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Welcome to my modding catalog! Here you can find multiple boosters for existing characters that fix a multitude of bugs and add all new powers and abilities. You will also find character mods that add characters not featured in the base game. All mods are fully fleshed out, functional and consist of little to no bugs. Please feel free to give feedback and detail any issues you may run into while applying and using these mods! This thread will also serve as a place to keep updated on my upcoming projects. Happy modding!

IMPORTANT My boosters and character mods consist of 5 passives that cost a maximum of 12 skill points as opposed to the typical 4 passives that cost a maximum of 15 skill points (both equal a maximum cost of 60 points). Some also have the striker stat that was developed to give melee characters a boost to their non-powered melee damage. Be sure to download the shared talents or these additions will be unavailable. While it isn't necessary, it is recommended. Keep in mind this will have a minor effect on all characters in your roster, but these effects are not negative. shared talents such as mutant master and critical strike will be changed from 15 points to 12 points, and mutant master will be available starting from level 1.



Yo check out the beginnings of the upcoming Blob mod!

Iceman and Blob wrecking house!

I've got too many things on the go at once. i gotta commit and get the next thing out to ya'll :P

 :iceman: remember ages ago i said that Iceman would be out soon? I lied, but he's ready now! just gotta set up the downloads and such. expect a thread soon. :iceman:

this is the most thorough booster to date. should contain every file that goes along with iceman and the files will be compiled in engb for easy application. All future boosters will be done the same way and when i go back over existing boosters they will be greatly improved in the same way

1. I am so glad to see someone still doing X-Men Legends II modding! I still think it's a great title, in some ways stronger than MUA.

2. Oh man. Is that awesome Blob mod going to make me have to start a new save over AGAIN???

I had the old Blob mod on my roster at one point but gave him the axe because he just wasn't that fun to play.

Please tell me you'll be making a classic Blob head hud to go with that skin...?

Thx mate. I really hope people get joy outta my work. I also believe you will need to make a new save. While I don't have the tools or understanding currently to make my own hud heads, I have a good homie that i plan to ask to assist in making a different hud head and hopefully a custom skin idea i have. Blobs pretty much good to go, just gotta tidy up the files and such!

:archangel: One more and the original four xmen will be complete! :archangel:

Ahem. Original five, Cohollow. :p

A really nice looking Angel so far.

thx dream weaver. i take it your counting jean?

Quote from: Cohollow on June 18, 2019, 04:47PM
thx dream weaver. i take it your counting jean?

Absolutely. The guys might have already been a team, but she's brought in on the same first issue right at the beginning, so I never forget to count her as part of the original line-up.

What are you planning on giving Angel for passives and buffs/debuffs? Perhaps healing? I recall him having that as an ability, either passively for himself or was it his blood that could heal people?

i have some buffs and passives lined up. Healing is definitely something that will likely be both passive and a buff. a dodge passive is also very likely. Have some ideas for a combat oriented buff but still gotta nail it down. 

Angle is starting to feel sooo smooth

Powers I'm rockin

feathered darts - start ability throws feathers with perceive chance

Sword Strike - damages and bleeds enemies in arc

noname - neural inhibitor chemical causes enemies hit by homing feathers to be stunned

Feathered Fury - spinning radial wing attack does popup

Ariel Blitz - flys up then crashes down for radial knockback

charge attack - flies forward and swoops down and lands on contact with enemies doing knockback