Nick's Boosters: Elektra, Enchantress (Future Fight Inspired) (Updated 28/11/17)

Started by nickjustint, November 25, 2017, 07:04PM

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Hey everyone!
So I have been playing XML2 for the past weeks and slowly been fiddling with character files, Ive been doing it mostly for myself, for fun, but I thought I'd share some that I think add little but fun changes to characters.

So the main reason I prefer XML2 to MUA, is the passives and the fact you can have more powers. I'm not a huge fan of the way passives are tied to costumes in MUA. So I found when playing Elektra, her passives were very very generic, so I made a few small changes and additions to mainly passives and a few to her powers to make her feel a lot more powerful and truly like the assassin she is.


I'm not sure if this was meant to be bugged, but in the orginial file her stars would only shoot out straight in front of her instead of 'spread' like it says in the description. So I edited it to greatly increase the arc, she starts with 5 stars at inital rank and throws a whopping 32 stars all around her at max rank. The stars are pretty erratic so it doesn't feel too overpowered.

This was the basic level 1 damaging skill she had in her mod, I added FX to it as to give it more visual indication, and I also made it hit in a small arc to match the animation and the FX.

This is the same double slash attack, but it now has a small chance of doing an instant KO to the enemy. Starts off at 1% up to 15% a max rank.

I updated the FX for this to make a bit more interesting and visually appealing, it now has increased range to make it actually useful and knocks enemies back.

Added movement speed to this boost and increased attack speed for ultimate ninja-ing, but increased power usage at high ranks.

Now these are a bit more interesting and was the focus of this booster, as the MUA character passives are super bland. I tried to give Elektra a lot of small power boosts to her damage across her passives and make the passives something actually worth putting points into that all added up make her the ultimate assassin.  :elektra:

This adds a small amount of bleed to damage to all attacks made by Elektra, not too much but noticable in helping wittle down opponents.

This gives a chance to dodge projectiles and melee attacks, It also gives a passive increase to movement and attack speed.

This is the same as the normal Sai Mastery, but I gave her a smaller damage boost, but it now applies to all her attacks, whilst giving a large critical chance at max rank but this is to only her sai powers.

Now for my favourite. Basically I got rid of Elektra's USELESS single target stun power, and I made her a new passive. This passive does a percentage of the enemy's health as extra damage on all attacks. This is super useful the higher the enemy level as they will have more health of course. Starts at 3% health and does up to 15% at max rank. (Does not apply to bosses)

So those are the changes, all other powers are the same apart from a few changes to power values.
She may be a bit overpowered, but note that I have modified my game for enemies to have twice as much health as normal as I find the game incredibly easy, (so let me know if you want me to upload this file) so I'm not sure how strong she is on a vanilla game.


no_doubt_jr I believe is the one who did the original Elektra mod, thanks to you!

Note: This is my first release of any kind, I think i packaged it properly, but if not please do let me know. Also I hope this post wasn't too over the top, im a very visual person!

Nice work! It's good to see someone working with X-Men Legends 2. I prefer X-Men Legends 2 for the same reasons as you. It would be cool to see more stuff from you

Thank you and congratulations on the release! It's great to see some more active modding on XML2.

Thanks guys! I'm hopefully putting some more stuff together. Obviously there isn't a high demand for XML2 stuff so I'm happy to share them anyway.

Esta estupendo!!! me alegro de que aun haya gente trabajando en personajes de marvel legends *-*
espero poder ver mas trabajos tuyos! :D


It's great!!! I'm glad that there are still people working on marvel legends characters *-*
I hope to see more of your works! :D

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Thanks so much!

Enchantress :enchantress: Rework/Booster/Fixes

I've been working on this for the last few days, this one is a little more ambitious as I've changed a *lot* of things.

