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Colossus Booster (Cohollow)
« on: April 30, 2019, 04:14am »
:colossus: Colossus :colossus:

He's bigger, he's badder, he's too much for mister sinister! this colossus booster makes him more effective at dealing with his enemies at multiple ranges. With his increased size and versatility, getting on target should be a breeze! I think his size is now more accurate to the 7.5 - 8 that feet he should be.


Uppercut An increased melee attack that launches enemies into the air
Changes - Is now the starting attack

Thunder Clap A thunderous clap sends out a 160 degree blast of damage
Changes - Used to say 140 degree and only did 90 degree. Now does 160 degree
             - The range can be increased further to match the range of the visual effect

Massive Strike An increased melee attack that hits all enemies in front of colossus, doing mild knock back
Changes - No longer has a chance of a deadly strike
             - Can now hit multiple targets
             - Does mild knock back

Bounding Smash A colossal leap that sends out a radial shock wave on landing
Changes - None

Siberian Express Charge against enemies, and objects, knocking them back
Changes - Very slightly improved control
             - Faster recovery after impacting a wall

Demolitionan extreme concussive ground pound
Changes - None

Unbreakable Makes colossus invincible, and increases damage for a time
Changes - None

Steel Skin Generates steel armor which has a chance of blocking incoming damage
Changes - no longer ends after taking a couple hits
             - chance to block any damage instead of just some physical

Roar a battle cry giving all party members a bonus to all character traits
Changes - increased bonus
             - now increases stats by a percentage allowing greater increases to the stats in which characters

Metallurgy Increases all resistances
Changes - added radiation resistance to cover all resistances

Brawler gives a natural increase to attack and defense
Changes - Now also increases defense

Galvanize Hardened skin reflects physical damage back at attackers
Changes - No longer increases defense
             - Reflects some physical damage back at attackers

Critical Strike Increases chance of critical with melee attacks
Changes - New Ability

Might Increases lifting strength, and destruction level of melee attacks
Changes - None

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration rate
Changes - None


- This my first time modding ever, so i really hope you like it!
- He has one less attack but it will likely return with deadly strike at some point. I just felt like it was redundant with uppercut and his various knock back powers.
- Any feed back on the is booster, be it good or ill would be VERY appreciated. This is my first booster and i learned by trial and error by just reading and comparing different character files so please let me know of any good pointers!
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Re: Colossus Booster (Cohollow)
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2019, 06:46am »
Interesting work! Iíll have to take a look at it!

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Re: Colossus Booster (Cohollow)
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2019, 07:20pm »
:colossus: Colossus update 1 :colossus:

- Galvanize displays reflected damage properly

- Metallurgy now increases all resistances

- Roar now increases character stats by more and by a percentage to give a higher boost to stats in which characters specialize

- Steel skin now has a chance to block all attacks and lasts for the displayed amount of time

- changes to power level counts and levels at which they are unlocked