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I removed toad and added cable

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This post has been updated as of 5/20/2021

Combat Soldier

A rebelling nameless soldier from the Genetic Research and Security Organization (GRSO) is armed with all the equipment and gear he needs to assist his mutant allies to putting in end to Apocalypse's forces. He comes with a full set of powers: 6 offensive powers, 2 secondary (1 buff, and 1 team buff), and 2 Xtremes.

This character requires the X-Men Legends II - Version 2.0 Patch to be installed to avoid any missing texture effects for his powers.

Change log:


5/14/2021 - Recent Update

- Installation for this character is now arranged to prevent memory issues from occurring for the game.
- Gun whack animation has now been set to his attack_stun.
- New character selection portrait
- Uses 128x128 Hud_Head portraits
- Flamethrower weapon can now replace his current gun while in game.
- Voices and appropriate sounds have been given to this character.



- Costumes 01-07, he carries his weapon and holding his gun forward. Costumes 07-09 he'll have the Fightstyle_Hero's idle while still able to perform the same abilities.
- Costumes 01-07 uses a gun whack for his attack stun combo. For 08 and 09, he performs the default attack stun with his fists.
- Costumes 08 and 09, does a different menu_action to indicate the differences from his fist fighting and gun variant. They also carry a weapon as a placeholder while in the Team Menu but switch to Power gloves when in combat zones.

Click to enlarge the image.

Additional Skin:
Nuclear Lab Tech

Weapon List: Each skin has him carrying a different weapon.

Skin 01 - Mp5
Skin 02 - Laser Gun
Skin 03 - Mercenary Rifle (It is a skin segment for this character and not a separate model)
Skin 04 - Lightning Gun
Skin 05 - Knockback Gun
Skin 06 - Mp5
Skin 07 - Mp5
Skin 08 - M_nullifier (during Xtraction Points), Powergloves in Combat Maps
Skin 09 - Laser Gun (during Xtraction Points), Super Powergloves in Combat Maps

Additional Skin:
Nuclear Lab Tech - Can use any weapon depending on which skin you set him on.



Rapid Fire
Fires a clip of bullets
- Starting Ability

Laser Beam
An energy filtered beam that knocks down a single target.
- Learned at Level 7.

Tactical Knife
A close range melee weapon. Strikes twice in an X shape and deals Bleed Damage.
- Level Requirement: 14.
- Laser Beam is required to be learned.

Full Automatic
Fires Bullets continuously when holding down the ability. Can also rotate while firing.
- Level Requirement: Level 14
- Laser Beam is required to be learned

Frag Grenade
Throws a grenade that explodes on a small area.
- Level Requirement: 21.
- Full Automatic is required to be learned
- Now deals knock back upon explosion

Temperature Gun
Slows or burns enemies depending on the element. Puts out fires if using ice.
Press And Hold ability to Initiate FIRE
Press And Hold after ice initiates to continue initiating ICE
- Level Requirement: 28.
- Slow and Burn debuff lasts the same amount of time.

Calls for air support. A hidden aircraft then fires missiles into the area, causing destruction.
- Level Requirement: 15.
- Deals Popup Damage

Provides all allies with a high-tech barrier. Reflecting all damage received back at attackers.
- Level Requirement: 20.

Intuition (Boost)
Prepares self for incoming battles. Increases defense rating.
- Level Requirement: 1
- Buffs himself only

Support Perks (Boost)
Boosts all character traits for the entire team.
- Level Requirement: 14.
- Intuition is required to be learned

Passive Skills:

Critical Strike
Increases critical hit chances on melee attacks.
- Shared Talent applied to this hero.

Experienced Soldier
Soldiers trained to maintain themselves in battle. Increases EP regeneration rate.
- Level Requirement: 7.
- Operates like Mutant Master. Basically to define his race as a Human.

