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Started by Cohollow, July 02, 2019, 03:37AM

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July 02, 2019, 03:37AM Last Edit: July 17, 2020, 02:55PM by Cohollow
:toad: Toad :toad:

Toad leaps onto the scene with all new effects and fight strategies. Able to take down Magneto's enemies with a large variety of different ranged attacks, and effects. Be it tongue attacks, spit attacks, or Kicking attacks, Toad ensures the player the right tool for any job. As the only mutant to specialize in radiation damage, Toad is a unique and very useful member of any team.  Make Magneto proud with Toads mobility, and versatile combat style!

Add this file to reduce the skill count of shared skills like mutant master, and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Hammer Kick A quick kick. Kicks can be chained for rapid strikes. (Rapid Tap)
Changes - Now has knockback

Tongue Jab (tongue strike) A quick tongue stab, that stuns victims.
Changes - Now pierces, hitting multiple victims
             - now does reduced damage, but hits twice

Flying Phlegm (mucous spit) An explosive bile projectile, leaves a sticky substance on the ground. Puts out fires.
Changes - better stick chance
             - damages in a radius on contact

Kick Flip A quick front flip leads into a wide, sweeping kick.
Changes - New Ability

Tongue Lash A sweeping tongue attack, pops up enemies in a wide arc.
Changes - now reliably hits all enemies in the attack arc

Noxious Spew A poisonous bile projectile, that splits on contact to hit more enemies. Puts out fires.
Changes - more points increases the amount of split globs
             - split glods now curve to hit extra enemies far more reliably

Crushing Vault (leap attack) Leaps forward, knocking back enemies in a radius with a powerful ground slam.
Changes - BUG FIX now does the proper damage and scales with striking
             - Smoother execution
             - increased travel speed
             - faster recovery


TONGUE WHIP Xtreme 360 degree tongue sweep.
Changes - None

PLUNDER Increases the drop rate of potions, and tech bits.
Changes - None


Secretion Secrete Pheromones that increase movement speed, and melee damage for the entire team.
Changes - BUG FIX now only adds damage to melee as intended
             - Reduced speed boost

Taunt Insults enemies, causing them to attack with reduced attack and defense rate.
Changes - None


Slobber Mastery Increases damage, and critical hit chance with Spit, and Tongue attacks.
Changes - New Ability

Leg Day Increases damage, and critical hit chance with Kick, and Leap attacks.
Changes - New Ability

Amphibian Unique physical traits increase movement speed, defense rate, and add radiation damage to Spit attacks.
Changes - New Ability

Critical Strike Increases the chance of critical hits with melee attacks.

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration Rate

Other Features

- Can be thrown by large allies the same way Wolverine can
- Changes to basic combo's
- Double jump now allows Toad to leap off walls
- Improved, and changed effects
- sounds and attacks are lined up better

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support.

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Wow! He looks incredible! I've never been one to play as toad, but now my curiosity is piqued

Glad to hear that mate! He's my fav brotherhood character in the game so I'd really like to see him pick up traction. He's getting shafted in the polls

Important for anyone who  downloaded this booster

There is an instance of doubled coding in the powerstyle and this can cause characters to spam weird animations at random. If you hit this issue remove Toad from the team! Expect an update to this booster shortly.


Toad has been fixed! Use the new download to fix any bugs. You do not need to start a new game for this fix to be applied!