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Started by corvetterules, August 07, 2020, 08:23AM

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I have put together a great number of videos today, showcasing not only nice and simple gameplay with all of my mods thus far (excluding Hu Tao), so that people can get a feel for the mod's gameplay (I don't think my lengthy and detailed skill breakdowns in the mod showcase videos can do that by themselves), but also the alternate voice and effects packs which better fit the DesireWorker skins. Without further ado, here they are:

Haru Estia:
Haru Estia (DesireWorker):
Lily Bloomerchen:
Lily Bloomerchen (DesireWorker):
Jin Seipatsu:
Jin Seipatsu (DesireWorker):
Stella Unibell:
Stella Unibell (DesireWorker):
Fuu Chan (high volume warning in the first few seconds):
Iris Yuma:
Iris Yuma (DesireWorker):
Tenebris (DesireWorker):
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

It's been a while, but I've got a treat for you. Than you for the wait, and without further ado, I introduce to you my ninth SoulWorker mod, and tenth mod overall, the SoulWorker of Delight, Erwin Arclight!


Excellence, fame, wealth, recognition. All herculean achievements by normal standards, but for the young man called Erwin Arclight, it took no challenge whatsoever to attain. Accomplished in life as a renowned game developer at the age of 18, though he never actively chased such success in the first place, he could only dismiss the world as boring, incapable of finding anything that would truly be deserving of his interest no matter how many days passed. That is, until a mysterious threat befell Stair Second, the Earth of an alternate universe, his home.

This threat would go down in history as the Vacuum. Along with it came immeasurable death and destruction, as nightmarish creatures, dubbed SoulJunk, started to appear, bent on devouring people. And to make matters worse, a gigantic lump of alien energy expanded across wide landscapes and everything that inhabited them, with no possibility for rescuing anyone caught inside. The average person would think of this and be overcome with unease for the present as well as the future, but Erwin Arclight was no average person. In his eyes, this was the excitement he had awaited his entire life.

In an act of what most people would define as insanity, Erwin willingly left his safe abode and approached the Vacuum, with a most genuine intention to enter it and discover its mysteries, and a wide grin of happiness on his face. Upon entering, he learned that inside the Vacuum, even more SoulJunk stalked the land than outside. Inevitably, he too would encounter such monsters himself after enough time. But these encounters did not end with him as a victim. Instead, he took in the unpredicted gifts of this place, becoming a SoulForcer, capable of projecting energy blasts, as well as gaining increased physical attributes. Thus was also born his desire to be an invincible hero, admired by men and coveted by women, not unlike the perfect figures of movies and comic books.

Eventually, he found a settlement called Grasscover Camp, founded by two young men, named Tenebris and Lord. Seeing this as a chance to find the recognition he fantasized about, he joined it as one of the few people who had the power to protect it from approaching SoulJunk. Unfortunately, what he was met with was quite the opposite of what he envisioned - his strange philosophies and attitude towards the dire situation that humans faced in the Vacuum prompted people to proceed with caution when around him, in spite of his actions which served the camp.

It wasn't long before he acknowledged the highly respected and immensely powerful SoulWorker, Tenebris, as his rival, whom he would one day overcome. Around this time, he also figured out that a member, known as Kant, was actually the one responsible for the Vacuum, infiltrated as a survivor and protector in order to facilitate the gradual transformation of the people of Grasscover Camp into DesireWorkers, people devoid of reason, morality or restraint whose only goal in life is to selfishly satisfy their greed, with no cost too great. Having realized this, Erwin once again made a decision no other person in their right mind would've - to take an interest in this dangerous, godlike creature and to hide the truth of his identity from others.

Thus began Erwin's mastery of the forbidden power, called Desire, under Kant's secret tutelage. He eventually came so far as to be able to have body parts cut off without it registering or causing any subsequent harm to him. But this would not fly without others growing suspicious of him. The other inhabitants of the settlement - Tenebris, more so than anyone else - began expressing their concerns that Erwin might become a DesireWorker if he's not careful, which he only saw as arrogance. Yet these concerns proved not to be unfounded, for he would be responsible for an event which would begin Grasscover Camp's fall down the line.

