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Started by mathw12, August 28, 2009, 03:36PM

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hello, first attempt at skinning, and they're quite very messy so i might redo/update a few of them, and might include huds and packages. but i'm really lazy, and i have festivals to go to and starting college soon. so could be a while.

download link:

and if any of the skin numbers conflict with anyone else's, i'll gladly change.
0715  - rogue male
0716  - rogue cape
0717  - rogue x men forever
1111  - suit professor
1115  - evil professor exiles
2020  - shadowcat evolution
2424  - scarlet warlock
2405  - scarlet witch aoa
2440  - scarlet evolution
2812  - mystique movie
9011  - emma frost hellfire club
10102 - selene catsuit
10103 - selene swimming costume?
10105 - selene wolverine and the x men
10406 - quicksilver female
10602 - lady deathstrike next dimension.

I love the the Rogue cape one. Is that another aoa or blinded by the light.

They look good :)
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Wow dude, you've just fulfilled like half of my "Skins I really want" list.  A suggestion though, you may want to lay them out in a way where you have a label over which picture of what it is.  Otherwise, its a bit difficult to see what each costume is.  But great job!

well done.  i want to do skins like this.
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These are excellent. Great job! :D I'd just agree with ragincajun that perhaps the lay out might be a bit clearer
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They are fantastic!

ill try some of these soon when im done tweaking the median xl mod for diablo LOD!!!! its tough as hell!!! :D
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"Messy?"  On the contrary, they look terrific!  Let me know if you ever decide to take skin requests.
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Quote from: D.Smili on October 29, 2009, 11:02AM
New skins take a lot of time and requires me and Andy to be on at the same time and we basically have to remake like 50 images.  If we are ever on at the same time with nothing to do Ill try to get a new ones up.
Umm... Ok?

Amazing skins by the way. I especially like the male Rogue (Well, not the character, but the skin).
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