The Lionsden (Colossus & Magma Skinpacks, Sunspot MOD, NEW YEAR = NEW MUTANTS!!)

Started by Lionsden99, January 08, 2013, 10:26PM

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Great job man! Freaking awesome! do I download Classic Thunderbird Skin?

Ok so I decided to release the Thunderbird and Warpath Skins early as a 2 pack since neither skin has much to do with the Exiles.

Here you go! Apache Brothers: Download Here:

On to Day 6:

Remember how Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch were all Flirting with each other non-stop in Wolverine and the X-Men? Well apparently Exiles called that relationship years before! Wanda and Kurt gave birth to Talia who has the appearance and agility of her father with a mystic ability to Posses someones body.  She also can channel a bit of energy from the dimension her Father teleports through and release bursts of energy she calls Hex bolts. She also has a retractable tail (Which is demonstrated in pics lol)....where that tails goes....I don't even want to think about it!

So I knew Talia was going to be hard, I even debated not doing her.  As for the taking a chance on these skins I I kinda gender swapped the Nightcrawler Model. I think they came out surprisingly passable.  Nightrawler has such a lithe body and combined with his smaller size setting I think it looks pretty good.  If some people can only see it as Nightcrawler in Drag I won't be offended though so don't worry about it lol.

Modified Gladiator Breastplate armor:

Original X-Men attire

I shouldn't point it out but for some reason only on the original the biceps are noticeably manly.  Apparently Talia's trying to catch up to her BF's strength levels lol.

UP NEXT: FINAL Day 7: Moooorrrrrppphh! I apologize for his actions in advance.....:)

Then Release time!

They did. And this Talia is the exact one that came from that reality.

"Stand Up for what is right, even if you stand alone."

Really? I had no idea?  Well guess Cyclops being extra mopey with Jean's loss to go brotherhood actually makes a lot of sense then.  Heck Rogue already left the team once as well which also fits. Also makes sense with Scott and Xavier out of the Picture Nightcrawler and Wolverine would take up the official mantle (in that reality at least)  So apparently at the end of Wolverine and the X-Men the Phoenix is going to inhabit the lifeless body of Colossus?

A skin I plan on doing at some point in the future.

Excellent job on Thunderbird and Warpath!  Thanks for releasing them early.  :D
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Awesome Nocturne skins!

MY SKINS                                                                                               MY MODS

OK Day 7! It's Morphin time! .....ah...sorry.... :morph: Not sure how many people will use any of these joke skins but I had fun making them, and hopefully that's what matters!

First off have to give a link to some work someone is putting together to make Exiles Morph playable in Mugen.  Every move he morphs into someone else and his intro has him flying on screen as Captain Planet saying "The power is ....oh wait that's a different cartton!"  Check it out! Here's just some of the great ideas they've already made can't wait to see the finished product!

First non-joke skin is an Alternate Pallet I really like from the Mugen game.  It reminds me of a combination of both of Invincible's main costumes.

Next Up Morph-i-ator! Imperial Guard meets Exiles imposters! Throw in A world nuritioning Galactus and a World Destroying Silver Surfer.

If Morph is going to Imitate a imitation he may as well go for the real thing! Super-Morph! (well minus the Mohawk) 

Not my favorite skin but oh well! Morektra!

And to end Exiles Week the Skin I'm sure everyone is dying to use! MorphBlobette in a Thong!

Well that does it true believers, thanks for everyone's comments and any interest I was able to drum up for the skins or the Exiles books themselves.! I'll be releasing the backlog of 20 something skins either later today or tomorrow! Hope y'all enjoy!

Another great batch of skins -- MorphBlobette is priceless!!
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Awesome new Morph skins! Morph Blobette is hilarious!!

MY SKINS                                                                                               MY MODS

Even when skinned Morph is still out to have some fun lol.

Nice work, this skin package looks nice. Can't wait to see the full release. Oh and this should mean we are getting closer to you know who  :sunspot:
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Ok here's the pack finally!  Thanks Everyone for waiting!

Indeedy: Sunspot is up Next! And if I'm able to take off my skinning hat well and put on my modding hat well I'll try converting Nodoubtjr.s Magik.  I'd say it's time to get back into it again!

The Exiles are here!  I'm downloading them now.  Thank you!
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These are some of the most original and creative skins I have seen around here! Don't leave skinning! And stick to PS2 models for the sake of XML2 players...

Waw i didn't see these before! i wanted to compliment you on these! :) they're all great! especially talia who look exactly like the picture!
And i think you reproduced well Mimic expression very well
@MorphBlobett is sooooo hillarious!!
Downloading now MOuahaha!!!!! xD I love it sooo much!!!

So finally after 9 months after having started this mod...... the time has come to release Sunspot!  He would have been here 2 months sooner but my computer got a virus and I had to set it back to factory settings.  I had already backed up all my work luckily however it was just a matter of getting everything in order and relearning some of what I had forgotten which I think I've done at this point.  He's running perfectly for me but if i've messed something up with the files please let me know and I will try to address it in a timely matter!

Without further adieu
Nodoubtjr.'s Converted Sunspot for MUA,. 

Crushing Backhand: Increased Melee punch with Knockback
Glowing Aura: Generates a solar aura around his body which absorbs an amount of damage instead of sunspot taking it.
Dark Solar Plasma Blast: Energy damage solar blast.
Thermokinesis: Uses ability to project heat in front of him that combust enemies and objects.
Dark Plasma Arc: Rapidly fires plasma blasts in an arc as long as the button is held.
Thundering Charge: Charge and Knockback against objects and enemies.
Blazing Fists: Adds fire damage to melee attacks for self and allies.
Solar Flare: X-treme radial attack dealing fire damage.

Download here!
Photos/workbench of Sunspot here:,8553.msg156078.html#msg156078
Preview video here:

Nodoubtjr. For his amazing MOD of really a great character and giving me permission to sink my teeth into understanding modding. D
Harpua1982: Fantastic Manaquin and Icons (also helped me tremendously in figuring this stuff out!
Dihan: His conversions of Blink and Marrow were a huge help in deconstructing the steps necessary to convert a character.
Shafcrawler: Stunning Loadscreen
Overlord: awesome New Mutants, Ultimate and X-Force skins
iammingy: awesome AOA skin
Deedoo: Marvelous Modern Skin! And Excellent eclipse skin!
Some code and the effects taken for "Glowing Aura" from Dihan's MUA Hellion mod
Lionsden99: Converting/balancing, packages, powerstyle, fightstyle, herostat, etc, New Animations and HUDs, Passives for costumes.

I think I've covered evething!  Thank you everyone for waiting so patiently and for all the help I received so many months ago.  I can't wait to have enough time to dig into Illyana.