Though Kant and Tenebris were on Erwin's mind a fair amount, none drew his attention more than a teenage girl, called Haru Estia, who was being kept inside a tent indefinitely as a DesireWorker in rehabilitation. He later learned that she was also Kant's chosen masterpiece, and that she must be kept inside, left with nothing but her thoughts of revenge and grief to mull over, as part of his plans for her. And so, not only because he wished to trick and outsmart the progenitor of the Vacuum himself, but also because he wanted to see the girl's smile, he devised a plan to escape Grasscover Camp with her.

Though distant, unsociable and even threatening, Haru agreed to cooperate with him upon being sold on the promise that he would lead her to the one who created the Vacuum so that she could have revenge for what she had lost. Their attempt to run away a success, Erwin was labeled a traitor, and Kant became infuriated with him, knowing full well he tried to foil his plans. He eventually tracked the two runaways down to another settlement which was in close communication with Grasscover Camp, called Azland Camp, where he would soon watch both succumb to the irresistible influence of Desire.

As they spent time together, the walls around Haru's broken heart came down, and she grew close to Erwin, even coming so far as to declare that she would protect the people of Azland Camp, with whom she dined, laughed and grieved during her time there, with vengeance as a long term goal.

Though this success would prove to be a short-lived one on his part.

Barely two days since they made camp there, the people of Azland Camp received an anonymous tip from Grasscover Camp that two DesireWorkers recently escaped its boundaries, and thus plotted to kill the now suspicious Erwin and Haru in their sleep. The former, realizing the situation, was taken aback by Kant's sudden appearance before he could escape with her. Yet he was no longer angry; quite the opposite. Erwin had unknowingly provided the perfect opportunity for Haru to awaken as a true DesireWorker, by putting her in a position where she is forced to defend herself against and kill everyone in the camp she bonded with.

As the girl's last remaining fragments of optimism eroded under the realization of betrayal and maddened laughter, she transformed into the Void's greatest monster - the DesireWorker of Revenge. Knowing there was no other choice for him to survive, Erwin admitted defeat, and he too became the DesireWorker of Delight. The two, reborn as villains without principle, began their journey like so, towards the killing of all living beings in the Vacuum.

Their bloody campaign was all but successful, for Haru became a model and inspiration to all those like her, making them even stronger and more vicious, and no less than thousands of innocent victims met a miserable end at their mercy. Before long, even Grasscover Camp was annihilated, bringing with it the crumbling of the only hope humanity ever had in the Vacuum. Soon, there would be room only for chaos in this hell.

After 15 years had passed since Erwin first entered the Vacuum, his mind, as well as those of six other remaining DesireWorkers, were overtaken by Kant to be used against his enemy, a divine woman clad in gold called Rosca, who threatened to end the cruel reality he has made. Even their combined might was easily bested by that of the goddess, who then split the timeline into multiple alternate timelines, one for each of the six DesireWorkers, and cast them out of the Vacuum. Upon being thrown out, all lost their memories up until the moment they woke up.

The first thing Erwin saw was a crumbling world, in need of salvation. A new driving force took root in his heart, the wish to use his powers as a SoulForcer, and soon SoulWorker of Delight, to protect mankind. Though decorated with victory and stained with failure all the same, he remains the greatest asset in Stair Second for the defense of humanity.

This mod features:

-four skins: SoulWorker (default), Advancement, DesireWorker and SoulJustice
-unique textures
-three loading screens
-sound effects and voice lines from the SoulWorker game
-a stance changing mechanic, between long range and close range fighting
-a stacking mechanic which increases his damage dealt when he hits an enemy with certain powers
-alternate voice and effects packs to better fit the DesireWorker skin

In order to switch between the default and the DesireWorker effects pack, all you have to do is overwrite the .xmlb files in effects/char/erwin_arclight, inside your game directory, with the .xmlb files in effects/default or desire/char/erwin_arclight inside the mod directory. Same deal with the voice packs - replace erwin_v.zss and erwin_m.zsm in sounds/eng/e/r accordingly.

WARNING: This mod clashes with Iammingy's She-Hulk mod. If you have that mod, then before installing this one, make sure she's not in your roster, and backup ui/models/mannequin/15901.igb, as well as textures/loading/15901.igb, 15902.igb and 15903.igb. Failing or neglecting to do so will result in issues.

Download link:
Mod showcase + gameplay video:
DesireWorker voice and effects packs showcase:

Thank you for downloading this mod, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Known issues and credits can be found inside the README.txt file inside the mod directory.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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Small update for the Erwin Arclight mod which fixes the audio issue when he charges his "Shot Through the Heart" power. I decided the fixed version sounds better just off the fact it's not quite as ear-piercing.