Resistant Uniform
Increases resistance to Elemental, Energy, and Radiation Damage.
- Level Requirement: Level 14
- Experienced Soldier is required to be learned

Weapon Maintenance
Ensures weapons are in top shape. Adds damage and critical chance to gun and explosive attacks.
- Level Requirement: 21
- Resistant Uniform is required to be learned



How to equip the The Flamethrower and Backpack at all times:

The flamethrower gun and backpack only appears when initiating the Temperature Gun ability, and disappears after the move ends. However, I added a neat gimmick that allows you to equip these weapons at all times for aesthetic purposes (because, you know, Flamethrowers are awesome. lol).

To equip:
Simply perform the Temperature Gun ability. As he begins crouching, make sure you're not holding any buttons (like the R button), and quickly press the Jump button (In gamecube, it's the Y button). You'll hear the sound of equipping an item. His gun will be replaced with the Flamethrower and he will also put on the backpack. For the two power glove skins, He only equips the backpack since he's already equipped with power gloves.

To remove:
Perform the same method as above, but instead, press the Use Button command (in Gamecube, it's the X button) You'll hear the dropping equipment sound, and his aesthetics will revert to default.

The backpack will disappear when performing these methods:
1) Pause the game and enter the Team Management menu
2) Enter a different map
3) Enter Xtraction Points

When it disappears, you can just re-equip them when performing this ability. The flamethrower will sometimes remain since it's coded to replace the current gun he's holding.

- Raven Software: Original XML1/XML2/MUA Assets
- BaconWizard17: For assisting me on how to make my own Power Icons, Conversation Portrait, and Character Selection Portrait.

What's Left To Do:
- Any future updates will just be fixing bugs, adjusting balances, arranging on his .fb packages, or adding updated animation (when animation mixing becomes possible for older Raven games).

- Feel free to make custom skins for this hero. I won't take any credit for your creativity but would enjoy playing as other member's custom skins for him!
- This hero is free to use as a base if you plan to make your own mod using his assets to start off from. Just make sure you don't keep too much of his default assets and make his play style is as different as possible. Also be sure to credit me if you plan on doing so.

Great job,if only we could increase the roster on gcn/ps2/wii

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Avalanche (By nodoubt_jr)

Updated as of 10/1/2020

This is a direct port of nodoubt_jr's Avalanche. An old, legacy, mod from the PC version with his necessary files, packaged into an .fb for him to be fully playable for Game Cube purposes. This post mainly contains previews on his skinset and other miscellaneous for him to work for the game. Selection of Avalanche's skins may differ from his PC mod, but his play style remains the same.

For more information about his powers and other things, be sure to check out the original mod on nodoubt_jr's thread about Avalanche.

This character requires the X-Men Legends II - Version 2.0 Patch to be installed to avoid any missing texture effects for his powers.

Prelate Zealot voice patch for Avalanche.

Skin Set:


Click on image to enlarge



- Now uses PS2 models (for his default and Astral version) in his skinset for better texture quality. Freedom Force skin was removed due to memory issues (it works for a bit but crashes overtime)
- Has power icons and character selection portrait included in his pack
- Uses his XML 1 sound effects for his powers (his ps_powerstyle has his sound directories modified so they can read them off his XML 1 files appropriately)
- Added priority to QUAKE so he can no longer be knocked down while performing his Xtreme.
- Uses a different model for his Rock Slide due to me not knowing how to optimize textures for models yet.
- Only lacks the additional sounds that were modded into his avalan_m in the PC version.
- Shares voices with the Prelate Zealot enemies that appear in Apocalypse's Tower. Below his download card, is a download link to a modified x_voice (done with Hex Editor) that adjusts the Prelate enemy's voice set to suit Avalanche temporary. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR CURRENT X_VOICE BEFORE REPLACING it.

Future Updates:


- Inclusion of proper custom voice set and additional sound effects when it becomes possible to modify them.
- Replacing his rock slide model with the actual one when I learn how to optimize model textures.



nodoubt_jr - Avalanche Mod creator
iammingy - Classic and X-Corps skins
darkmythology - Colored XML1 effects
shafcrawler - Power icons
Jayglass - Menu Portrait optimizing for GC Usage
Lags - Adding necessary files into .fb packages, and optimizing shafcrawler's power icons.

