Mystique Mod for XML1 and XML2 (Gamecube)

Started by Gabriel Oliveira, March 25, 2021, 10:37PM

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March 25, 2021, 10:37PM Last Edit: July 14, 2023, 08:56PM by Gabriel Oliveira
Hello, guys! I'm new here, but I always was a big fan of X-Men. I never had experience with modding besides textures, so this is my debut character mod. Since Mystique is my favorite mutant of all time, I decided to try to make this work: Mystique playable on both Gamecube versions of X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse.
Of course, both of them works perfectly with Dolphin, the Gamecube emulator.

Preview Video:



This second link includes:
1 - Mystique character loading screen
2 - Mystique in character menu loading screen
3 - Mystique character head HUD in characters change team menu

Place the textures inside Dolphin user folder > Load > Textures > GXLE52 (create this folder if you don't have it)
Inside Dolphin, go to Graphics configuration, "Advanced" tab and below Utility section check "Load Custom Textures"

Credits to user "Dreadfield" for upscaled Mystique loading screen and Characters loading screen textures

Installation instructions are included. You need the X-Men Legends GameCube game iso file.


1 - To LAGS for guiding me on how to model swap XML1 files. Really, thank you. You were so patient and kind. Without you, this wouldn't be possible for me.

2 - For this amazing community you guys have here. Specially at the discord server. You all really helped me out.

3 - To JAYGLASS for modding in Mystique's HUD texture mod in character select screen.



- Mystique replaces Jubilee
- She's exactly the same NPC model you see in the game and in danger room. She uses her default animations and combat style, the "fightstyle_finesse1"
- She only has one skin/outfit/costume, her default "red leather" that she wears in this game
- All the characters are unlocked to play since the beginning of the game
- It is important to note that Mystique doesn't have a X-Treme, but instead, a grenade throw simple talent

Pistol Fury: Shoots at one direction
Wide Shot: Shoot a wide area
Grenade Throw: Throws a grenade
Healing Factor: Heals over time
Toughness: Increases maximum health
Mutant Mastery: Increases maximum energy
Accuracy: Increases the chance of a critical hit for a ranged attack
Grappling: Improves strike and reflects damage from punches and kicks
Critical Strike:Increases the chance of a critical hit for a melee attack
Knockback: Increases knockback
Point Blank Shot:
Increases damage of ranged attacks within 10 feet
Might: Increases lifting strength, damage of melee attacks, and damage level of melee attacks

This mod is currently kind of incomplete, unfortunately. Stats and talents are different to mod in XML1 so I didn't figure it out how to do them properly yet, meaning that leveling up currently doesn't do any changes at all to Mystique. Any help from modders are highly appreciated!


A important list with issues that aren't fixable (at least I couldn't fix them):

1 - If you open the "Characters" menu in the New York prologue, the game will freeze. Please don't do this. You can still use the X-Tract points to save game and access "Change Team" menu normally, though. This way you can level up Wolverine, Cyclops, and you can even play with any character in New York already!

2 - Mystique's Character Model won't appear on "Change Team" menu, but will appear in "Characters" menu.

3 - You'll find two empty slots on her talents menu. They're clearing saying "empty" or "unused". You'll know when you see them. Don't use these or else you'll be wasting your points. These are unused because they originally belonged to Jubilee and I couldn't delete them from the files cause the game would refuse to load.

4 - Unfortunately, for some reason, her shapeshifting talent refuses to work in the main game. I couldn't figure it out.



Credits to JAYGLASS for making this sound fix!
Mystique was missing some sounds (like jumping sounds, for example) but he did a awesome fix for that!

Installation instructions are included on both files. You need the X-Men Legends II GameCube game iso file.

This mod was originally made by MATT710 for PC and ported by JAYGLASS to GameCube by my request. I only did some tweaks.


1 - Thanks to MATT710 for the original mod (one skeleton version).

2 - To LAGS for helping me with modding XML2 for GameCube.

