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Started by Ceamonks890, April 27, 2017, 07:26PM

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So I've never shared this part of my online life on this site with you all before, but I'm also an amateur voice actor who's donated his talents to fan projects over the past couple years for System Shock 2, the Thief series and the Tomb Raider franchise.

And I thought one night, 'A lot of the modded characters for MUA are missing roster menu callouts when they're added to your current team'. So I figured as a way to give back to the community for the many hours of satisfying content delivered through the endless amounts of mods, that I would provide voices for said callouts to those who need it and add on an extra sense of professionalism to the already high-quality character mods on here(with the sound files allowed to be tweaked and recognized by the MUA engine by modders whom probably understand this stuff better than I do). :P

So without further delay, here are a few menu callout examples for a few random characters already out on the website as released mods.

NOTE: Apologies if my voice isn't exactly the best in this first(of hopefully) many menu callouts(as I'm currently suffering from a fairly mild case of coughing and spluttering at the moment).


The following are included:
-Baron Mordo
-Beast Boy
-Killer Frost
-Lara Croft

I hope that people find these useful,
Ceamonks :)

I planned on update the x-voice files in about three weeks after I through with school.These will be very useful.Don't hesitate to create more.

Just heard all the callouts. I have to say it's very good! I just always had a problem with adding them. That's why none of my mods has a callout.

Very good. If anyone can explain to me how this applies in mods I would be grateful.

Thank you very much, when I have some time I will do some tests.

Happy to hear you all like them! :)

Here's the first major collection of roster menu callouts for you all to use as you like. Too many characters to list, so it'll be a surprise to see who is among the uploaded files of this current batch for everyone ;)


More to come...

EDIT: This collection includes the following:
•Akuma(Street Fighter game franchise)
•Angela(Ex-Spawn support character/Current Marvel Comics character)
•Ares(Marvel Comics)
•Cyborg(DC Comics)
•Doctor Fate
•Fire(DC Comics)
•Gladiator(Marvel Comics)
•Green Arrow
•Green Lantern
•Harley Quinn
•Hercules(Marvel Comics)
•Jane Foster/'Female Thor'
•Lady Sif(Marvel Comics)
•Lex Luthor
•Morgan Le Fay(Marvel Comics)
•Mr. Sinister(X-Men)
•Red Hood
•Red Sonja
•Rhino(Spider-Man villain)
•Rocket Raccoon
•Ronan The Accuser
•Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly
•Selene The Black Queen(X-Men)
•Squirrel Girl
•Tarantula(Marvel Comics)
•Union Jack(Marvel Comics)
•Vance Astro
•Vapor(U-Foes/Hulk villainess)
•Vindicator(Alpha Flight/X-Men)

Thanks again for the collaboration, adds and much to MUA;)

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Here's Collection Two, which finishes up all the non Marvel characters for the time being.


From this point onward, it will solely be Marvel characters until a new non-Marvel character mod is released.

And yes BaconWizard17, your Giant Man request is amongst this specific collection. Enjoy ;)

EDIT: This collection includes the following:
•Aspen Matthews
•Bane(DC Comics)
•Black Canary
•Bruce Banner(for Outsider's standalone mod, which is not to be confused with the entirely separate Hulk character available within Official Characters Mod)
•Chun-Li(Street Fighter game franchise)
•Danielle Moonstar(X-Men)
•Darth Vader(Star Wars film franchise)
•Giant Man(Avengers)
•Goku(Dragon Ball manga franchise)
•Grey Gargoyle
•Jackie Estacado/The Darkness(Top Cow Comics)
•Jill Valentine(Resident Evil game franchise)
•Judge Dredd
•M. Bison(Street Fighter game franchise)
•Martian Manhunter
•Obi-Wan Kenobi(Star Wars film franchise)
•Poison Ivy
•Predator(20th Century Fox film franchise)
•Raiden(Mortal Kombat game franchise)
•Raven(DC Comics)
•Red Hulk
•Red Tornado
•Robin(DC Comics)
•Sara Pezzini/Witchblade(Top Cow Comics)
•Sasquatch(Alpha Flight/X-Men)
•Scorpion(Mortal Kombat game franchise)
•Scorpion(Spider-Man villain)
•Shadow King(X-Men villain)
•Shazam/DC Comics' Captain Marvel
•Spawn(Image Comics)
•Spider-Man 2099
•Stan Lee
•Star Sapphire
•Sub-Zero(Mortal Kombat game franchise)
•The Joker
•Typhoid Mary
•White Tiger
•Wonder Woman

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Here's Collection Three:


EDIT: This collection contains the following:
•Adam Warlock
•Agent Venom/Flash Thompson
•Arcade(X-Men villain)
•Beta Ray Bill
•Daken(X-Men/Son of Wolverine)
•Doctor Octopus
•Goblin Queen/Madeline Pryor(X-Men villainess)
•Green Goblin
•Gun Girls collective mod
•Lady Deathstrike
•Loki(Marvel Comics)
•M/Monet St. Croix(X-Men)
•Nebula(Guardians of the Galaxy)
•Shaman(Alpha Flight/X-Men)
•Silver Samurai(X-Men/Wolverine villain)
•Spider-Girl collective mod
•The Mandarin
•Werewolf by Night