Spikes: Geras lifts an opponent up and generates sand spikes on the ground, flinging the unlucky foe into them dealing bleed damage.
6. (Boost) Temporal Advantage: Geras freezes struck foes in place temporarily so long as this ability is active, making them much more vulnerable to damage.
7. (Boost) Keeper Loyalty: Geras's master, Kronika, creates a doppelganger of her servant to fight alongside him for a time.
8. (Fatality) Phasing Through Time: Geras seemingly vanishes into sand, before reappearing behind opponents at impressive speeds and punching a hole right through their chests, dealing high bleed damage.

Alternate costumes:
1. Classic:

The Kollector(Mortal Kombat):
1. Grappling shock: The Kollector picks up an enemy and generates energy from his hands through an enchanted lantern, dealing energy damage before he flings them to the ground.
2. Hording strike: The Kollector attacks with a wide variety of weapons, flinging them at enemies as physical damage is dealt.
3. Flaring brutality: The Kollector attacks an enemy with an enchanted staff, then slams the ground with a custom flail before extending it out and slicing them in its chain form, dealing bleed damage.
4. Directional sickle stabs: The Kollector attacks different parts of an enemy's body by moving upward and downward, flinging them into the air at the final strike as bleed damage is dealt.
5. Energy pushback: The Kollector stabs an enemy with his custom flail in its default state, before pulling out an enchanted lantern and firing it while holding the stabbed enemy with the flail, sending them flying as bleed damage is dealt.
6. (Boost) Lust For Greed: The Kollector is able to earn more SHIELD credits and XP for a time.
7. (Debuff) Bola Ensnarement: The Kollector flings out enchanted bolas which bind enemies in the position they're standing, making them unable to retaliate for a time.
8. (Fatality) What's Yours Is Mine!: The Kollector viciously stabs enemies with four knives, before ripping body parts off them for his collection as high bleed damage is dealt.

Alternate costumes:
1. Classic:

Cetrion(Mortal Kombat):
Ability of teleportation(Teleport effect has her turn into water briefly)
1. Monument Tribute: Cetrion generates a monument-styled rock out of nowhere and telekinetically flings an unlucky enemy into it hard twice, dealing bleed damage.
2. Rock fight: Cetrion generates rocks out of thin air and flings them at enemies like projectiles telekinetically, dealing physical damage so long as button continues to be mashed.
3. Hellish Wrath: Cetrion generates magma from the earth's crater, setting nearby enemies alight as fire damage is dealt.
4. Cold Temper: Cetrion uses generated water to float enemies off the ground, before firing an ice beam that freezes them solid before she telekinetically slams them back to the ground, dealing cold damage.
5. Tendril Slam: Cetrion spawns vines out of the ground, grabbing nearby enemies as they're forcibly face slammed into the ground, dealing bleed damage.
6. Strong Winds: Cetrion generates a fast moving tornado that sends enemies flying, dealing physical damage with a 20% chance to stun.
7. (Boost) Natural Barrier: Cetrion generates rocks around herself, reducing damage dealt to her for a time.
8. (Fatality) Giantess Blast: Cetrion ensnares nearby foes in rocky cocoons, before increasing to the size of a giant and firing a yellow energy blast from her mouth, dealing high energy damage before shrinking back to normal size.

Alternate costumes:
1. Classic:

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Re: Mortal Kombat - Release Katalog
« Reply #361 on: April 20, 2019, 01:03pm »
Oooh great stuff Ceamonks, maybe we'll see them pop up one day :D