Stay tuned. The showcase + gameplay video is coming very soon, and it will also include the showcase of the DesireWorker effects and voice pack.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The mod showcase + gameplay video for my latest mod, Erwin Arclight, is now out. Check it out:

This video also features the showcase of the alternate DesireWorker voice and effects packs.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Lily Bloomerchen has received a new update. Welcome, one and all, version 1.4. What you can expect from this version:

-fully implemented Ceamonks890's modifications to the mod files which make it so that it uses the new animation mixing method discovered by nikita484 instead of the old method with the fightstyle files
-removed actors/fightstyle_lily.igb and data/fightstyles/fightstyle_lily.xmlb
-heavily modified the second power, Mad Lunge, as such:

  • Lily now travels a fixed distance forward and will not stop for enemies or other entities one can collide with
  • Lily now begins the actual leap sooner, and travels to her destination much more quickly
  • Fixed the bug which caused Lily not to dash at all sometimes and just attack
-Lily's basic attacks now occasionally restore Energy. Amount restored scales with the rank of the first power, Cruel Slash

Link to the new update:

If you've downloaded and used previous versions of this mod, I strongly encourage you to perform a full reinstallation, so as to avoid any issues. Pay particular attention to the herostat file's text, the talents file and the actors files.

My aim with this update was not only to conform to the optimizations of the new animation mixing method, but also to make Lily's gap closer actually not annoying and slow to use. I also wanted to do something so that she isn't entirely reliant on somebody to regenerate her energy, while not doing too much. I think I managed to do that fairly well. Hope this update is to your satisfaction for now. I will update her again at a later time, with a new skin and a redo of all current skins.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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Put together a new update for Iris Yuma as well. Welcome V1.2, folks. Here's what you can expect from this update:

-Iris' first power, Strike The Despicable, has been modified to include a third strike at the end. After the initial two swings, she also blasts the enemy she's targeting (or forward), with massive knockback.
-The sixth power, Break Out, had its energy cost halved.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

It's time for my 10th SoulWorker mod. On your knees, for you now stand in the presence of queen Luna Nox!


Referred to by the Starry Forest League as code name Queen, Luna Nox is a former princess of the Nihil Kingdom, a society of alien, humanoid life forms known as Vessi, wielding the power of Desire which comes from the concept of honor. They appeared on Stair Second, the planet Earth of an alternate universe, shortly after it was faced with the threat of the Vacuum. Luna is presently considered one of the most dangerous enemies of humanity, and as befits such a powerful foe, hers is an anything but ordinary past.

From an early age, Luna was raised in isolation, alongside her older sister Sola Nox, inside the royal castle. As pivotal members of a society which values honor and loyalty above all else, and whose people are fully expected to dedicate their lives to the job they are born into, the bulk of the young girls' time was spent on all manner of activities which served the purpose of molding them into worthy heirs to the throne of the Nihil Kingdom.

As their father and king at the time, Xe Nox, found himself unable to look after his daughters himself, due to the endless work concerning the management of law and order in the kingdom, he assigned each of them an elite guard, who would also act as caretakers in his absence. It was since that day that the guard assigned to Luna, named Edgar, began to conduct himself differently.

With each passing day, he became more and more invested in the person he was tasked to accompany. What should have been part of his profession transformed into a passion, and eventually, Edgar would go to such lengths as ordering the delivery of candy and toys to Luna's residence, and even dressing up as a clown for her entertainment. His actions received stern scrutiny from his superiors and peers, until finally, he was exiled from the Nihil Kingdom for misconduct.

As time passed and both Luna and Sola completed their education as princesses, they became well-versed in numerous skills relevant to the role which they would be intended to play, not the least of which being politics, etiquette and even combat. Within this period of time, Xe Nox would also sense his own weakness growing with age. It was thus that, in the blink of an eye, one of the two royal sisters was soon to be decided upon as queen after him, and that the kingdom would begin its suffering from internal conflict.

During the political campaign that followed shortly after, it became clear that Luna and Sola, though taught the same notions over the course of their rigorous training, had completely different designs for the future of the Nihil Kingdom. While the former insisted that protecting their present home would suffice, the latter preached of growth through expansionist conquest. Now witness to this clash between the ideals of two powerful and influential figures who stood on equal footing, the populace could only find itself split in two sides: the one which supported Luna, and the one which supported Sola.

