Author Topic: 33 Roster Hack (v1.1)  (Read 16740 times)

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Re: 33 Roster Hack (v1.1)
« Reply #90 on: March 04, 2019, 12:03pm »
thank you i figured it out after workin on it a whole day, editing menulocation was my main problem thats why they werent showing up, bc i still use heroselect for the initial 26 characters, and than use xmlbcui for the other 6. the other problem was decompiling, i think u have to decompile engb first before it can work. also xmlbcui doesnt specify that the output file HAS to be the engb file, i dont think u even have to use the xmlb file at all. but im sure it explains all that in the link that u gave me, i already skimmed through it, wish i had it earlier lol, thanks though if i encounter any other problems ill refer to that!!