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Started by Outsider, April 06, 2013, 10:43AM

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Quote from: Disgaeafan1 on November 11, 2013, 01:16AM
I'm having a bit of trouble with Lady Mastermind. Although the mod works great, and is AMAZING, for some reason my HUDS arent showing up. Any idea why that might be? I'm new at this whole MUA modding stuff, so I mess up.. ALOT. Also, while I'm at it, any idea why my Selene (complete with your boosters) doesn't work correctly? I installed Goblin Queen before her (they share a number) and I'm guessing thats why it is. My Selene has no voice, and her graphical effects are odd. Thanks!

I'm not sure on Lady Mastermind - whose HUDs aren't working? Regan by herself, Marti by herself, or the united one? I don't have an immediate answer, but I'll look into it. As for Selene, yes Goblin Queen having the same number will pose minor problems - usually with skins, mannequins, loading screens, etc. I have a solution for that - download "Outsider's Fix 1.5." It will feature a number change for Goblin Queen so that she no longer shares the same number as Selene. It may fix the problem. If the problem persists, let me know.

Quote from: nightcrawler-x- on November 11, 2013, 02:02PM
thanks for the mod SPAWN. I waited a long time until someone else does.
Quote from: nightcrawler-x- on November 11, 2013, 02:03PM
thanks for the mod MR. SINISTER.

No problem. I like creating dark characters. More to come. Visit my lab (link below) for news on current and future projects, including secret characters.

Thanks a million for the quick reply! The HUD issue is for the united version of the sisters.

EDIT- I don't know if its related to the issues, but Selene isn't showing up in my herostat.engb. When I decompile it, she isn't there, although I added her in herostat.cfg. When I do attempt to add her, saving and recompiling, it doesn't work. If I decompile to check, she's gone again.

Here I can offer ideas for future works)
You can make a Phantom 2040, Wild C.A.T.s, Sub Zero, Tick, Street Sharks...
Sorry for himself skins I could not..

Question about the Loki booster

I saw in his ps that the staff was supposed to show up at attack_light2 aswell, but for some reason, it doesn't, anyone know why?
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Quote from: Polygone on November 16, 2013, 09:51AM
Question about the Loki booster

I saw in his ps that the staff was supposed to show up at attack_light2 aswell, but for some reason, it doesn't, anyone know why?

I looked into that. It seems that when you perform the blitz (attack 3 times), the staff does indeed appear at attack_light2 -- which is the second attack. However, if you only press attack twice, it doesn't appear. Strange...

November 21, 2013, 05:27PM #171 Last Edit: October 29, 2023, 09:48PM by Outsider

This is my mod of Joshua Foley, the unique mutant known as Elixir. It was originally a booster for Dihan's mod that allows you as Elixir to switch between his gold and black skins (and respective powers) at any time, and gets rid of his rage system. But now it's a full mod. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Now a full mod!

-6 powers, 4 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-Abilities of Healing Factor and Black & Gold (Can switch between his gold and black skins at any time, thus having quick access to both skills.)
-4 hex-edited skins, 4 HUDs, icons, loading screen, mannequin, and sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #232.

Panacea: Restores the health of nearby teammates and himself.
Sapping Strike: Punches the enemy with fists infused with necrotic energy.
Endorphin Crush: Causes an overdose of endorphins to be released in enemy minds causing them to switch sides.
Adrenal Terror: Releases adrenaline into the minds of his cowardly enemies causing them to retreat.
Rejuvenating Aura: Grants himself and his allies an increased healing factor.
Vampiric Grasp: Touches his enemy and syphons of their vitality, healing his own wounds.
(Boost) Empowering Stance: Makes his and his allies' skills more powerful.
(Boost) Inhibiting Stance: Supresses the special abilities of his enemies and decreases their damage output.
(Boost) Heightened Vigour: Boosts his health, speed, and strike.
(Boost) Contagious Pestilence: Releases an airborne plague around himself, dealing damage to all enemies over time.
(Xtreme) Lustrous Purge: Utilizes both aspects of his power, taking away the lives of each enemy, then emits a healing aura on all teammates.

Outsider - Mod recreation & coding, skin switch, loading screen
Dihan - Stuff from original Elixir mod
Shafcrawler - Skins
BLaw - Mannequin

None so far.


Nice. The one thing I didn't like about him was that you couldn't access his healing powers whenever you wanted. I probably gonna have to get this.