An utter stalemate persisted between these newly created, yet evenly matched campaigns, leaving the question of who would succeed Xe on the throne unanswered for the longest time, until one fateful day, when the Vacuum brought its plight upon the country. This catastrophe would result in the disappearance of Luna Nox and a large portion of her supporters, leaving the side of Sola Nox free to assert dominance over the now pitiful resistance which remained behind.

In the meantime, Luna and her forces found themselves stranded on another world, predominantly inhabited by humans, called Stair Second, which had also been plagued by the Vacuum, with no apparent way of return. To make matters worse, their presence in this world was soon discovered by the infamous NED company, a large human corporation with a monopoly on the weapons industry. Upon making contact, the organization quickly resolved to apprehend the Vessi as test subjects. Despite the best efforts of Luna's troops, they could not fend off the humans' attack, and thus, she was captured, setting the prologue to an immeasurably miserable fate.

For years from that moment on, within the confines of a secret underground laboratory, Luna Nox would be subjected to inhumane experiments, with the purpose of researching SoulJunk, a race of monster-like creatures which hails from the Vacuum itself, in hopes of better combatting it. As a result of the procedures which she suffered, her sanity was merely the first part of her to disappear. Her body was that of a Vessi no more, for she transformed into a SoulJunk with the power to manipulate other such creatures to do her bidding, as well as create new ones.

Eventually, the scientists themselves met the same fate as Luna, after being recruited into the cult of the Vacuum Fanatics by their very own subjects, and against all odds, they not only freed her, but began to worship her as a goddess and constructed an underground religious structure in her honor. It was there that she dwelled for more long years, surrounded and pampered by undead servants, until one day, when yet another twist of fate would stare her in the face - a reunion with the long time Nihil Kingdom exile and her former royal guard, Edgar.

In present day, the two have only one aspiration - surviving in a world where everyone else considers them a threat.

This mod features:

-one skin: Classic
-5 powers, 2 buffs, 2 Xtremes (can use one or the other depending on whether or not a certain power was used recently)
-SFX and voiceovers from SoulWorker

WARNING: This mod clashes with Storm (vanilla character). Before installing it, make sure you backup ui/models/mannequin/0401.igb, as well as textures/loading/0401.igb and 0402.igb. Failing or neglecting to do so will result in issues.

Download link:
Gameplay + mod showcase video:

Credits and known issues can be found inside the README.txt file inside the mod directory.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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A new update for Luna Nox, V1.1, is now out. This one features a great number of adjustments, in order to hopefully fix some of her gameplay-related issues while not making her absurdly strong:

-Wave of Incineration and Selfless Servitude are now both available at level 1
-Wave of Incineration can now be charged for up to 1.1 seconds, down from 1.25, and the damage scales up to 2.5 times its original value, down from triple.
-Garden of Desire Amber has been renamed to Garden of Amber, now freezes enemies for 3.5 seconds, up from 3.
-Death From Above now slows enemies by 25%, down from 30%, for 10 seconds, up from 5.
-Save the Queen now grants the damage reduction buff to all allies, instead of just Luna, and has a duration of 20-180 seconds, depending on power rank, up from a constant 15 seconds.
-Martyr's stance now lasts shorter. Upon hitting enemies, Luna also gains a short invincibility buff alongside her energy regeneration. The frame of time in which her Xtreme, Cavalry of the North, becomes Queen of the North, is now the same as the frame of time within which she is invincible, down from 5 seconds. Invincibility buff lasts from 2 to 4 seconds, depending on power rank.
-Selfless Servitude has been modified to increase the extra damage dealt by Wave of Incineration to slowed enemies based on power rank (in other words, you must upgrade Selfless Servitude to increase it)
-Increased the Energy costs slightly of the following powers: Death From Above, Garden of Amber, Selfless Servitude
-Increased the Energy cost significantly of Wave of Incineration
-The flash effect of Queen of the North should now display at the right time, and linger for the right duration. Also removed the mechanic which would execute non-bosses, and instead increased the overall damage of the power.
-Made some adjustments to some effects of the following powers: Selfless Servitude, Save the Queen, Cavalry of the North, Martyr
-Somewhat fixed the descending totems effect which can be seen during Death From Above and Garden of Amber, though not yet perfect. I don't think I will revisit it, however.
-Changed the animation Luna performs when leaving the character selection screen


If you downloaded V1.0 of my Luna Nox mod, I strongly recommend a full reinstallation, once you switch to V1.1. Just overwrite all the files from V1.0 with all the files from V1.1 in your game directory. Keep in mind, this also includes the herostat entry, make sure you replace that as well with the one from V1.1.