So I've been playing Future Fight a lot recently, and I'm kinda in love with Enchantress in that game, so I was excited to download matt710's mod of her in the Mod Catalog. He did a great job of bringing her to the game and there are some awesome aspects to the mod but there were quite a few bugs with her and she seemed a bit unfinished. For example her powers had no sounds. I believe he said in his thread he hadn't finished her but he hasn't logged in since 2014 and the mod is about 10 years old at this point. So my goal was to fix her up and add my own spin to her. So big shout out to him for the initial mod anyway.

I was inspired by Future Fight so I have added a lot of new effects and given her powers a green magic theme that she uses in that game instead of the yellow effects she had.

I've also given and altered her powers to match some of the ones in that game. I've tried some fun new things, my aim with her character was to make her very strong but not necessarily with damage but with crowd control, debuffs and buffs.

A brand new power, this one is fun. I felt the original mod had too many projectiles (4 in fact) so I decided to add a direct attack similar to something like Storm's Lightning Strike. This attacks nearby characters (up to 7 targets at max rank) with a chance for 33% health loss. (This requires a target to function)

So this is a enhanced version of a power, she sends projectiles that freeze enemies in place. Unfortunately the old mod's power didn't actually have a functional freeze. So I've fixed it, and I've also made a custom 'paralysis' effect that appears when an enemy is affected. I've also made the projectiles spawn from all around her and home in on nearby enemies.

This is a brand new power, I wanted to give her a support skill which we don't see too often outside of boosts. So I've classified it as a power and not a boost because it's an instant heal without a duration. This heals up to 50% at max rank at a high energy cost, but it's super fun in co-op especially allowing Enchantress to be a healer for your team.

This is Enchantress main 'Charm' spell, I removed her single target kiss because it became useless next to this skill. This will damage enemies and have a chance to charm them to fight for her. I added custom effects, with a splash of pink to fit the charm theme.

This power was excellent so I only added new effects and slight number adjustments, this is a singular exploding homing projectile.

Another great power, I've adjusted numbers for this, changed effects and removed the fear part of the power. This now reduces enemy damage, defence and their max health and does a small amount of damage. Very strong at debuffing the enemy.

Brand new boost. This one's super strong and fun. Enchantress gets a percentage of damage back as healing, up to 100% of it at max rank, and 20% of energy. She also boosts her damage. This costs a lot of EP especially at max rank, but its strong.

Her extreme had a major bug in the original mod, it would use 2 Xtreme Tokens for one attack which was annoying. Besides that pretty much the same besides number adjustments, new animation and effect changes.

This has changed effects, also a massive buff. Previously Enchantress would summon Skurge with him only doing 50% - 100% of her melee damage. The problem is at low levels Enchantress doesn't do much a ton of melee damage. So he now does 110% - 250% which makes it a good pick up over her other xtreme.

A new passive, this one is simple enough. I wanted her to have her magical whips that adds straight up 7 - 70 damage to all her attacks. Investing in this skill makes her good at melee combat but keeping her balanced as a mainly ranged focused character.

Kept the Max HP and EP increase to this passive, but added a new part to it that I haven't really seen yet so far. Basically Enchantress has the power to turn her tears into diamonds and gold, and she has a fascination of wealth. So this passive also gives a percentage increase to Techbit gain. :D

Consolidated her resistance passive with her projectile dodge passive to just make them both a bit more useful instead of having to invest into both.

Kept the damage and critical increase. I adjusted numbers slightly.


EP Regen Passive

So there we are.
She should have sound effects for all powers. I've imported them from her MUA files.
So this is my first kinda release of this complexity, so hopefully they aren't a lot of new bugs!
I tried to give her flight by the way but she has no idle flight animation so I had to abandon it.
But besides that I hope you enjoy and let me know of any problems and I can update it.

matt710: For the original mod:

Requires the Original Mod:
Add these to your game files as usual.

Once you've done this/If you already have this mod, extract the booster to the directory which will replace all files/add new ones.

Enchantress Booster Download

Make sure and place/replace the herostat entry included in the download, Enjoy!