4th Team Character Glitch Solution!!!

Started by Hobgoblin, May 08, 2018, 08:39AM

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May 08, 2018, 08:39AM Last Edit: May 15, 2018, 01:50PM by Hobgoblin
So I'm finally sitting down in front of my files to check if I can apply Maegawa's fix suggestions for the 4th character glitch.
Looking through the fightstyles igb's of my characters, I identified only three characters where their unique fightstyle length exceeds the base limit: Daredevil, Invisible Woman, Thing.
I know how to go on about fixing those.

But the glitch occurs more often with me and that may then likely be due to that Fightmove issue. Now, 13 of my characters have more than the appropriate limit (which would be 29: 117/4 rounded down) of 'Fightmoves' in their powerstats. The worst culprit would be Quicksilver, who has 37 Fightmove listings; but he's closely followed by 5 other characters who each have 36 Fightmoves.
My question: could this amount be reduced without characters losing entire abilities? Can some entries be joined, or can the 'fightmove'-typology simply be renamed?
How do I 'clean' the powerstats for this issue?

Could anyone perhaps help me out here (maybe it helps if I post my Quicksilver powerstat somewhere, in this thread or in the modding part of the forum)?

-edit- I made a new thread for this, see http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10287.msg190516.html#msg190516

May 17, 2018, 12:25AM #1 Last Edit: May 17, 2018, 11:02AM by Hobgoblin
I've been trying to clean up my characters' powerstats, for the characters on my roster with too many FightMoves I tried to get rid of entries which I didn't actually use anymore, as I got rid of the corresponding powers in the talent file anyway (I limit the amount of powers per character to 8, some mods come with more). There's still seven characters where I have trouble reducing the amount of FightMoves. One of those is Spider-Man, I did change some stuff within his powerstat but I do think that almost all FightMoves in there are original, which would be weird if it is indeed a problem to have much more than 30 FightMoves for a single character.

I think the game's already a bit more forgiving of characters selected, but unfortunately problems remain. Case example: my Fantastic Four seems to be 'clean' - I took care of the unique fightstyle/base limit length for Thing and Invisible Woman (I -think- I've got all references, but isn't that proven by the fact that they still play as normal?). I've got rid of some FightMoves, and although Thing still has over 30 the total amount of FightMoves of the FF is below 117 (28+26+25+34=113).

If I start the game as normal with the entire FF, it loads but the fourth character selected still walks like a zombie.

Strange issue: if I start the game with the entire FF and use the cheat code that they start with all of their powers, I get an immediate 'GAME.exe has stopped working' error. But if I do the same thing with only three of the four (doesn't matter who) the game starts as normal, so it's not as if any of their powers are bugged. Weird, huh?

Maybe there's also a limit in the total lengths of the combined powerstats after all?
Or perhaps there's another type of entry in the powerstat limited by a set total amount?

(post edited after additional tests)

Okay, so I've checked the length of my Fantastic Four powerstyles. Including 2 empty lines at the end of each powerstyle, I've got:
Thing = 2432 lines, 34 FightMoves
Torch = 2249 lines, 25 FightMoves
Sue = 2389 lines, 26 FightMoves
Reed = 2716 lines, 28 FightMoves
And starting the game with this line-up makes the fourth character walk like a zombie, despite FightMove total 113<117.

Mr. Fantastic has the largest file. Let's see about replacing him with someone else, looking at how 'heavy' their powerstyle is:

Swapped him for Hawkeye: 2021 lines, 18 FightMoves. All's fine!
Swapped him for Wolverine: 2152 lines, 29 FightMoves. All's fine!
Swapped him for Iron Fist, 2480 lines, 28 FightMoves. Zombie glitch occurs!
Swapped him for Black Panther: 2267 lines, 27 FightMoves. All's fine!
Swapped him for Mockingbird: 2412 lines, 29 FightMoves. Zombie glitch occurs!

But: totally random other line-up, I tried:
Doctor Strange: 2745 lines, 36 FightMoves
Spider-Man: 3112 lines, 36 FightMoves
Scarlet Witch: 1058 lines, 11 FightMoves
Captain America: 1805 lines, 21 FightMoves
Totalling up to 8720 lines, 104 FightMoves... and the zombie glitch occurs! Even while this line-up is less 'heavy' than Thing, Torch, Invisible Woman and Hawkeye/Wolverine/Panther.

