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X-Men Legends 2 Characters - FINAL (Oct 28, 2008)

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NOTE: It is highly recommended that you install the newest version of the Official Characters Mod before installing this pack

Click on the picture to download.

Size: 43.81mb

Contains all of the characters who officially appeared in X-Men Legends 2 (PC version) who could not be found on any system of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This contains what should be the final versions of those characters, barring any glitch discoveries by users.
Bishop, Gambit, Jean Grey, Juggernaut, Professor X, Pyro, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, Toad

Blizz for Bishop, Juggernaut, Toad, Scarlet Witch, Gambit mods; Sunfire and Jean Grey mannequin
Cates for Sunfire, Pyro, and Professor X mods; Modern Sunfire, Freedom Force Pyro skins
Norrin Radd for Rogue mod; Ultimate Pyro, Original Rogue skins
darkmythology for Jean Grey mod
Teancum & winstrol for the sounds
Noelemahc for the iconsets
iammingy Bishop Gun boltons; X-Men Juggernaut, Classic Jean Grey, Original Bishop, Classic Pyro skins
boreman for Classic/Modern Toad, Ultimate Scarlet Witch skins
Burning Rage for Classic Gambit skin
MXYZPTLK for Juggernaut, Toad, Pyro, Bishop, Rogue, Professor X mannequins
thetommyboy2002 for Gambit mannequin
Overload for Scarlet Witch mannequin

Installation Instructions:

To install the mod correctly:

1. Extract the RAR to your main Marvel Ultimate Alliance Directory.
2. Copy the contents of "README" into "herostat" in the heroselect sub-folder (If this is at all unclear to you it is suggested read the HeroSelect_Readme.pdf file in that sub-folder)
3. Swap in whatever characters the desire using HeroSelect (Again, for more detailed instructions read HeroSelect_Readme.pdf)
4. Enjoy

For individual download links for these characters check the next post.

Click on the pictures to download.

 :bishop: BISHOP :bishop:
(Slot 206XX)
Bio Beam: Channels energy through his hands to blast foes with a beam of focused power.
Plasma Blaster: Uses guns to fire projectiles that stun enemies.
Bio Blast: Radial energy attack.
Sapping Strike: Melee attack that reduces damage victims do by 50% for a time.
Bombardment: Fires several high-powered rounds into the air.  They then crash down, smashing into enemies and surrounding objects.
Absorption: Absorbs a percentage of Energy Dmg as Health gain and boosts Physical Resistance.
Energy Fury: Gives bonus Energy Dmg to melee attacks for self and allies for a time.
Superconductor: Sucks in surrounding energy releasing it in a violent explosion of power nullifying enemy powers.

 :gambit: GAMBIT :gambit:
(Slot 212XX)
Card Shuffle: Multiple card projectile attack.
Staff Slam: Radial energy attack.
Detonation: Charges an enemy with explosive energy that will blow up after a time.
Staff Assault: Multiple staff melee attacks in quick succession.
Energy Fury: Gives nearby allies and self Energy Dmg on all melee attacks.
Energy Form: Turns parts of Gambit's body into energy, improving defense and movement speed.
52 Pickup: Throws cards into the air which rain down Energy Dmg.

 :phoenix: JEAN GREY :phoenix:
(Slot 123XX)
Telekinesis: Gives Jean the ability to lift and throw objects and enemies.
Psychic Spike: Fires a mental homing projectile.
Psionic Boom: A radial mental attack inflicting pain on enemies and reducing their damage for a time.
Dark Phoenix: Inflicts a mental blast in a radius, and causes a Physical Dmg explosion around fallen enemies.
Memory Wipe: A radial blast of mental energy that confuses enemies and makes them flee.
Psychic Fury: Gives Jean and allies mental damage bonus on all Melee attacks for a time.
Calming Presence: Increase Energy regeneration rate of entire party for a time.
Phoenix Force: Xtreme radial attack dealing mental damage with a chance to convert enemies.

 :juggernaut: JUGGERNAUT :juggernaut:
(Slot 211XX)
Thunder Punch: Increased melee attack with stun.
Arcane Fist: A crystal-powered ground slam that sends out a radial blast of damage.
Brutal Blitz: Spins around and hits surrounding enemies.
Bullrush: Charge against enemies, and objects, knocking them back.
Crimson Rage: Multiple punch attack, building up Dmg with each hit.
Cyttorak Shield: All party members gain an energy shield, reflecting some melee Dmg back at attackers.
Cyttorak Transfer: All party members convert inflicted Energy Dmg into Health Points for Juggernaut. Other party members also recieve Defense and Strike bonus.
Crimson Devastation: Juggernaut rips open a portal to the Crimson Cosmos, flooding enemies with Energy Dmg and stunning them.