That's about it for now. Expect a mod showcase + gameplay video very soon. Until then, take care. Corvette, taking off.
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The cavalry has arrived. Fear no more, for the hero of Nihil Kingdom, Acculus, stands stalwartly in your defense!


Renowned for his incredible might as well as compassion, Acculus was an elite guard serving under king Xe Nox, fighting for the prosperity of Nihil Kingdom, a society of alien creatures known as Vessi whose power is derived from the concept of honor.

One day, the king sensed with age that the time had come for a successor to the throne. It was thus that competition was sparked between his two daughters: Sola Nox and Luna Nox. Given the clash in ideals between the two, the nation's people soon experienced a divide over which of the potential heirs had the correct vision for the future of the kingdom: the former, with dreams of expansionism through conquest, or the latter, focused only on national defense. Forced to choose a side, Acculus picked that of Luna Nox, sharing her views.

Since then, although neither of the two princesses sought to vanquish the other and the conflict never escalated into civil war, tensions were high between Vessi of differing allegiances. This situation would come to an end when an event marked by the sudden and destructive appearance of the Vacuum transpired, resulting in the disappearance of the majority of Luna Nox's loyalists. In the aftermath, those who remained behind were forced to conform with the leadership of Sola Nox, now queen of Nihil Kingdom.

Stranded by the Vacuum on another planet, known as Stair Second, Luna and her people attempted to find a way back home, before encountering a malicious organization, operating in the weapons industry as a monopoly, known as the NED Company, intent on capturing the princess. Though Acculus and his comrades fought valiantly in defense of their queen, their failure doomed her to capture and life as a test subject for horrific experiments.

Eventually, Acculus led his troops to finding their lost leader in a laboratory in Dipluce Horizon, only to discover that she has transformed into a SoulJunk, acquiring the ability to endlessly produce such creatures and manipulate them as she sees fit. Appalled by what the humans have done, yet relieved that Luna Nox lives freely, they abandoned any hope of returning to Nihil Kingdom, now likely long conquered by Sola Nox, and formed a perimeter around the ruined structure in which she dwelled in order to protect her from any further harm.

One day, a small army dispatched by the Starry Forest League, a worldwide organization dedicated to protecting mankind from the Vacuum and restoring the former world order, enters Dipluce Horizon to investigate the existence of codename Queen, a creature believed to mass-produce SoulJunk. Realizing that the tragedy of the past could repeat itself, Acculus ordered his warriors to prepare for combat. After a valiant struggle, a SoulWorker among the ranks of the invading humans single-handedly slaughtered the entire Vessi force.

Yet that effort was meaningless. Commanding SoulJunk to consume the destroyed bodies of her fallen warriors, Acculus included, Luna Nox raised them from the dead so that they may serve her for all time, free from the cycle of life and death and bound by undeath. Though the souls that once represented her army have departed from this realm, their strength continues to exist, wielded as a powerful weapon by the traumatized princess, whose only goal now is isolation.

Mod showcase + gameplay video link:

This mod also features an alternate voice and effects pack to better fit the Darkblue skin. In order to swap between the default and SoulJunk packs, simply copy and paste the .xmlb files in effects/char/acculus from the mod directory into your game directory at the same location, then do the same for the .zsm and .zss files in sounds/eng/a/c.

WARNING: Acculus clashes with the following mods: Anole by Dihan and Fire by Erik Lehnsherr. If you have those mods installed, then before installing the Acculus mod, please backup ui/models/mannequin/24001.igb and textures/loading/24001.igb, and remove those two from your roster. Failing or neglecting to do this will result in issues.

Download link:

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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Everyone, the mod showcase + gameplay video for my latest mod, Acculus, is now out!
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Hey folks. Coming at you with a batch of updates for a bunch of characters from this catalog. Let's jump right in.


-nerfed the heal applied by his fourth power, Honor. It is now a constant 0.06% HP per second instead of scaling with power rank.
-nerfed his first power in the sword stance, Justice be my Sword. Now it deals 50% increased damage to stunned enemies instead of being guaranteed to critically strike.

