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download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hhjnmmtfxjt
Additional Update (11-16-08): http://www.mediafire.com/?jji4zzyznya (read more about this below)

A package mod that adds new character mods and allows you to play with an all X-Men team. This package allows you to play with these new characters without replacing or altering your regular game.  Perfect for new comers who want to try out these mods but cant figure out how to add them to the game.  Everything is already done for you, so all you have to do is play :)

The point is to be able to run XML2 regularly, but run the All X-Men Edition on its own.

The New Roster is:

To play, all you have to do is unpack the package and drag and drop all the files to Program Files/Activision/X-Men Legends 2/ (the files are setup exactly as XML2 sets it up, so you could even unpack the files directly in the XML2 folders). To launch the new game, double-click on XMenBundle.exe located in Program Files/Activision/X-Men Legends 2/.

This package mod and the files in it do not replace anything in the regular game, the package includes its own .exe (XMenBundle.exe) that runs its own herostats (heroreal.engb), its own team bonus (team_bonux.engb), and Danger Room file (dangerroox.engb).  The new exe also creates its own Save game folder, so that this editions Saves don't interfere with the regular game's save files, new save files located in My Documents/Activision/X-Men Legends X/Save.  The new .exe is also a cracked .exe so you do not need the disc to run the game.

The only thing that will be replaced is the character heads package, but don't worry it has every character in this edition and every XML2 mod released so far. Also replaced will be the main dangeroom icons, the ones included in this pack add icons for new mods and some npc that are not in the original files.  So don't worry, but still back up anything important, I'm not responsible if you lose or overwrite something.  But these files are needed for the new edition to run correctly, so please just replace the files and backup the originals.

To have the new characters menu call outs and voices download the updated x_voice located here: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=2924.0, without this file characters like Emma Frost and Psylocke will not have any voice.

New characters are unlocked right from the start through script.

You must have everything in the pack in your game for the whole thing to work properly, don't forget anything.  Just add everything. But don't forget to backup anything that you don't want replaced.

Bonus stuff:
- The package includes all of Cannonball's files including his herostat entry but he is not in the herostat, so he is not one of the playables.
- Includes a load screen for all the new characters.
- Also adds to the characters already in the game (for example Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, etc.) their skins from XML1 and MUA including their hud heads and 3D heads, plus Cyclops Gladiator skin and Jean's Sun Goddess skin from XML1, and a few custom skins.
- Team Bonus includes the new characters, (since their is a limit to how many people can be under one Team Bonus, Jubilee, Magma and Polaris are not in Femme Fetale, instead i left the other more deadly females).  New Team Bonus Air Force (Jean Grey is not part of this bonus, since she did not fit in the limit and she has never been much of a flier)
- New Danger Room maps from XML1 (Mansion, Danger Room, Snow Courtyard and Astral Courtyard) and Danger Room missions for some of the new characters.

Known issues/bugs:
PSP Character Effects - For some reason when using Cable, X-Man and/or Dark Phoenix together, they cause other characters or even themselves to loose some of their effects, the powers still do damage but the effects are gone.  Why this happens? i don't know, i haven't found a reason or a fix, so just use them separately.
Losing second skeleton or powerstyle - I only had this problem in one area (the level were you go and fight Sinister's Dark X-Men).  While using Beast and Jubilee (who both have new fightstyles) in that area, it caused the fourth person to not be able to access their powerstyle, they were stuck with only their fightstyle.  That is the only place were i ran into that problem, so when you get there don't use Beast and Jubilee together. (this is a memory issue with the game, nothing really having to do with the two characters, so feel free to use them together in other areas, i had no problems playing the game with both of them together).
Crashing - I did have one crash while using this edition, after fighting Garokk and going back to the base, how i stopped this is by just using the original characters that came with the game to fight Garokk and go back to the base. I've gotten this error before when using mods in that fight with Garokk, so i don't know if its just an issue with my game or if its just an issue in general with that area. That was the only crash i got.

Additional Notes:
The package uses the single skeleton version of Emma Frost, Havok and Polaris, if you are currently using the two skeleton version those files will be replaced by these.

