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Started by Trini_Bwoi, July 03, 2010, 03:21PM

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I noticed my favourite character :deadpool:'s moves were missing some properties, and I was looking for a patch or something on the net but couldn't find any.
But you guys have a lot of helpful tutorials and stuff to help modding nubs like me so I fixed  :deadpool: up and figured to post it here.


I fixed the knockdown of his Dual Shot, the stun of his Teleport Flurry, and the explosiveness of his Grenade Toss (Stuff that should happen as per the description)!


Version 2!  :deadpool:

All these changes were made to Deadpool's original powerstyle, which contained a lot of lazy mistakes.


Assassin Strike - Now hits 3 times, and it's pretty powerful. Apparently it was supposed to hit 3 times, but didn't because the last 2 attacks were both "index=2".

Dual Shot:
  • Doesn't rob energy anymore. Drawing the guns used to take energy, so the first shot used to consume double energy.
  • Knockdown now registers. The knockdown never registered before, because the word "auto" was missing from "dmgmod_auto_knockback".
  • Way knockdown activates is changed. It used to use "type = ce_atk_self" but that had problems. The knockdown wouldn't activate unless the enemy was attacking you. So, if you actually got the small chance for it, but the target was just standing there or walking, he wouldn't have been knocked down. It really doesn't matter but it's nice to have a move work how it's supposed to. The method I used didn't seem like the best so if anyone has any better suggestions, I'm all ears!
  • Both bullets per use now do separate damage. Hey, it's what's promised, "(Damage) per bullet".
  • Both bullets have the chance of knockdown.

Teleport Flurry - The stun has been corrected. "victimeventtag = 101" was missing from the trigger...Rookie mistake...

Blade Cyclone - Doesn't rob energy anymore. It's an energy per second move so I don't really see why it had to take energy to activate, plus use energy per second as well.

Grenade Toss - Damage corrected. If the grenade actually targeted an enemy, it wouldn't do damage.


Anyhow, there it is. I think I've fixed everything wrong with :deadpool: now.

thats useful. thanks for posting this :)
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only a question. why deadpool holds all the time the sword and the guns in his hands? it's kinda weird.. how I fix that?
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Trini_Bwoi, thanks for correcting the problems with Deadpool.  I wasn't even aware there were so many errors with the character.
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was so glad for this booster when i saw it, now i'm enjoying using deadpool even more now

The link is not working anymore, would you be so kind to upload this again? Thanks in advance