B-Law's Skins » Iron Patriot, Sunspot, Deadpool - X, X, Baby!!! Times 2! (76?)

Started by BLaw, January 20, 2008, 12:16PM

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Reuploaded Wolverine - Ultimate (Bishop's Squad) and the Hulkbusters.

 :capamer: Captain America - Modern (PS2) & Capunisher (PS2) :capamer:

This version has black boots if I'm correct. Capunisher has been reuploaded.


Hey Mr.  Law- would you mind reuploading Iron Patriot?  The file was deleted.  Thank you sir!  :-)  Still loving your work!

Hey Blaw, the skin from Spider III movie for Green Globin?! This will be nice!!!!!

Yea it would be nice if you check my mesh magazine for it. I got both Spider-Man movie skins there: normal and black suit (with all the detail the suit has)

Sorry, I'm talk about Green Globin skin (I'm learning english) from movie (Spider3). We already have for Spider-Man... will be nice for Green Globin too.

Yes!!! And this!!! So modern!!!
And don't forget (if you wann'a off course!!!) a green sword... can be a another (different) power!
You can see too, something like claws on the army... this is nice too.

Bizaro, there already is a New Golin skin (two of them in fact).  You can find them in the Alternate Skins thread

Oooooh, nice!!! Thanks!!! we need just the sword now!!!

I dont think there's gonna be a sword, you just add these skins to the green goblin mod (or somthing else) I bet that Blaw doenst make a new power just because one user wants it (am i right am i Blaw? Am i right XD)