...this all leads me to deduce that it's not strictly the length, not necessarily (but possibly also) the FightMove count, but there is something else in the powerstyle that causes the zombie glitch.

Are your fantastic four modded? I'm pretty sure I've played as the fantastic four together before and haven't had any problems

QuoteAre your fantastic four modded? I'm pretty sure I've played as the fantastic four together before and haven't had any problems

Every character on my roster is modded to some degree. Sometimes the changes are only in the talent file, such as how much damage a power does or how much energy the power uses. Others include powerstat fixes. I used all of Nowhere Man's boosters & did similar work myself. Those kind of fixes/modifications should have little to no impact,
I'm pretty sure that my Mr Fantastic and Human Torch have little work done.

I remember using MUALover's booster for Invisible Woman, then suddenly experiencing a lot of issues with her and then took as much as possible out again, but I've likely still worked on her later and maybe used some else's booster. She also has a unique fightstyle, I don't think that was originally the case.

Thing has been heavily modded. Among other things, I used Gevth's booster to give him that power where he takes a chunk from the ground and throws it away.

So when I experienced the bug with the full FF, I expected the problem to lie with either Thing or Invisible Woman, but with my recent testing I did get 4-character line-ups to work with both those characters included; Mr. Fantastic was taken out instead and I'm pretty sure that I didn't mod him too heavily.

Interesting. Perhaps there's some other factor at work. I bid you good luck in your testing

Apparently FightMove entries have a limit of 30 trigger entries; it won't load 31 & beyond...
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May 29, 2018, 02:25PM #7 Last Edit: May 29, 2018, 02:27PM by Maegawa
I was messing around with my characters, and noticed that some of them didn't have the blue point to their first power. So I went to check my herostat and noticed that they were the last characters.

After some testing I discovered that the herostat file has a limit of talent entries that are unique; unique means that they are not present in the shared_talents file.

Below is the list I narrowed down of all the unique talent entries present in my herostat:
Coincidentially, :genis:, :hawkeye: and :ronin: were the characters whose blue point to the first power was missing.

With the above it can be concluded that the herostat file will only load the first 70 unique talent entries (widow_passive8 is the 70th unique talent entry).

Here's a little trivia for you guys: In my upcoming Maegawa's Patch I am making specific characters' passives unlocked from the start (it is implicit in the list above) by assigning them to the respective character's herostat, but the limitation I've just discovered is making me rethink my life... :runaway:

EDIT: This limitation is certainly something to check whenever a character-related bug is encountered, as it could lead to some...
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About my own earlier testing regarding the Fantastic Four, where it made a difference if I took Mr. Fantastic out.

You know what I just realized?
My Mr Fantastic uses fightstyle_flipjump instead of fightstyle_default.
I changed it back to default and guess what? No problems!!

If I observe those other trials where the zombie glitch occurs, I see:
-Iron Fist uses fightstyle_ironfist
-Mockingbird uses fightstyle_mbird
-In that completely different line-up, my Spider-Man uses fightstyle_flipjump as well (and Scarlet Witch uses fightstyle_switch)

In the instances where the zombie glitch didn't occur:
-Hawkeye does use a unique fightstyle: fightstyle_for_hawkeye
-Wolverine and Panther both use fightstyle_default
-Thing uses (renamed for char limit) fightstyle_for_th
-Invisible Woman uses (renamed for char limit) fightstyle_for_sue

So I'm led to believe that the unique fightstyles are definitely still to blame for the glitch, although not all of them cause problems, and I cannot see why, for example, fightstyle_flipjump is one of those that do. It's internal basis is 253_cap_civilwar_4_combat - which has way more characters than fightstyle_flipjump.

Quote from: Hobgoblin on June 07, 2018, 02:22PM
So I'm led to believe that the unique fightstyles are definitely still to blame for the glitch, although not all of them cause problems, and I cannot see why, for example, fightstyle_flipjump is one of those that do. It's internal basis is 253_cap_civilwar_4_combat - which has way more characters than fightstyle_flipjump.

I too believe the unique fightstyles are the sole responsible for this glitch (I've just read your test results where 113 FightMove entries still caused the glitch).

I was ready to apply the threshold theory to fightstyle_flipjump with 253_cap_civilwar but had completely ignored the _4_combat part, which leaves me back to ground zero.

