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Current ACTIVE staff
Head Admin:
 :stark: THX

 :bheart: BLaw - MUA & XML2 Boosters, Enhancements, Mods, Skins
 :xman: Nodoubt_jr - XML2 Mods
 :warmachine: Teancum - MUA & XML2 XML1->XML2 Conversion, Mods

 :archangel: Blizz - MUA & XML2 Mods, Skins
 :hellion: Dihan - MUA & XML2 Mods
 :omega: idrinkdrpepper - MUA Mods
 :phoenix: midnightphoenix123 - MUA Boosters, Mods, Skins
 :gambit: Nowhere Man - MUA Mods, Boosters, Stock Bugfixes
 :ghostr: Outsider - MUA Mods, Boosters, Loading Screens
 :havok: Quentin Hex - MUA & XML2 Mods, Skins
 :hawkeye: thetommyboy2002 - MUA Meshes, Mods, Skins
 :emmafrost: Whiteking - MUA & XML2 Boosters, Mods, Skins

Marvel Modders (Staff already included)
 :bishop: andersonbrazil - MUA Skins
 :tmaster: aventureiromax - MUA Skins
 :colossus: BaconWizard17 - MUA & XML2 Skins
 :cball: boreman - MUA Mods, Skins
 :humant: Cates - MUA Mods
 :wbane: Canino - MUA Boosters, Icons
 :panther: Dark_Mark - MUA Meshes, Mods, Skins
 :rogue: DJay Saint - MUA & XML2 Skins
 :hulk_icon: Dr. Bruce Banner - MUA Meshes, Skins, Mannequins
 :cable: edward - XML2 Mods
 :magneto: Erik Lensherr - MUA Mods
 :polaris: fox456 - MUA Enhancements
 :mystique: Gevth - MUA Mods
 :apocalypse: hemlot - XML2 Mods
 :toxin: Iammingy - MUA & XML2 Mods, Skins, Weapons
 :phoenix: Jeanfan321 - MUA Boosters, NPCs
 :thor: Julio Cabral - MUA Mods, Boosters, Skins
 :btom: krum4o - MUA Mods
 :firestar: Lean - MUA Boosters
 :deadpool: Lionsden99 - MUA Mods, Skins
 :avalanche: Maegawa - MUA Mods, Boosters, Skins
 :capamer: мaгvel wатcheг - XML2 Mods
 :thing: matt710 - MUA Mods, Boosters, Skins
 :storm: Me - MUA Mods, NPC Mods
 :nova: MelloMods - MUA Mods, Skins
 :juggernaut: :juggernaut: mj fan - MUA & XML2 Skins
 :storm: MUALover - MUA Boosters, Mods
 :morph: ndp - MUA Booster
 :silvers: Norrin Radd - MUA Mods, Skins
 :sunfire: nshinnosuke - MUA Boosters, Effects
 :marvelg: nuhverah - MUA & XML2 Enhancements, Mannequins, Skins
 :stryfe: Owl_City - MUA & XML2 Skins
 :fantastic: Polygone - MUA Mods, Skins
 :capbrit: sbarth13 - MUA Mods, Boosters
 :rogue: Scabbia - MUA Mods, Skins
 :cyclops: scottsum - MUA Misc. Modifications
 :nightcrawler: shafcrawler - XML2 Mods, Loading Screens, Skins
 :spidergirl: Sosiska - Spider-Man - WoS / TASM Skins
 :scarletw: SuperNatural-Witch - MUA Enhancements, Mods
 :jubilee: Techon 7 - MUA Mods
 :dazzler: Tetragene - MUA Mods
 :doop: Tien shinhan - MUA Mods
 :spidergirl: Tony_Stark - MUA & XML2 Mannequins, Skins
 :venom: UltimateVeNoM MUA Mannequins, Skins
 :ultron: UltraMegaMagnus - MUA Skins, Mannequins, Boltons

Thanks so much for the upgrade Blaw :) and I seriously laughed out loud at the two Juggs for MJ fan :D

MUALover has been given the MarvelModder status for the various releases which you should check out!

Sosiska has been given the MarvelModder status for all his Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and Amazing Spider-man skins, which you should check out!

Forgot to announce.

Owl_City and Outsider have been given the Marvel Modder status for their contributions. Check out their release threads.

As a reminder, the status is NOT given when asked.


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