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Quote from: tonyb42011 on October 29, 2022, 12:37PMThanks for responding back. I think I'm asking the same question on two seperate posts (sorry). Yes i only want to swap a skin out, putting the 90s Cyclops over an existing character. How do i do this?

There currently isn't a guide for installing skins for XML2, but there is one for MUA1. The way skins are handled in XML2 is a bit different, but you can still reference the MUA1 mod installation guide (section 5) for some initial help:,10809.0.html

Section 4.2 of that tutorial also explains XMLBCUI, which may be useful for some of the operations as well. Section 4.1 explains the herostat and how it's edited, but you won't need to edit the herostat for this, just view it, so XMLBCUI is more useful for that. I recommend using XMLBCUI with QuickBatch, which is also covered in section 4.2.

Skins are defined in the herostat. Each character's skins are listed in their entry in that file. Each character can have 9 skins, and the skins are listed by a category identifier and then a number. The first skin is referenced by its full number, and the remaining skins are referenced by their last two numbers. Cyclops's herostat entry will have skin codes that look something like this:
skin = 0103 ;
skin_astonishing = 0101 ;
skin_aoa = 0102 ;
skin_60s = 0120 ;
skin_70s = 0121 ;
skin_weaponx = 0124 ;
skin_future = 0123 ;

There are 9 categories, but Cyclops only uses 7. The other two are skin_winter and skin_civilian. You'll notice that I listed these in a slightly different order than how they actually appear in the herostat. That's because the skins always follow this order when cycling through them: skin, skin_astonishing, skin_aoa, skin_60s, skin_70s, skin_weaponx, skin_future, skin_winter, skin_civilian. So you can use this order to figure out which skin is which. In Cyclops's case, 0103 is his Ultimate skin, 0101 is his Astonishing X-Men skin, 0102 is his Age of Apocalypse skin, 0120 is his first appearance skin, 0121 is his classic skin, 0124 is his winter skin (not sure why it uses the weaponx category when the winter one would've fit it better :P ), and 0123 is his X-Treme Gear skin. I don't remember if the all X-Men Edition adds any skins for him, but it might. In that case, you'll want to check hero_axe.engb instead of herostat.engb.

So say you decided that you want the 90s skin in place of the winter skin. You'd rename the skin to 0124.igb and place it in the actors folder, replacing the original. You could also rename the 3D head to 0124.igb and place it in ui/hud/characters, and you could rename the conversation portrait to hud_head_0124.igb and place it in the hud folder.

The conversation portrait (and sometimes the 3D head, depending on the skin) may not show up though without changing one other pair of files. Each skin has a pair of packages (found in packages/generated/characters) that defines what files are used by that skin. One is named (name)_(skin number).pkgb, and the other is (name)_(skin number)_nc.pkgb. The winter skin that we're looking at right now has cyclops_0124.pkgb and cyclops_0124_nc.pkgb. You can decompile these files using XMLBCUI (+QuickBatch if you have it). The resulting files that are created can be opened in notepad and will show you everything that the skin references. You'll notice that these packages both reference hud_head_0101.igb instead of hud_head_0124.igb. So you can change hud_head_0101 to hud_head_0124, save the files, and then recompile them back into .pkgb files, then put them back into packages/generated/characters. Now the skin will have all the proper associated files!

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Thank you tremendously for the detailed instruction. I will be saving this post in my how to guide :D. Presently I only want to replace the skin so I will check out the sections you referenced and your instructions and give it a try. Much appreciated.

UPDATE: 90's Cyclops is up and running, per your instructions  :cyclops: Thanks again!!

MediaFire decided to change the structure of my download links after I upgraded to premium. Some links were not working. I've fixed this, and all links should be working now. If any links are down or mismatched, please let me know ASAP.

I'm sorry, I'm a little confused trying to find the herostat numbers. I just want to replace the default skins for Magneto, Storm, and Rogue. I know Cyclop' number is 0103, I tried that and it worked, but I'm having trouble finding their numbers. 

Quote from: DBZMagus on May 03, 2024, 08:33AMI'm sorry, I'm a little confused trying to find the herostat numbers. I just want to replace the default skins for Magneto, Storm, and Rogue. I know Cyclop' number is 0103, I tried that and it worked, but I'm having trouble finding their numbers. 

I think I answered you on Discord, correct?