Additional Update Info (November 16, 2008):
update includes:
- A fix for Magma's powerstyle so that her slide move uses EP and a new entities trail effect
- A talent fix for Cable to organize it properly
- A talent and powerstyle fix for X-Man, now "Plasma Shield" has a time limit and his talents is more organized
- A talent fix for Polaris to fix an icon issue
- Team Bonus update to include Jean Grey in the Family Affair bonus and to change Raven Knights (Raven Knights is now: Jubilee, Magma, Iceman and X-Man, sort of a young people bonus)
- Danger Room courses fix and update.  Now the mission to protect Forge, actually spawns Forge instead of Havok.  Also adds new Challenges for Angel, Cable, Havok, Polaris and X-Man. Which means that all the playable characters, except for Dark Phoenix, have a Danger Room challenge.

Additional Update Download for Cannonball (September 15, 2012):
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?e7djizjd10pd56y
- Brand new mod, read more about it here http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,2846.msg152578.html#msg152578

Additional Update Download for Psylocke (September 26, 2009):
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?yiyhkj20yt4
- Fixed and changed a lot of stuff, read more about it here http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=2846.msg57047#msg57047

Additional Update Download for Magma (October 09, 2009):
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?rgi8h74t25yhpjg
- Fixed and changed a lot of stuff, read more about it here http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=2846.msg70007#msg70007

New Danger Room Maps

Danger Room Missions for new characters

New Team Bonus

Thanks and Credit:
Beast, Psylocke, Jubilee, Magma, Cable and X-Man mods by nodoubt_jr
Emma Frost, Dark Phoenix, Havok, Polaris and Angel mods by matt710
Emma Frost and Psylocke mods based on Burning Rage's original mods, and Beast based on Teancum's original mod
3605.IGB skin by matt710
Classic Gambit skin, Psylocke Classic and AOA skins, and Jubilee AOA skin by ?
Rogue Original skin, 3606, 3607, 7106, 1055, 1056, and 9006 skins by Norrin Radd
Psylocke Xtreme skin, Jean Grey Jim Lee skin, Beast Original skin, Bishop Original skin, Jubilee Second Generation X skin, X-Man skins, Original Angel skin, 9003 and 9004 skins by iammingy
AOA Beast skin and AOA Angel skin by BliZZ
Beast Winter Furry skin and Beast Ultimate Original skin by apollo
Beast Hidden Years skin, Beast 2000 skin, Psylocke House of M skin and Psylocke Ultimate skins, X3 Dark Phoenix, Polaris Sleavless X-Factor,  Cannonball's  x-Force Purple, AOA, New Mutants, XSE, Mutant X, X-Force Blue, Counter X and Messiah Complex skins, Modern Archangel and Modern Angel skins by shafcrawler
Jubilee's Classic, First Generation X, Outback, and Xtreme skins by intensity
Cable's skins by iammingy and boreman
White Phoenix of the Crown skin and Angel Xtreme skin by DarkMythology
Polaris Civilian Ultimate and X-Factor skins, Havok Civilian and Original skins by boreman
loading screens 0503.igb, 1001.igb, 3603.igb, 9003.igb, 15103.igb, and 15403.igb by matt710
loading screens for Havok by apollo and Polaris by apollo and shafcrawler
Psysword bolton, laser_gun_back and laser_gun_left, and Angel Sword boltons by iammingy
Beast Icons from MUA Beast Mod and Jubilee Icons from the MUA Jubilee Mod by Blizz
Psylocke immunity to Mental Damage code by shafcrawler
Jubilee XML1 effects colored by Blizz

(if I forgot to credit you let me know)

Special Editions Install Order:
1) All X-Men Edition
2) All X-Men Edition Update
3) Brotherhood Edition
4) Brotherhood Edition Update
5) Individual Mod updates for All X-Men Edition
6) Marvel Universe Edition Final Version

VERY cool.  I'll probably switch out Dark Phoenix for Cannonball, but awesome nonetheless.

Wow, amazing!

Sorry to bug you once more, but who is coming up next on the list after this?

мaгvel wатcheг:
totally cool :)

Is this for the PS2? 'Cause for christmas, im getting some stuff so i can actualy download some mods.


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