 :xavier: PROFESSOR X :xavier:
(Slot 39XX)
Psychic Hammer: Swings an arc of mental enegy at opponents, with a chance for a Deadly Strike (1/3 instant $HP loss).
Crushing Ego: Burst of mental energy that temporarily holds enemies.
Befuddle: Telepathically confuses enemies and makes them flee.
Psychic Storm: A psychic lightning attack shocks the systems of foes, dealing Mental Dmg to the primary target and chaining to deal Electricity Dmg to nearby enemies.
Reveal Intent: Increases defense by mentally probing enemies' attack plans.
Telepathic Link: Links to the minds of all teammates, increasing Attack Rating and Dmg.
Psychic Shock: Resurrects nearby fallen allies and enemies. Resurrected enemies become allies for a time, then expire.

 :pyro: PYRO :pyro:
(Slot 216XX)
Flamethrower: Shoots a continuous stream of flame, doing Fire Dmg.
Pillar of Flame: Creates a column of surging flame that harms nearby enemies and knocks them back.
Fire Bats: Shape flames into Fire Bats which seek out foes.
Fire Blast: Launch a fireball that explodes on contact and harms nearby enemies for a time.
Raging Flame: Sets enemies ablaze, causing them to run in confusion, igniting additional foes as they go.
Torch Fury: Adds Fire Dmg to melee attacks for self and allies.
Mercury Rising: Creates a localized fire of intense heat that reduces enemies' combat effectiveness, limiting their Dmg.
Wildfire: Intense fire attack that delivers widely varying Fire Dmg to enemies.

 :rogue: ROGUE :rogue:
(Slot 208XX)
Smash: Increased melee punch with knockback.
Life Theft: Drains life from the target and stuns them.
Energy Overflow: Releases built up energy in a 180 degree forward arc.
Tremor: Leaps into the air and comes down hard with a smash attack.
Torpedo Strike: Lunges forward and attacks in a torpedo fashion knocking enemies back.
Bedazzle: Baits nearby enemies into attacking you while lowering their fighting abilities for a time.
Southern Shout: Increases health and energy maximums of entire team for a time.
Manic Slam: Saps energy from all enemies, stuns them, and prevents them from using their powers for a time.

 :scarletw: SCARLET WITCH :scarletw:
(Slot 205XX)
Hex Bolts: Fires a spread of Hex-Bolts.
Combustion: Uses probability to spontaneously combust surrounding enemies and objects.
Hex Explosion: Fires a Hex-Bolt which causes nearby objects to explode violently.
Reality Shift: Launches a Hex-Bolt that has a chance of phasing an enemy to an alternate dimension.
Misfortune: Causes enemy attacks to backfire, reflecting a percentage of damage back on themselves.
Probability Syphon: Adjusting probabilities causes increased Dmg and chance of critical hits.
Heal: Gives party regenerative healing for a time.
Anarchy Assault: Unleash Magic bursts with a random Dmg type, with a chance of converting enemies for a time.

 :sunfire: SUNFIRE :sunfire:
(Slot 217XX)
Ignite: Bursts nearby enemies into flames
Atomic Charge: A radiated homing projectile.
Blazing Barrage: Launch fire balls at targets.
Flame Sword: Sweeping arc of fire that can hit multiple enemies.  Increased critical chance.
Ion Shield: Forms shield of atomic particles that increases defense and damages enemies
Rising Sun: Increases Sunfire's damage and gives him a chance to ignore damage from enemy attacks.
Super Nova: Mushroom cloud that causes Fire Dmg and Radiation Dmg

 :toad: TOAD :toad:
(Slot 209XX)
Hammer Kick: A quick kick.
Tongue Strike: A quick tongue stab, stuns victims.
Mucous Spit: An explosive bile projectile, leaving a sticky substance on the ground.
Tongue Lash: Wider tongue attack, strikes several enemies and causes Popup.
Leap Attack: Leap at targets, doing radial damage on impact.
Taunt: Insults nearby enemies, lowering their defenses and causing them to attack.
Secretion: Secrete Pheromones that enhance party speed and increase Strike.
Tongue Whip: 360 degree tongue strike.

Cool, thanks for this!

Is it only these 10 characters in the mod?

Power Cosmic:
I bet the PSP Char of XML2 will be later or this is it.


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