Ghost Rider 90s & Rogue-Ski 90s skins+ requested mannequins

Started by nuhverah, December 24, 2010, 01:20AM

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Character Sounds



Download my custom 90s TAS character sounds for Storm, JeanGrey, Rogue & Dark Phoenix! Details inside.

NOTE: It may sound over-dramatic & noisy at times, so feel free to add/edit/delete them to your personal liking. Also the power sounds might sound different than the videos, depending on what boosters that you use. For Jean's I used nnshinnosuke's, for Rogue's I used Nowhere Man's, for Dark Phoenix's I used Matt's &  for Storm I used a mixture of Jeanfan321's & felipearaujomelo's. If you have problems let me know, I'll try to help you whenever I can..enjoy!<3

New custom characters sound pack! 16 June 2011~

Invisible Woman v. Jessica Alba plus Storm & Phoenix from MVC3. Details inside.

Newest TAS character sound pack (GAMBIT) 5 July 2011~
This custom sounds complements Marvelfan's Gambit booster :) Credits to KnightKilla for the card sounds.

Quote from: nuhverah on January 25, 2011, 08:34AM
Updated the first post with newest skins
Ultimate Dazzler & Mystique~

Both look fantastic!

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Ultimate Dazzler is so awesome looking, awesome job
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AAAAAH!!! love love! it was my dream this skin for Mystique!! thanks!

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Custom Stages

Hell's Mandala & Lightly Emerald City


Special thanks to Blaw for the tutorial, as well as to Deedoo & Whiteking for letting me to use some of their skins as part of my dolls collection :)

Mannequin Pack I
young Erik
Young Charles
Emma Arcade
Gambit 90s
Havok X-Factor
Reddish Moonstone
Short-Haired Polaris
classic British Psylocke
Exotic Scarlet Witch
Songbird Tron
Sue Glimmering Sea
Matured Jubilee

Requested Mannequin Pack I

Whiteking's Mannequins

your work is getting on so higher quality :) love it

Thank you Rain:)
Updated the first post with Zombies skins,Classic Phoenixies & Alt Short-haired Jean.
Have Fun ~

oh my god creepy zombie skins for the epic win :D
the new jean skins are pretty wonderful too ^^

Everything looks awesome, great job :)
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Amazing skins! All of them. The zombie ones are terrifying and thanks for the idea of using them! I'll certainly try that.

Omg, you just made my day! When I play this weekend or whenever, I will add the Zombie skins and the new Phoenix skins, I am so happy there are finally Zombie skins!

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