Author Topic: Aventureiromax - Power Rangers, KR Black Rx, WW MOD V.1.2,NEWS TUTORIALS  (Read 734303 times)

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Well done, Max. You just brought a whole different level of nostalgia to the ever-growing world of MUA. And it's nice to see a new modder enter the playing field. When I find the time, I will update the Non-Marvel Catalog. Keep up the good work.

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These Rangers and KR Black Mods are very cool. One question thou. Will you get a chance to do Decade and Zi-O? Considering their abilities are to change to their predecessors' Rider Form(as well as his successors', in Decade's case), I'm curious whether or not you can make them work in the World of MUA, at least maybe sometime in the Future?
(Drive, Ex-Aid and Build's my Favourites btw ^^)
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