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Started by Noelemahc, December 23, 2006, 05:24AM

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DC Universe coming through! BIG Thank you to everyone how keeps posting DC skins and Mods I can't help but eat um up. If you know anything about Hex editing or Mannequins please check out my question I have posted in the Modding section.,9703.0.html

Hulk Vs Thanos

Here's my 'Make Mine Marvel' roster: all of the most prominent main Marvel Avengers, Street Heroes and Fantastic Four which are not already present as NPCs (Fury, Widow, Pym, Vision, Banner). The X-Men have their own game, but are still somewhat represented by Wolverine and Beast, who have both been Avengers as well.
After AdrianoAP created the classic Mr. Fantastic mannequin I now really like all of these mannequins, and I have taken care that everyone lines up well: no-one is obscured from view and no models phase through one another.

Cage is maybe a bit big, but he's like that in the game and he's often drawn on the large side so I don't mind it. Thing towers over everyone but he's standing on a ledge in the back.
Note that Wasp is in there too - you'd almost miss her!

A couple of models are in T-pose as they weren't specifically tailored to a mannequin pose: Scarlet Witch (there's a mannequin in her classic costume, but I preferred this skin and the T-pose actually works well with it!) and She-Hulk (mannequin was in her Fantastic Four costume, I preferred this classic look. It's alright, and you might think that she's breaking the fourth wall a bit & mocking Scarlet Witch while she's at it). I think Black Knight is also in T-pose, but it looks good on him too.

Hello Friend.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the mannequin of Mr. Fantasico, your set game is very good ... I have already ready Mannequins of Scarlet Witch just need to post what I will do soon that will have many news still keep an eye;)
Every day that passes I see that there is still much content in this forum that I did not have access kkk

Avengers Through the Years.  :capamer:  :stark:  :thor:  :hulk_icon:

Following up from my picture upthread & my post in the 'dream rosters' thread.
So, you guys convinced me to exchange Beast with Falcon in my 'perfect roster', and this is what happens... a complete re-mix of my selection screen! A mighty line-up of all the main Avengers, Street Heroes and the Fantastic Four.
I made sure that no mannequins cut/phase through each other and everyone is visible.
(and let me say I spent far, FAR too much time on this...)

As compared to the previous picture, I also got some different mannequins in, such as AdrianoAP's classic Wolverine.

A few characters have their mannequin in T-pose. For Black Knight, it's because there's no actual mannequin available; for She-Hulk, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Iron Fist and the Thing, I didn't think existing mannequins fit in so well, or I wanted a different skin than was available. I don't think the T-poses look too odd on any of the characters.
Further explanation of the choices I made there: She-Hulk's running mannequin and Falcon's flying mannequin look pretty great, but I find it odd to see a mannequin standing still in such an active pose. several nice models have recently been made for Scarlet Witch, but I like the smoothness of this skin and I actually think this T-pose suits her pretty well.
I've always disliked the original mannequin for the Thing (it's gigantic and the face looks more human than it's usually drawn), so I was happy to find out that Blaw's skins are accepted as mannequins.

I might still reshuffle this a little bit if I could get Torch in the space where Doc Strange is now (as the latter is somewhat hidden in the shadows, Johnny would be better 'lit'), but to do that I would need to know which position to shift the fire effect to (I wouldn't know).

Anyone know where I find these Fantastic Four Movie Skins?