3 - To LAGS for XML2 Version 2.0 mod for GameCube that's included in this Mystique mod.

4 - For this amazing community you guys have here. Specially at the discord server. You all really helped me out.

5 - To JAYGLASS for porting this mod to GameCube.

6 - This is a list with everyone who worked on her alternate skins:

PS2 Ultimate X-men Costume (made by MATT710)
PS2 Unlimited (made by Norrin Radd)
PS2 Coat (made by MATT710)
PS2 X-Factor (made by Norrin Radd)
PS2 XM:ND basic skin (made by MATT710)
PS2 Ultimate Original (made by shafcrawler)
PS2 Sexy Mystique from XM:ND (made by MATT710)



- Mystique replaces Toad
- She's exactly the same NPC model you see in the game.
- I fixed her fightstyle, she uses her default animations and combat style, the "fightstyle_finesse1" just like in XML1
- This mod also contains "Version 2.0" from LAGS, which was necessary to mod Mystique into the game, because of this version, Sabertooth and Pyro are also playable.

Flip Shot: Shoots at one enemy
Wild Shots: Shoots in circular motion
Grenade Toss: Throws a grenade
Power Drainer: Takes out a experimental weapon to drain enemy energy, power and physique
Grenade Mayhem: Throws several grenades
Rapid Reload: Shoots at one enemy (faster)
XTREME1 TERRORIST BOMBER: Throws multiple bombs that causes huge explosions
XTREME2 RANDOM FORM: Randomly shapeshifts, taking a form of a enemy or ally, copying him or her
Form Claws: Mimics Wolverine's claws to boost her attack and damage
Shapeshift Confusion: Takes the form of a enemy to confuse and weaken enemies, being ignored by them
Regeneration: Heals over time
Enhanced Traits: Enhances ATK, DEF, Movement Speed and Dodge Chance
Artillery Mastery: Adds extra damage to weapons
Enhanced Resistances: Increases all resistances
Leadership: Increases combo XP
Might: Increases lifting strength and destruction level of melee attacks
Mutant Master: Increases EP regeneration rate

A important list with issues that aren't fixable (at least I couldn't fix them):

1 - Grenade smoke effects aren't displayed correctly, instead of smoke there are yellow and pink squares.

2 - Her grenade toss animation is missing. Instead, Mystique does a little run.

3 - Mystique doesn't shapeshifts with her "Random Form" Xtreme. I don't know the reason, though, since MATT710 is the original creator of this mod.

4 - Don't use her Regeneration talent or else she will have infinite health forever. It's bugged. Also I don't know why as I stated above.

5 - Her hud image is missing on character select screen.

6 - This happened to me once with Mystique and even with Magneto. The talents suddenly disappear! To avoid that, finish the prologue (until you reach Act 1: Genosha) without selecting the option to auto equip gear, skills and traits. If some character talents disappear even after that, try reloading your game to see if the issue is fixed.

7 - The game can crash but it's pretty avoidable. Here is everything you need to know for a workaround:
~ Don't use any grenade talent (Grenade Toss, Grenade Mayhem and Terrorist Bomber Xtreme) or you'll have a chance that the game will crash.
~ Don't left gear on the ground or at the stash, since it may cause a memory problem later in the game, making it crash. If you wanna get rid of gear, sell them to Beast or Forge.
~ For reasons unknown, in ACT 3 during "Hall of Knowledge", the game will likely crash when you approach the first mini-cerebro (it's like some sort of tower). It's recommended that you save the game before this part, also a save state if you're using a emulator since it's more practical. So, first of all, don't approach the mini-cerebro on the first moment. Try to read the 4 books around the area first and kill all enemies without approaching the mini-cerebro. Then, you finally get close to it and use powers to destroy it quickly.I hope you enjoy these mods as much as I do!

Also, if you know how to fix some bugs/issues, feel free to try experimenting with that and also let me know!

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