Nice. I always thought Avalanche should have been a playable Brotherhood member, especially if they're going to take away super popular characters like Mystique and Sabretooth for other things (even though he's playable on PC).

It's not the fb size its the actor size gamecube only reads 128x128

Thanks guys!

Quote from: jayglass on September 12, 2019, 09:47AM
It's not the fb size its the actor size gamecube only reads 128x128

Ah, okay. That must be why I couldn't get it to work.

September 14, 2019, 10:05AM #28 Last Edit: September 14, 2019, 10:55AM by Lags
Updated some minor things to my mod packs

X-Men Legends 4 Player Mod:
Change log:
- Fixed an issue with Jubilee's conversation portrait being a GRSO Soldier's when you talk to her in the X-Mansion after the USS Arbiter mission. This was because I was testing with a character replacing at the time and I forgot to remove it after releasing the mod.
Thanks to Skorzyss letting me know of this.

If you want to just replace the map to fix the tiny issue, in the .zip, the file is Mansion3_1.fb found under maps/Mansion 3

X-Men Legends 2:
Change log:
- Added Colossus's default skin from X-Men Legends 1 to the Updated pack. Very similar to his default one in X-Men Legends 2, but he doesn't have the sleeves. Also updated his herostat to include it in his selection of costumes.

Sneak Preview of the next playable NPC Hero I'll be working on:

Yup, it's an Acolyte Warrior! With the little animation set the Acolyte Warrior has, I'll be trying my best to base his moves off of all the Acolyte variants from the previous game, as well as their Shocktrooper counterparts in this game

More playable generics. Woo!

Acolyte Elite

The loyal follower serving under Magneto is now ready to join the adventure. As mentioned before, his moves heavily references majority of the acolyte variants and the shocktroopers from both games. Unfortunately, his name was too long in the Character Select menu since it goes off the name space by 2 letters, so I had to shortened his name just so it would look nice. There's already an Acolyte Elite existing from XML1 (the smaller variant) but I still went with Elite anyway just to fit his role as a nameless hero than leaving it Acolyte and sounding like a Major character. This brute is ready to wreck his Shocktrooper counter parts for reusing his appearance and fighting under Apocalypse's forces.
Feel the power of the Acolytes!

This mod will be planned for updates in the future with balances and fixes.
- Lags 9/29/2020

Change log: - 10/05/2019

* Shock Blast's p2_power now aligns with p2_impact.
* Can now shoot across boundaries since it could not before.


* He uses the fightstyle_wrestling animation set for his _nc.fb.'s. This was so his model will appear when selected in any Change Team menu at an xtraction point so you can browse through his costume set. His actual animation set lacks an Idle so he won't appear when you visit the Team Information menu when away from base.


01 - Acolyte Warrior
02 - Acolyte Warrior Elite (AoA Boost)
03 - Brotherhood Marauder



Bruising Fist (Melee) - A heavy attack that knocks back enemies.

Shock Blast (Beam) - Generates energy through his hand and blasts enemies with a bolting beam.

Power Slam (Radial) - Smashes the ground with brute force, creating a large radial shockwave.

Paralyzing Wave (Radial) - Generates and sends an electrical wave at enemies up front, stunning them. Takes 10% of his own HP away during the process.

Tyrant Charge (Charge) - Rushes against enemies, and objects, knocking them back.

Power Stomp (Radial) - Stomps the ground, launching the surrounding enemies upwards.

DEVASTATING SLAM (XTREME) - A powerful version of Power Slam.

SHOCK CHARGE (XTREME Boost) - Resurrects nearby fallen allies. (Allies only)

Bold Stance (Boost) - The Acolyte is able to stand his ground, increasing defense and resisting knockback. It doesn't last very long.

Intimidate (Debuff) - Puts fear into enemies, decreasing their attack power and defenses.

Passive Skills:

Brute - Increases $AR. - Added as of 9-23-2019

Body Armor - Increases physical, and energy resistances.