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Started by Gevth, July 28, 2010, 08:09AM

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no need to overthink it. just copy and paste the flying entry and replace the effect entry.
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Quick out-of-nowhere release:
Nick Fury's Nanite Booster by Gevth, v0.7

Includes 2 new powers + 1 new boost that makes Nick Fury play as his MUA2 counterpart

Download link:

State: playable

-some new icons
-fix for Furious Combustion: when the enemy explodes, the players receive damage too
-Balance issues perhaps? Might be too powerful...

Special thanks to:
BLaw for the MUA2 Nanite Fury model
iammingy for the Desert Eagles boltons
Whoever made the left handed SMG bolton, I'll update the readme once I remember their name
n-Space for the original MUA2 Nanite Fury
Files donors
Everyone else who helped and/or is going to help with this mod

Additional notes: anyone who wants to keep working on this mod is welcomed to do so, with no need to explicitally ask for permission to me, as long as proper credit is given, especially to the people mentioned above^

Awesome, Nick Fury from Mua2 was pretty BA

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New Booster: DOCTOR DOOM!

Download here:

2 new powers - Army of Doom and Power Drainer
Packages for 5th and 6th skins
2 skins and huds by Marquis: 2099 and House of M
Small modifications to some of Doom's powers in keeping with official Doom's theme of having hidden effects in each power.
New herostat that includes both skins, but it's not really necessary!!!
Txt list with a description of all secret effects!

Thanks to Marquis for his skins, huds and icons!
Special thanks to original DLC programmers, file donors and the OCMod team!

Note: Army of Doom works best if Doom's at the top of the herostat, or if he is the first selected character in heroselect. It will still work otherwise, but the Doombots might make an awkward pose depending on who is the top herostat character.

Great job! Cant wait to test it out!

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Muchas gracias amigo :)
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seems gevthalicious ^^
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Dooms army should defnitly be in more mods, it looks amazing! Thanks Gevth Your the best!
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Newest Release : Raven

New Booster: Penance Atonement

Penance booster by Gevth
Original Penance Mod by BLaw, based on N-Space MUA2 Penance

Download link:

-New Passive - Atonement: Penance gets stronger the less health he has.
-New Costume Bonuses, that reflect better the theme of Penance receiving damage to get stronger.
-Modifications for 2 powers:
   Berserker Headbutt: Added high critical chance, but Penance recieves damage.
   Self Torment: Each attack Penance does hurts him.
-Other minor talent and powerstyle fixes.

Special thanks to BLaw and Nowhere Man.

Very nice! I love how it makes Penance's powers more like in the comics. It makes him feel unique and stand out amongst the other characters.