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General Rules
[*]Don't offer money in exchange for someone else's services.
Making any profit from the modifications we do here in connection to games we don't own is illegal.  Therefore, it is not allowed here, so don't bother asking.  Likewise, modders cannot set a monetary price for their services.  Everything offered here is offered for free, and always will be.

[*]Don't Use All Caps, and Post Meaningful and Clear Topics and Posts
Never post a message with all caps, nor a topic.  It's considered rude, plus it's a bit more difficult to read.  Type with proper sentences and punctuation.  Topics should clearly state what you need help on.  When you're posting a message, please use punctuation so we can read it.  (We understand if English is not your first language)  Also make use of the edit button in your post. 

[*]Don't hijack another's thread with your own work or requests.
Posting one image of yours in someone else's thread for comparison is okay.  If you want to post more than that, create your own thread and provide a link to it in the other persons.

[*]Don't play 'Junior Moderator'
If a user is doing something wrong, kindly explain how they can fix it.  If it becomes a problem let the Moderators and Administrators do their job.  Usually if we don't do something about it, there's no need.  If you feel that it should be reported, please send us a PM with a description of what's going on and a link to the problem. 

[*]Be kind to other users and Don't be rude.
You all know what's rude and what's not.  We're all adult enough for that.

[*]Multiple Member Accounts Are NOT Allowed
There is absolutely no reason to have more than one account.  If you want to rename your account, an Admin can change it if the new one is available.  If you are having trouble logging in, have a proxy find out for you why.

[*]Don't spam
What's spamming?  Posting pointless messages to up your post count, double posting without good reason, resurrecting old topics for no reason, etc.  We have special ranks that we'll give you if you spam, and you won't like them.

[*]Don't ask questions in the Knowledge Base forum
The Knowledge Base forum is only for the specs on the game, tutorials, stuff like that.  If you have a question... ANY question, ask it in one of the "General" boards

[*]Violating author’s rules
Most, if not all authors have certain rules set up for each of their downloads, either it be a full mod or skin or anything else. We highly suggest to abide by their rules. Authors are able to request the punishment they set up if you don’t follow the rules. This fore mostly includes warehousing and hot linking on other sites without crediting the original author.

[*]Edits and releases without permissions
If you want to edit something someone else made (custom mod, custom skin or custom model), then we highly advise you to ask permissions first from the original author through PM. No harm is done when you edit the base model made by the creators of your game because you own the game, but author's have spent time working on their custom releases. Every author should have their own rule for permissions. Some have "just credit me" as a rule, others have "ask permission first and credit me" as a rule. It's always nice to do the latter, so the original author knows what you want to release.


Below are some of the things that will instantly get you banned without an explanation or warning:
[*]Software Piracy
Don't be cheap.  Go out and buy the software.  If we catch you, we must ban you.  We don't want lawyers coming to us with issues.  If you use the word "downloaded" in regards to your game expect an instant ban, as none of the games we mod here are legally available for download through systems like Steam or Direct2Drive.

[*]Accepting Payment / Commission
As stated before, making profit for any services connected to games we don't own is against the law.  If we find out that you've taken money in exchange for your works, we must instantly ban you and erase your work from being offered here.  We don't want cease and desist letters coming at us.

[*]Circumventing Any Type of Ban
You were banned for a reason.  If you have a problem with it then contact THX or Teancum with the reason you feel it was a mistake.  Be nice about it.  Don't burn your bridges.  If you made a mistake, apologizing or kindly working out the problem helps the situation get resolved quickly.  If we made a mistake, we'll be willing to work on it too.

[*]Logging in Under Another Members Account
If you feel your account has been breached, notify an Admin before the violator has a chance to get you banned. We have had some occasions where a sibling got a member's account and had a field day.

[*]Breaking the rules after a ban lift
You were banned for a reason.  If you break the rules after we were generous enough to let you back in, then you had no respect for the ban lifter's kindness and you will be removed permanently.


Courtesy Rules

[*]Be specific if you can. 
Say, for instance that you're trying to add a character.  You can say "I read the tutorial, and I updated the herostat, but it won't compile!"  It helps veterans to know as much as they can about the problem.  They can diagnose what's wrong quicker and get you back on track.  Sometimes you don't know how to be specific on something.  That's okay.  Just try to as often as you can.

[*]Be helpful.
If someone asks how to do something and you know where to send them to the answer, don't just say "Use the search function", or if you do, add "Also, check out [this] thread -- it explains how to fix your problem" or whatever the case may be.

[*]If a person has trouble with something specific, be sure you ask them specifically what you need to see in order to help.
In other words, things like "Post your herostat and I'll see if there are any errors".


Regarding non-Marvel characters and mods

The folks at Marvel, Raven Software and Activision have been good enough to look the other way when we convert things from the X-Men Legends games to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and vice versa.  They probably realize that modding helps PC sales, and that often ideas for a game's sequel can spring from mods for the first game.  That being said, we always welcome Marvel-to-Marvel conversions, as our ideas can become the springboard to creating new games.

As of July 13 2011, we do allow non-Marvel releases. We have been a long living community. We will cancel this rule of it causes problems.

Completely original characters are always welcome, and always will be.  There haven't been many 100% original characters created, but they're totally safe, as they're your creations.  However they must be 100% your work, and no one else's.  Violating this policy will have severe consequences.

I want to make it clear that we aren't all of the sudden ruling with an Iron Fist.   We just want to make sure that we all understand each other.

Feel free to discuss.

sounds good, the only one im not to sure about is the double posting. i tend to double post in a lot of my threads, since sometimes i need to post something new and no one has responded or when im releasing a new version but the old version was the last post, and edit doesnt always get attention.  I guess i just want an explanation of when double posting would be considered breaking a rule.

Yeah I'm revising them right now.  This was a proposed ruleset from awhile back.  I removed the Double Post rule.  Check back in about 15 min.

Also folks, remember these are just to keep everything running smoothly.  We're still the same old MarvelMods.

oh ok, just wanted to make sure :)


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