Update V1.1: MUASKINNER GUI !!!

Started by nba2kstuff, January 08, 2007, 12:21AM

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January 08, 2007, 12:21AM Last Edit: January 09, 2007, 12:34AM by nba2kstuff
Here it is finally!!!

Introducing the new MUA SKINNER GUI program. this program is has a simple GUI user inetrface, and can be used to import and export skins into your IGB meshes!!! It's much easier to use (for general users), and should make teh skinning process easier!
download it at:

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The MUA Skinner UI is a front end user interface to make the process of skinning character meshes in Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends 2 games easier. These IGB Mesh files contain embedded DDS mipmaps of bitmap images of each character used in the game.  You can use MUA Skinner UI to export and import your custom skins into the mesh files, then load them into into the games to play your favorite characters you create!


The main menu to the SKINNER is as follows:


Select the Skinner option in the File Menu to run the main dialog screen as follows:

                                Load IGB

Next Hit the Load IGB button to load the desired IGB file to import/export your custom bitmap image. (Note you must have this IGB files mipmaps locations defined from the CFG Edit/View Options, otherwise you will get a missing texure error).

In our example we have the mipmaps of 7801.igb defined, so let's load it as follows:

After the console box processes the command, now the base mipmap should be viewable as follows:


To Export the main mipmap as a single plane BMP, hit the export button. A DDS file with all the mipmaps defined in the CFG file for the given IGB will also be exported, so you view the lower resolution mipmaps if you want. Hit the export button as follows:

A folder box will pop up where you can then click on the output BMP (or DDS) file to edit in your bitmap editor or viewer. close that box when your done, and return to the program to do your example IMPORT.


To import your custom BMP that you just editted or created for your custom skin, hit the IMPORT button as follows:

Now the customized IGB file with your new graphics skin should be viewable as follows:

That's it!!!
Now copy and name the file the way you want it, and run the game to play your own custom character!!!


                            CFG Edit/View

The key to working with this program is defining your MUASKINNER.CFG file properly. The MUASKINNER.CFG is a text file that lists each IGB file name you can edit, the type of image used (-DXT1,DXT1,DXT3,-DXT3,DXT5,RAGB,ARGB), the Resolutions for X and Y, then the offset location in the file for the location of the image. You then repeat the resolution, and offset values for smaller scaled mipmaps, followed lastly by a ".'.  Use TextureFinder v2.1 (also available at http://www.nba2kstuff.org/mua) to locate the offset values for each mipmap.

For our example 7801.igb, you need to define the entry in the CFG Edit screen as follows:

These values can be determined using the TextureFinder v2.1 program available also at http://www.nba2kstuff.org/mua

For each IGB file mesh you wish to customize, you must have a line defined in the CFG file.


You can also use the CFG View option to edit the muaskinner.cfg text file directly using notepad. if you are more comforatble and adept using a text editor, this option is for you.

The format of the line is as follows:


so for the 7801 example it would be formated as:


    1) put filename

    2) for image type , you can have:



        -DXT1 = used in MUA flips BGR automatically to RGB
       DXT3 = used in XMen Legends 2
       -DXT3 = used in XMen Legends 1, BGR RBG flipped
       RAGB = used in icon files and automatically flips the apha plane to ARGB standard format

    3) Resolutions are  256,256,offset1,128,128,offset2,64,64,offset3,32,32,offset4,16,16,offset5,8,8,offset6.
        for Xmen Legends 2 generally

        Resolutions are  512,512,offset0,256,256,offset1,128,128,offset2,64,64,offset3,32,32,offset4,16,16,offset5,8,8,offset6
       for MUA generally.

    4) End each line in the MUASKINNER.CFG with a period (.)

View the supplied MUASKINNER.CFG to see some example definitions as follows:

If you find offset locations for more IGB files, and wish to contribute them others for inclusion into the next versions of the program , please email yur MUASKINNER.CFG file to nba2kstuff@gmx.net, and we'll include them and credit you in later releases!


for updates visit:

Enjoy and Happy Modding!!!



Thank you.
Now all we need are some people to post their muaskinner.cfg files.

Or just offset data. I'm posting the XML1 offsets as I jot them down (see that thread), just so that anyone willing to reskin the models I upload could do so :P That way may be a tad easier than sifting through others' CFGs and worrying about stuff you might already have.

Crimson Dynamo says:
In Soviet Russia, the games mod YOU!

If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

yeah, that'll be great.
you really need the name of the igb file also, that way it makes sense when you 'load' the igb in, and it'll get it.

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Update v1.1

- added support for XML1 DXT3 BGR RGB flipped format as "-DXT3".
- fix to cfgedit screen dropdown selection down to 8x8 mipmap.
- updated muaskinner.cfg with couple of new models (thx Noelehmac!)

good luck and happy modding!

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It seems the link for 1.1 is to a file on your machine rather than one stored online.

whoops, i fixed that link!
you should be able to downlaod it now!
give it a whirl and see how it runs!

Can anyone post the offsets for one of the HUD files, which I should then be able to use as a base to create some new HUDs?


Shure. For hud_head_0201, which I use as a base for all my new HUDs:
256x -> 10571
128x and 64x should be included into 256x as mipmaps (i.e. save the 256x DDS with MipCount 3, the exporter should generate them automatically, you will then copy the whole bunch into the IGB)
32x -> 54435
16x -> 53595
8x -> 54947
This file relies on the textures being DXT1 without alpha, saved in BGR-flipped format. Yesh. Enjoi.

Crimson Dynamo says:
In Soviet Russia, the games mod YOU!

If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

So if I were to include this in my muaskinner.cfg file, the line should look like:

Hud_head_0201.igb, -DXT1, 256, 256, 10571, 32, 32, 54435, 16, 16, 53595, 8, 8, 54947


yes use the menu option CFG View, and paste the following at the end of the file:
i tested it and it seemed to work!

it shuould all be on one line.

(the quote seems to be wrapping)

Perfect, can't wait to try this out after work. Thank you, you guys are scholars and gentlemen!


Well, there's another point. I save DDSes with mips always if possible, so it saves me time on cutting and pasting stuff. Because your program handles the files differently, my approach to DDSing isn't really applicable, huh?

Crimson Dynamo says:
In Soviet Russia, the games mod YOU!

If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.