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Started by BLaw, April 26, 2012, 04:47AM

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Oooohhh, man! Now I will cry with emotion. These skins for Iron Man are excellent. Thank you very much indeed!

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:storm: Storm - 90s :storm:

Note: females are harder to rig. Sorry if some parts seem "different" when playing (example: butt sticking out during Storm's flying animation, smaller butt in character menu etc). I am sure that this is animation related. These female models have been tested with multiple female characters, and in all they animate fine except for certain poses.

90s StormX-Men

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MUA Only

NPC Replaceables

These come with their own hexedited huds.

Note #1: the JARVIS drone will replace Jarvis the butler.
Note #2: the Doom Bot skin will replace the Iron Man Doom Bot found in Stark Tower, Act (4 or 5?). Animated Mannequin included.

MUA Mannequins
Rename these to 1501.igb and put it in your MUA Folder/ui/models/mannequins folder.

Nightclub looks awesome!

And finally, Storm's cape has flewn its way into marvel ultimate alliance

Awesome realeses!
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Quote from: B.L.A.W on January 03, 2014, 11:51PM

Aaaaand here's a great example of the extremely proportioned figures that comic heroines have. She looks great, but geez!

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MUA Only Skins

MUA Only Mannequins

Old Post:

Black Queen

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:kittyp: Everything Squirrel Girl :kittyp:

MUA Only Skins

Squirrel Girl - AviatorSquirrel Girl - X-MasSquirrel Girl - X-Men

awesome! Can I add these to my mod? or will you nut allow that?
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I will. You can go nuts with the skins. By the way, you've misspelled "Release" in your sig :P. Thought I'd let you know in case you did nut know that.

My english is getting worse by the minute, thanks for nutifying me
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:hulk_icon: Hulk - The Avengers :hulk_icon:

I managed to snag 2 more textures from the MH game for Avengers (Ruffalo) Hulk, which makes him more realistic looking after some editing. I am not sure anymore if I've released the old one or not, I can't find anything in the main page so I'm making this a new release post.

EDIT: Ah yes, released with Halloween but never updated my first post :P Anyway I'll release them separately and see if I can fix something here or there.

Click on the picture to download it, if you like and have the old version, then don't. The picture shows a before (left) and after (right).