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Started by Outsider, March 25, 2013, 04:49PM

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March 25, 2013, 04:49PM Last Edit: December 11, 2023, 10:12AM by Outsider
What up, boys and girls - The Outsider here. Most veterans already know about this, so this is for any newcomers or those who have ran into this problem. There are obviously some great mods here that you'll want to download and add to your MUA experience, but every now and then, you'll find that one of the mods has the same assigned number as another...

What do I mean? First, let's discuss assigned numbers. Check the "herostat.engb" file (located in the data folder). Decomplie then edit it using XLMBCUI (look elsewhere in "Modding Tools" to find it. Very useful!) Notice that in every character, you see this:
  characteranims = ???_(hero name) ;

The "???" is actually the character's assigned number. Let's take :vision: Vision for example. In his case, it'll look like this:
   characteranims = 144_visionp ; You'll also see that number at skin = 14401 ;

Every character has a number. An easy way to find out the numbers is to look in your actors folder. You'll see the numbers for each default character (including villain/boss and minion characters) in the game. Be mindful of this when you want to add any new mods.

Ok, so now let's go into new mods. Whenever you download a new character mod, they too will have an assigned number. You'll see this in their herostat file, which you'll find as soon as you open the rar/compressed folder, or in its' data folder. Mind you, it is very important that if you see a "READ ME" file in that new mod, read that first. It usually tells who did the work on the mod, and the warning to back up all your original files, as some mods overwrite certain files, and they are not responsible if something goes wrong. Don't go crying to them if you didn't heed those warnings. It's good to read, folks.

Anyway, usually you just take all the files and mix them to your MUA folder, but one mod may have the same number as another. For example, let's say you downloaded the :vision: Vision mod by idrinkdrpepper, and the Crystal mod by Supernatural-Witch. If you look at both their herostat files, you'll see they have the same number, which is #144. That means that the two mods will clash at certain areas like actors (skins), huds, mannequins, and loadscreens.

So, how can you play as both if they have the same number? You can, but they will clash at certain areas. One area they will definitely clash at is the mannequin. Therefore, you have to change the number for one of them. In the case of Vision and Crystal, I chose to change Crystal's, since in the actors folder, you can see that Vision is already assigned #144. (In child terms, he was there first!) So pick a number that is currently not taken, and change the following files to the new number:
actors -
???_(hero name).igb,
???_(hero name)_4_combat.igb,
?????.igb (skin/costume files - usually 4 or 5-digit igb files),
other files that are associated with it, but not NPC files.
data -
herostat.engb (REQUIRES XMLBCUI or Quick Batch - save for last.)
hud -
hud_head_?????.igb (same number as the skin files)
packages -
generated -
characters -

(hero name)_?????.pkgb,
(hero name)_?????_nc.pkgb (both uses same # as skin files) (REQUIRES XMLBCUI or Quick Batch)
textures -
loading -

?????.igb (same # as skin files)
ui -
models -
mannequin -

????1.igb (same # as skin files, but always ends with 1.)

In Crystal's case, her NPC already has a number - #64. It is best to check the number first and make all number changes before adding the new mod to your MUA folder.  This is extremely important because some character mods share the same number as NPCs (non-playable characters). For example, if you download a :warmachine: War Machine mod, you'll see he uses the same number as NPC :galactus: Galactus, which is #18. Be sure not to think 1801 is War Machine. It isn't! If you change that file's number, it will mess up your game. You'll know where the character's skins start by looking at their herostat file. Here's War Machine's:
   skin = 1802 ;
   skin_01_name = Classic ;
   skin_02 = 03 ;
   skin_02_name = Movie ;
   skin_03 = 04 ;
   skin_03_name = Modular ;
   skin_04 = 05 ;
   skin_04_name = Ultimate ;

Notice that 1801 is not listed? That's because 1801 is the skin of :galactus: Galactus. So :warmachine: War Machine's skins start from 1802. The same is true in the loading folder. 1801 is Galactus, and he has a loading screen, so War Machine's has to start at 1802. However, War Machine can have 1801 in the mannequins folder, because Galactus is not playable and won't need a mannequin. You see? (Mannequin files must end with "1" for it to work.) The new character's herostat file tells you the information you need to know, so look closely. You'll have to add it to herostat.engb (using XMLBCUI or heroselect) and change the menulocation number anyway if you wish to play as him/her.

I have fixed a lot of mods that clash with others. Use The Outsider's Fix, as it is official with the CCC. It will help you to change the numbers of some of your mods:
I also recommend creating a list or spreadsheet of your own - of the default characters/NPCs, and any mods you add, so you can keep track. Hopefully, I've explained this whole thing so there is no confusion. Good luck.

EDIT: Three new findings I forgot to add to this:
-BLaw has created a new and better-looking CCC. It's in the "Modder's Workbench" section, then the "Modding" mini-section. Refer to that list for up-to-date assigned numbers.
-I make loading screens on the regular at my Creation Station (Located at the "Mod Releases & Conversions" section, then the "Misc. Modifications" mini-section.) My findings have shown that when a mod shares the same assigned number as an in-game boss, anytime you're playing as him/her, you will randomly see that boss' loading screen. Example - if you play as War Machine, you will at times see Galactus' loading screen. Evidently, LCs don't go by skins - as long as it's within the same assigned number, it will randomly show. I've tested this on many occasions to confirm this. Be mindful of this.
-Remember, you can have more than one mod assigned to the same assigned number, as I've done with the Mastermind sisters. Just be mindful that if you do, they will share the same loading screens and mannequins.

Great tutorial about a topic that hasn't been approached so completely.  You've got alot of helpful information here.  Thanks for writing these instructions.
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This was a very good idea to right up.

I've renumbered a bunch of the mods, and so far only ran into problems with one of them. But for the most part this was a FAQ we really did need for newbies.
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:) it is kinda simple.

Oh BTW, for the character packages, try also Hex Editor. Same way to edit Colossus' outfit packages if the XMLBCUI can't compile Colossus' packages
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