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First off, I just wanna say I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes.  This is just to keep the two projects separate, but working together.

Levels will be covered in the OFFICIAL XML1 level conversion thread, since it'll run the same for both games with a few exceptions

General Character Info
-Characters will be set up XML2 style (powers, costumes, etc)

Character List: **new characters
1)  :beast: Beast -nodoubt_jr's
2)  :colossus: Colossus -XML2
3)  :cyclops: Cyclops -XML2
4)  :emmafrost: Emma Frost -matt710
5)  :gambit: Gambit -XML2
6)  :iceman: Iceman -XML2
7)  :phoenix: Jean Grey -XML2
8)  :jubilee: Jubilee -nodoubt_jr
9)  :magma: Magma -nodoubt_jr
10)  :nightcrawler: Nightcrawler -XML2
11)  :psylocke: Psylocke -nodoubt_jr (now available from the start so you can use her on the Astral Plane)
12)  :rogue: Rogue -XML2
13)  :storm: Storm -XML2
14)  :wolverine: Wolverine -XML2
15)  :xavier: Professor X -XML2
**16)  :bishop: Bishop -XML2 (unlocked from start) --special conversation with himself in NYC?
**17)  :sunfire: Sunfire -XML2  (unlocks where Psylocke used to)

Team Bonuses
-Air Force (replaces New Avengers)
-Animated Series (replaces Brotherhood of Evil)
-Gladiators (replaces Heavy Metal)
-Original X-Men (replaces Old School)
-Raven X-Men (replaces Special Ops -- this is just Raven's Xtreme costumes, but I don't wanna confuse it with the actual Xtreme X-Men)
-X-Factor (uses open slot)

My $.02: Havok/Polaris for 20/21. Polaris could easily use Magneto's moveset, with a few icon changes (Y'know, the ones with his helmet/face in 'em?)

Good call.  Added Polaris to the list of possible bonus characters.  'Still think we aughta leave at least one slot open for the user to select who they want.

Norrin Radd:
are you thinking of making this like a stand-alone game, or are you thinking of tying it in with xml2?
from the character list i assume it is stand-alone

Yeah, I think most of the XML2 owners would rather have it stand alone.  That's the other thing for me that appeals about using XML2.  Going straight from XML1-->XML2 in one story doesn't flow real well to me.


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