The only factor I can think of is the fact that 253_cap_civilwar_4_combat originates from MUA2, but it doesn't make any sense as some mods use animations from XML and XML2 and work just fine (both came out before MUA though, in contrast to MUA2).

I must be crazy, but I think I once read something regarding glitches due to MUA2 animations; I used the search function like crazy and couldn't find it though.

Could you try replacing your fightstyle_flipjump.igb with the one from the link below and report the result? It uses 41_moonknight_4_combat.igb, which is MUA native as opposed to 253_cap_civilwar_4_combat (MUA2 native), with the internal naming changed to fightstyle_flipjump:
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Quote from: Maegawa on June 08, 2018, 06:43AM
Could you try replacing your fightstyle_flipjump.igb with the one from the link below and report the result?

I just tried it - it was a good idea but unfortunately, the fourth character still turned into a zombie.

A shame but still, seeing examples of what works and what doesn't work might eventually get us closer to a solution. Thank you for any suggestion, insights and attempts on your part!

June 08, 2018, 10:57AM #11 Last Edit: June 08, 2018, 11:19AM by Hobgoblin
Hm - if I start the game with the standard line-up (Cap, Spidey, Wolvie, Thor) there is no zombie included, but Spider-Man does have the flipjump fightstyle. The other three all have default. I wondered if there is something with a combination of unique fightstyles.
But then I substituted Spider-Man for Daredevil (fightstyle_for_dd, renamed from fightstyle_for_daredevil) and this did zombify Wolverine (character no. 4).

So why does the addition of Daredevil to three default fightstyles cause the Zombie curse, while the glitch did not happen with a 'heavy' combination of three different unique fightstyles & one default (Invisible Woman, Thing, Hawkeye, Torch)? I do not know. But there must be something to do with those unique fightstlyes...

Some additional test results of combining 3 default fightstyles (Cap, Wolverine, Thor) with 1 unique:
-Hawkeye - All's fine!
-Thing - Zombie!
-Invisible Woman - All's fine!
-Scarlet Witch - All's fine!
-Iron Fist - Zombie!

June 14, 2018, 02:47PM #12 Last Edit: June 14, 2018, 03:26PM by Maegawa
I regret to say that there might be a FightMove entry limitation, and to make matters worse I don't think it is the only limit to be taken into account...

Oh, and a little detail before anything else, none of the characters I tested had a unique fightstyle, all of them were using fightstyle_default!

Here's what just happened; I was testing out a few characters while working on Maegawa's Patch, and noticed that the 4th character (Hulk) got glitched from a specific FightMove. So I went to check how many working FightMove entries there were, and here's how it went:
Cyclops = 32
Daredevil = 33
Ghost Rider = 28
Hulk = 21 (it wasn't loading 22 and beyond)

The odd thing is that when I switched Hulk for Blade, the number of working FightMove entries for Blade was higher than Hulk's:
Cyclops = 32
Daredevil = 33
Ghost Rider = 28
Blade = 27 (it wasn't loading 28 and beyond)

In the first test we could say the limit of FightMove entries is 114, while in the second it is 120...

A small detail that I noticed is that even though Hulk's 22nd FigthMove entry was glitched, the button hint for it still showed up; I made some tests and discovered it was loading the first 3 trigger entries of the 22nd FightMove entry...

This leads me to believe that the number of trigger entries in a powerstyle is another factor to take into account when the 4th characetr glitch is concerned.

I will count down how many trigger entries each character tested above has and come back with the results...

EDIT 1: The number of trigger entries is definitely a factor, as I noticed that the very last trigger entry of Blade's 27th FightMove entry wasn't loading. I'll be back with the full results in EDIT 2.

EDIT 2: All right, so I counted down every working FightMove and trigger entry in the aforementioned characters' powerstyles, and here's how it went:
- FightMove: 32
- trigger: 227

- FightMove: 33
- trigger: 341

Ghost Rider
- FightMove: 28
- trigger: 261

- FightMove: 27
- trigger: 260

- FightMove: 22 (the last 3 trigger entries are part of the 22nd FightMove entry)
- trigger: 197

I counted the 3 first characters' data plus Hulk's and then Blade's and compared the two in order to find a pattern as to determine what the limit is, but no success :banghead:

It was 1089 working trigger entries with Blade as the 4th character, and 1026 with Hulk as the 4th character.

On the FightMove side, it was 120 working FightMove entries with Blade, and 115 with Hulk.

I'll stop the tests here.
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