Introducing Boost Beats!

Started by Jonnydragon88, July 12, 2020, 12:32PM

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DO :dust: YOU :moonstar: KNOW :wbane: WHAT :cd: TODAY :chamber: IS...? :polaris:

It's our anniversary!

That's right stans, 1 year ago today, I put the M in mods! And since then another one bit the Dust, I found my moon and my stars, we've been hungry like the wolf, on your left, where I was very Cloak and Dagger about this whole thing, as I fired my one in the Chamber, and drove a Polaris into what went around that came around. And somehow, not for lack of trying, I haven't been banned! For that the blame goes to you dragon bebes, ALL OF YOU! This wouldn't be possible without you, and I wanna thank all of you for downloading my mods... with a gift even! Trust me, you're gonna wanna hear this 😉.

So, many many months ago, before my first mod, when I first started experimenting with the sounds of the game, I discovered an aspect of the Star-Lord mod. I also soon discovered that he was the only one with this aspect, at least with multiple songs. Why should he have all the fun? So I tinkered, I fiddle with, I cut and converted stereo to mono and so on and so forth. And I gave one of my favorite characters music apropos of her first appearance. I now had a hawt playlist for a hawt Hawkeye, and the seeds of a new mod type had been planted. I thought about maybe releasing this one day, expanding my horizons as a sound modder, today is that day.

   Introducing Boost Beats!   

Yo dog, I heard you like boosters, so I put beats with your boost so you can boost while you beat! It's exactly what it sounds like. For 3 characters, Hawkeye, Magma, and Captain America, when you activate their boost (_ for Kate, _ for Sam, and _ for Amara) you will get 1 minute of music! This is so they all stay consistent with all the songs... and so we don't get copywrite infringements. Very different songs, genres, eras, and sounds. For that I give mad, extra, super duper, hardcore credit to all the artist that made this possible!!

And, Incase anyone wants to see and hear for themself, allow me to demonstrate...

Phat am I right?! We've got 26 overall between the three of them, so keep hitting that button!

Jams include...

For Kate Bishop (triggered by 'Lady Hawkeye'):

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Renée Stefani

Girlfriend by Avril Ramona Lavigne

Gimmie More by Britney Jean Spears

Work It by Melissa Arnette Elliott

Promiscuous by Nelly Kim Furtado featuring Timothy Zachary Mosley

Hot in Herre by Cornell Iral Haynes Jr.

Milkshake by Kelis Rogers

Hips don't lie by Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll featuring Nel Ust Wyclef Jean

For The Falcon (triggered by 'Birds of Prey'):

Soft and Wet by Prince Rogers Nelson

Dazz by Brick

Hercules by Aaron Joseph Neville

Car Wash by Rose Royce

Superfly by Curtis Lee Mayfield

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

Brick House by Commodores

Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine Band

Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye

For Magma (triggered by 'Fiery Fist'):

Material Girl by Madonna Louise Ciccone

You Make my Dreams by Hall & Oates

I Don't Wanna Fall in Love by Jane Richmond Hyslop

I'm Hot Tonight by Elizabeth Ann Guttman

She's on Fire by Amy Celeste Boersma

All Through the Night by Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper

Call Me by Go West

Warrior by Scandal featuring Patricia Smyth

Like a Virgin by Madonna Louise Ciccone

And then there's the fact of the secret surprise mod. 'But Jonny, it ain't gonna be a secret once I look in that sound file!' Wow, that's a clever trick, or it would be if I hadn't already thought of it smart axe. In that sound file is, other than Amara, Kate, and Sam's BBs, a bunch of unreliable, uncanny, unbelievable nonsense, and somewhere amongst that is the mod. Same with those power styles. All together this makes what did basically invisible, invincible, and inevitable. You'll never find it unless you play the game. Maybe I hid it around in a bunch of files, maybe I only slightly fixed some tiny errors, maybe you can only see what I did using C++, maybe it Maybelline. Hell, maybe there is no secret mod and this is all part of my beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy. I mean, given my reputation, doesn't it sound like me? All I know is someone is eventually gonna find... something (not necessarily only anything listed below either), and if that someone is you be a doll and DON'T TELL ANYONE! What you got they want but it might be hard to handle, so don't give it to them please! By the time you find it this will feel like a huge payoff, and you wouldn't wanna Britta that experience for someone else, would you? Oh no, I think I just left some kind of a hint up there, or is this whole sentence a Mirage? I guess you'll never know and have to trigger it at random as I intended.

? (Part of the secret surprise, you could be literally anywhere where you hear sounds in the game, or maybe you couldn't):

DNA by Kendrick Lamar Duckworth

Savage by Megan Jovon Ruth Pete

Beef FloMix by Tamia Ivoryav Carter

Sunday Best by Surfaces

Nonstop by Aubrey Drake Graham

Look What you Made me Do by Taylor Alison Swift

Good as Hell by Melissa Viviane Jefferson

Lookin at Me by Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter

Humble by Kendrick Lamar Duckworth

Find it all right here:

Not me indeed my stans, not me. I couldn't get this game working for so long, and getting mods in it? Same. So to have come so far, to make my own mods, make this game a better game? It's beautiful. And I'm always hungry for more. Of these and of my voices, and eventually some characters, and who knows after that! The sky isn't the limit.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!

Check out my Emporium🥳! (all my voice mods are here):,10845.msg198383.html#msg198383
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Hey guys! So, I haven't been in for a while but I noticed that the secret mod for my secret mod has been revealed. Now, out of respect for the man the myth the legend Outsider, I kept it a secret so as not to ruin his mod. But as of this edit,8753.msg185420.html#msg185420 the 4th set of boost beats is for...


Now that you know drop those beats to the mf floor.

Check out my Emporium🥳! (all my voice mods are here):,10845.msg198383.html#msg198383
And the Village🤪! (my voice workbench):,10636.msg196523.html#msg196523