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In this thread you will find downloads for every skeleton and skin in XML1 PS2, XML2 PS2, and MUA1 PS2.  All these skins and skeletons work in both XML2 PC and MUA1 PC. The purpose of these is to play, reskin and mod with them.

Inside youíll find every skin and every skeleton for every NPC and playable in XML1, 2, and MUA1.

I donít have time to write up what number goes with what skin, so Iíve included in each download the herostat and npcstat entries so you can look up the skeleton and skin number yourself.

XML1 PS2 Skeletons and Skins
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hmwummdw1tn

XML2 PS2 Skeletons and Skins
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?jmyzjmo0ohy
Notes: Now if you are wondering why Iím including a download for the XML2 PS2 skins and skeletons when the game already has them the reason is 1) PS2 skins are easier to reskin, you just need two offsets. 2) PS2 skins are higher quality. 3) MUA1 modders and skinners can use the skins in MUA1 for mods or to reskin and the skeletons can be used for conversions or for new mods.

MUA1 PS2 Skeletons and Skins
download: http://www.mediafire.com/?yl21tmc1yd4
The download says that the 0904.IGB, Spider-Man Stark Armor skin was corrupted. Here is a new uncorrupted Stark Armor skin http://www.mediafire.com/?ikad64aszy7k63p.
The PS2 used different skin segment names for Deadpool's guns and swords. Thankfully Cates has fixed it. So for them to show up properly in XML2 and MUA download and use this instead https://www.sendspace.com/file/biaey4

matt710 for ripping the XML2 PS2 skins and skeletons

Quentin Hex:
THANK YOU! this is really useful. like really useful.

Thank you so much!
This will be of much aid to my skinning projects.
All hail to nodoubt_jr   :bowdown1:

Im just glad to help in anyway and cant wait to see what skins we get from these from both of you :)

Quentin Hex:
1501 is missing. which is unfortunate...


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