My custom skins,etc: Warpath, Cyclops, Crossbones, Punisher, Magneto, Batman

Started by iammingy, May 11, 2007, 02:18PM

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Yeah... I love Hawkeye... and I don't know how fix this.... I'm not a modder.

maybe once nodoubt jr releases the updated hawkeye mod, i could try and "convert" it to mua so that theres a mau version with boltons so that any skin will work on it.

How can I put the cosmic carnage skin into silver surfer? When I try to play with it the game fails.
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Quote from: Bizarro on June 11, 2010, 10:20AM
When I put a new skin in Hawkeye, he don't have the bow. How can I fix this? Because yours skins are amazing!

There is no way to fix this.  These Hawkeye skins are reskins of Wolverine and Blade, and were made for custom Hawkeye mods.  You cannot fix it.

 :ifist:      PLS iammingy, pls re-up the   Iron Fist :ifist: - Red, Breathless, and Immortal (MUA only) [previews] - slight modifications of thetommyboy2002's Iron Fist skin   pls pls pls!!!!! the link do not function :ifist:

 :ghostr: hello friend, my question is:
there would be a way for you to conciliate an herostat
that allowed play with Daniel Ketch created
by you with the effects of fire
and the bike created by super saya?
is having some kind of conflict,
where you can not to use both.  :ghostr:

Please, Re-up the Iron Fist skins....the link is is such a nice work with is a MUST HAVE : )

After all these years... my thread is still on the first page. This is encouraging... LOL

Warpath X-Force skins (black-grey and red-blue costumes)  :warpath:

Preview of the black-grey costume:

EDIT: These skins used a PS2 model. So, feel free to do a mod for XML2. :P

Welcome back ^-^ hopefully there's more skinning genius left where that came from?

Epic and I love how is a ps2 skin. Iammingy I hope you have more work up your sleeves, seriously yours are some of the best from this site.

Welcome back and skin is great

I might just be a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one heck of a deep pothole!

Wow, that's a great way to announce a comeback. Great work Warpath looks straight outta the comics. Looks like Warpath is gonna borrow your KA-BAR Knives. Thanks again :warpath: