BLaw's Mods - Joker, Doctor Octopus, Penance, G. Goblin, Sandman and MORE!

Started by BLaw, October 08, 2008, 04:48AM

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When you see and / or download any of my stuff, you agree to the following terms:

- Do NOT modify any of my mods without permission!
- Do NOT put any of my mods available for download on ANY website or whatsoever!
- Do NOT claim it is YOUR work; Try making one for yourself and see how much time someone spends in making a mod!
- Do NOT sell any of my mods for cash: go find yourself a job if you need money!

:wolverine: Daken » CLICK HERE
:docock: Doctor Octopus » CLICK HERE
:phoenix: Firestar » CLICK HERE
:greengoblin: Green Goblin » CLICK HERE (Updated 4/21/2010)
: :archangel: Penance » CLICK HERE (Uploaded 07/01/2010)
:sandman: Sandman » CLICK HERE
:spidergirl: Scarlet Spider » CLICK HERE (Updated 3-7-2010)

:greengoblin: The Joker » CLICK HERE

Drop it either:
- In my workbench topic: ;
- In my release thread:

:wisdom: Classic
:wisdom: Ultimate
:wisdom: X-Factor
:wisdom: Modern

- 5 attack powers, 2 boosts, 1 X-treme
- 1 unique mesh
- 4 unique huds
- New mannequin
- Loadingscreen by the amazing Shafcrawler

This mod makes use of several boltons made by Iammingy, namely both Desert Eagle boltons and the M4 Carbine. Download it from Iammingy's skin + bolton release thread


Known Bugs:
- Grab may not function properly?
- No sounds.
- Ultimate doesn't have a hud yet.

Changelog v1.1:
- Customized mesh for Classic
- Fixed several powers
- Added loadingscreen by the amazing Shafcrawler

Future updates:
Certified: X-Factor, Ultimate, Shaman
Certified: Unique sounds (Ordo,kotor)
Certified: Renewed powerset
Certified: Effect upgrades
Certified: Change in abilities


:sskrull: Savage
:sskrull: Evolved
:sskrull: Hobgoblin

This mod features:
- 5 attack powers, 2 boosts, 1 X-treme
- 3 skins: all done by me.
- Each skin comes with their own hud.
- Own mannequin. Need to be redone os it's positioned correctly!
- Own loadingscreen

Instructions should be clear enough. Just place everything in the main folder of your game. Open up the text file in the rar for the Herostat entry and give it a menu location and you're done.


Known Bugs:
- Grab: doesn't pick up enemies like he should and unable to drop enemies.
- Possibly: costume passives.
- Mannequin: not positioned correctly.
- Crashes game when used with Scarlet Spider.

Drop it either:
- In my workbench topic: ;
- In my release thread: .

Future updates:
Certified: 1 Mesh as 4th skin; Norman
Certified: Fixed mannequin;
Certified: Temporary soundset
Certified: New Power; Fire Smash (Melee)
- Own comicmission;
- Own sounds;
- 1 New power.

Special Thanks To:
- BliZZ for the old Forge mannequin (which got lost :( ) and the old Scarlet Spider mannequin
- Shafcrawler for the loadingscreens, pure work of art!
- Iammingy for letting me use his boltons;
- Everyone else who helped me with ideas etc.
- You for the support and perhaps downloading and playing the mod!
- Sidewinder for the feedback;
- Dihan and Gevth for giving me pointers with the powers;
- Sasquatch and MidnightCurse for giving me for the Scarlet Spider modideas;
- Thetommyboy2002 and Dark_Mark and Volsung for the pointers in the mesh tutorial.
- The guys who made MUA;
- Spiderfan for help with fixing the powers!
- and a BIG THANKS to Stan Lee!

Very cool BLaw.  I'll have to mess with it this weekend.

Thanks for the comment TC! I'll have ya'll know that I'm working on a simulator mission for Scarlet Spider aswell for Forge.

preety good
(a signature for me in others forums)

Anyone else experience bugs in this?

The move where the enemy is webbed and then thrown around in a circle to push back enemies doesn't work for me (does kind of a jojo thing that doesn't damage properly).

Also there seems to be some overlap between Spidey and scarlet spider. When using both I get errors in the power selection, ...

I think it has something to do with the effects, as they share both. I'll update it later, so scarlet has his own effects.

That's a really nice lookin' mod. Too bad I haven't relocated yet to a permanent house. (I will on Wednesday, and I'm eager to set up the PC and check out all these new mods this week!)

And finally ive been waiting for someone to make on,so one bug big deal why not use Spider-Man's grabsmash

I would think that would be up to the modder.

I think i have an idea about grabsmash. Maybe Spider-Man's grabsmash can.

Quote from: Bardockclaw on October 14, 2008, 09:03PM
And finally ive been waiting for someone to make on,so one bug big deal why not use Spider-Man's grabsmash

That's what he just said, Cosmic.

Any news about the mod and the bugs it has?

I've put everything on hold. I had to format my pc and I'm waiting for both MUA and XML2 to be in my grasp. Which takes weeks when it comes to let's say t**r*n*s. I think I'll buy both in the nearest store some day, when I have the money. So sorry to disappoint everyone.

I DO have all the files which I used to make everything, like IGB's and stuff (basicly copied the XML2 and MUA folders to my Ext. HD), but the games do not work without a reg key for me :(

Great news.. I'm getting MUA back again on my PC.. So I'll be able to fix the Scarlet mod and able to work on the Forge mod again.

Mod updated! Check first post to see what's up! Hint: It's Cosmic!