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Started by BLaw, January 20, 2008, 12:16PM

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No problem :D My preference also goes to PS2 skins. Just love the way they look in-game. I have another skin ready for release, but I'll take a short break before I release it.

[Jerry MaGuire] Shut up, BLaw, just shut up.

You had me at "Yo peeps!" [/Jerry MaGuire]

Not being rude or anything, but A: I really don't get what the purpose is of what you're saying :P and B: I still really don't get what the purpose is of what you're saying

Yeah, sorry, in hindsight, that wasn't the clearest nor greatest thing ever.
I've looked through this thread and I haven't seen anything I don't like; it's all clean, well designed, and just plain looks good.

Awesome work, BLaw.

Ah lol:P I disagree on some stuff, but sometimes skinning can be quite annoying when there's a segment on a char's which doesn't need to be skinned :P

Thanks for the comment, and stay tuned for more skins ^^ Will be releasing another Spidey skin soon.

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 :colossus: Colossus - Wolverine and the X-Men :colossus:

This package features a MUA version and a PS2 version, so it's XML2 compatible.

Screenshot MUA Version
Screenshot PS2 version


:spidergirl: Scarlet Spider Skinpack 1  :spidergirl:

Features 4 skins:
- Spider-Man - X-Men
- Spider-Man - Negative Zone
- Spider-Man - Reverse
- And the one and only.. Scarlet Spider - Spider Carnage!!!

All are PS2 skins, so you know what that means... Compatible for XML2 ;). Includes huds!


awesome, especially the x-men one :)
Please search the forum before asking a question. I dont answer
PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
What im currently working on: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=2275.0
My mods are mine to booster/update, I will not give anybody permission to do it

some problems w/ scarlet spidey skins in mua:
i put in x-men and negative skins on spiderman
A) i went in and they were both x-men. i go in again and they are both the negative skin.
B) after i put them in the ultimate green goblin character stopped showing up

Well, these are just skins, not mods. By that I mean that skins are for swapping or the 5th or 6th slot. Did you swap, or add? Adding requires herostat, so perhaps a new game so it all works correctly.

:cyclops: Cyclops - New X-Men  :cyclops:

Includes: Visor Bolton. Use the code below. WARNING: The visor appears on every cyclops model. On some, it does look bad. On the classic or original skins, it looks normal. The visor is meant for the New X-Men skin! Also, it's DXT1, so MUA only for now. I also recommend not to hex-edit the other Cyclops skins' Bip01 Head to Xead or anything else, because then he won't animate properly.
Doesn't include: Hud. Use One of Cyc's mod: they look alike.

QuoteBoltOn {
      bolt = Bip01 Head ;
      model = models/bolton/cyc_visor ;
      slot = ebolton_clawleft ;