Fuu Chan

-fixed an issue with his second power, Ambush, which caused each individual attack to cost Energy instead of just the first one
-fixed an issue which caused his skin passives to clash with those of Lerfenne

Haru Estia

-mostly an optimization update which causes the mod to use the animation mixing method instead of the fightstyle method for Haru Estia's animations
-skin numbers changed from 0506, 0507, 0508 and 0509 to 0511, 0512, 0513 and 0514 to avoid clashes with Thing skins, recommend reinstalling the entire mod to make sure nothing goes awry

Iris Yuma

-her first power, Strike the Despicable, can now be held to launch an additional projectile attack in front of her after the two initial swings of the Hammer Stol, dealing damage and massive knockback
-nerfed the Primal Rage passive on her DesireWorker skin
-significantly nerfed the Break Out attack speed buff and increased the energy cost slightly

Lerfenne (formerly Lupan)

-obviously changed the name of the character from Lupan to Lerfenne
-renamed Obsess to Impress to Obsession
-renamed Love to At Any Cost
-fixed an issue with her third power, Break Up, which caused her energy regeneration to not work

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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Got another update coming your way, this time for my mod of Tenebris, V1.1. There is only one change here, but arguably a significant one: I have completely redone his DesireWorker skin in such a way that the coat no longer follows his legs when he runs, but instead is permanently dragged behind him. No clipping with the legs as he runs from what I've tested.
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

The time has come for humans to know the meaning of true strength. Let Flemma, the newest SoulWorker mod, become your teacher!


Hailing from Stair Oroboroi, the planet inhabited by the alien warmongering race known as Vessi, Flemma is the leader of the Rapid Flame faction. He is one of the most powerful of his kind and among the most dangerous enemies mankind has ever known.

As creatures of Desire energy constitution, brought into being by Kent, the god of Desire and creator of the Vacuum, the Vessi's existence is defined by a lifelong dedication to a particular virtue, with complete disregard to all that is irrelevant to it and utter hatred towards that which the virtue opposes. The virtue of strength is one idolized and worshipped by the faction of Vessi known as the Rapid Flame.

Intelligence, power, speed, cunning, tenacity, endurance, strategy, experience, charisma - all forms of one's dominance over another are acknowledged as strength, and when proven superior in combat, are respected and bowed down to. Weakness is perceived as nothing less than evil itself and purged accordingly by those who live by the Rapid Flame's survival of the fittest philosophy. And amidst all the ruthless, competition-seeking warriors of this group stands one undisputed champion, a perfect specimen of nigh-divine strength that none would even dream of contesting and whose every word is law - Flemma.

Begrudgingly referred to as the King of Barbarians by humanity, with which the Rapid Flame has been at war for a long time, Flemma earned a reputation of infamy through his crushing victories against them, not the least of which is the annihilation of 15 of the Starry Forest League's at the time most powerful SoulWorkers, individuals perceived by the world as saviors.

But the pedestal, though accomodating, is home to none, not even to one such as him. One day, Kent approached the Rapid Flame, intent on taking the role of leader from Flemma. Immediately sensing the difference in strength between him and his creator, but refusing to accept him as someone to follow, before a duel for leadership could be held, he gave his most trusted confidants his horn, representing a significant portion of his power, then instructed them to defect from the faction in the hopes of one day dethroning Kent.

Following that desperate plan, as well as a landslide defeat at the hands of he who gave him and his people life, Flemma shrunk from his former glory to the status of a mere powerful asset of war, fighting battles in Kent's name under the pretense of loyalty and respect, all the while seeking any opportunity to overthrow him.

Mod showcase + gameplay video link:

WARNING: This mod clashes with Outsider's Kingpin mod, as well as Erik Lehnsherr's Baron Mordo mod. Before installing, make sure these mods are not in your roster, and backup ui/models/mannequin/25101.igb, as well as textures/loading/25101, 25102 and 25103.igb. Neglecting or failing to do so will result in issues.

Download link:

This is one of the two upcoming masterpiece mods which you might know I have been teasing for a while if you've been on Discord, the other one being my Raiden Shogun mod. It's hard to say, whether or not these two will truly end up being my best work to date, but they're definitely the ones that took the most effort so far. I hope you enjoy this mod.

Until next time, have a good one. Corvette, taking off.
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Made a small update to my Flemma mod. For the most part, I just trimmed down his effects to reduce the potential of effects related issues happening in-game. If you would like to access his full, less stable version, V1.0 can be considered that.

All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Here's the mod showcase + gameplay video for my most recent SoulWorker mod, Flemma!
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.