December 14, 2013, 06:34PM #175 Last Edit: October 10, 2020, 08:46PM by Outsider

Guardian, Shaman, Sasquatch, and Northstar of Alpha Flight have been created, but where are the ladies? Well, here's one of them: Aurora, the twin sister of Northstar. She admittedly is almost an exact replica of Northstar as they have the exact same powers. I altered a few of her powers and rearranged her passives so that she isn't a 100% copy. Needless to say, now Alpha Flight is growing with Jeanne-Marie Beaubier's appearance to MUA. Check her out.

UPDATE: Balanced out powers for her and Northstar. Reduced range of Xtreme. Did multiple changes.

-6 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme. Abilities of Flight and Healing Factor, and moves faster.
-2 hex-edited skin, 4 HUDs, loading screen, sound file & mannequin.
-Uses Northstar's icons and effects.
-Uses assigned number #201.

1. Light Beam: A beam of bright white light. Same as Northstar. Upgrades grab smash.
2. Energized Uppercut: An uppercut powered with light energy. Same as Northstar.
3. Blinding Flash: A radial blast of light that stuns enemies. Same as Northstar.
4. Split-Second Kick: Sprints fast and kicks an enemy hard. Causes knockback. Unique to Aurora.
5. Accelerated Shockwaves: Sends shockwaves of light upon enemies. Same as Northstar.
6. Dual Light Beam: Releases twin beams of white light that will pierce through enemies. Same as Northstar.
7. (Boost) Shooting Stars: Team boost that increases their speed and attack damage. Unique to Aurora.
8. (Boost) Split Personality: Reduces damage taken and increases physical damage. Same as Northstar, but altered.
9. (Xtreme) Radiating Star: Releases a powerfully potent blast of bright white light. Same as Northstar.

2 skins

Outsider - Mod creation, sounds, loading screen, fixed Northstar data HUDs, etc.
Dihan - Original Northstar data
Owl City - All skins
Julio Cabral - Mannequin

None so far.


December 16, 2013, 10:59PM #176 Last Edit: September 21, 2023, 04:06AM by Outsider

Seemingly for an eternity, :cd: Tandy Bowen a.k.a. Dagger has been waiting and longing for her longtime best friend, lover, and partner in arms to appear in MUA. The wait is finally over, for Tyrone Johnson a.k.a. Cloak has arrived! His powers are true to his dark form, and is fun to play as. A nice variety of powers and an... interesting ability allows for Cloak to deliver some damage. And in addition, what was once a booster, Dagger is now her own mod, so you can have them together. I made them closer in line with the underrated TV show on Freeform known as Marvel's Cloak & Dagger. Take a look at what I've done with the "Divine Pairing."

UPDATE: Dagger is now her own mod!

-5 powers, 3 boosts, and an Xtreme. One of his powers can be done in mid-air to save power space.
-3 hex-edited skins, 2 HUDs, icons, sounds, 3 loading screens, mannequin, and sound files voiced by Aubrey Joseph.
-Uses assigned number #132.

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-9 hex-edited skins, 5 HUDs, icons, sounds, 3 loading screens, mannequin, and sound files voiced by Olivia Holt.
-Uses assigned number #135.

Right now, the MCU skins are of the PS2 kind. In the near future, I will attempt to convert 3D models of them.

Divine Pairing Boost: Cloak and Dagger can enhance each other only if they are both on the same team. Tandy can use her light to assuage Tyrone's constant hunger (she gives Cloak health regen 3X, 2X momentum). Tyrone can use his darkness to keep Tandy from overcharging (he gives Dagger energy regen 3X, 2X momentum). The boosts last permanently for the stage they're in.

1. Vitality Drain: Up close, Cloak drains an enemy's lifeforce to assuage his hunger for light.
2. Dark Bolts: Fire a continuous stream of haunted projectiles.
3. Touch of Fear: Reveals the fears of enemies, frightens them into forgetting their special abilities and lowering their damage output.
4. Black Portal: Creates a small but effective portal that rapidly steals health from enemies around him.
5. Darkforce Beam: Fires a powerful beam of concentrated darkness from his cloak. Pierces enemies if charged.
6. (Boost) Teleport: You already know what this does. Enemies hit by the end of his teleport will take damage.
7. (Boost) Intangibility: Can walk through walls/on air and become immune to enemies, but cannot jump, refill energy, or use his other powers.
8. (Boost) Into The Shadows: Team boost that lowers damage against projectiles, raises ATK and lowers damage taken.
9. (Xtreme) Blackout: An explosion of darkness that kills all enemies and heals himself and allies.

1. Light Daggers: Rapidly throws light daggers at enemies. Also upgrades grab smash.
2. Dagger Fan: Throws light daggers in an arc. Enemies struck are slowed down, with weakened attack damage.
3. Touch of Hope: Tandy touches an enemy, revealing their hopes... and charging them with light energy that will explode after a time.
4. Illumination: Releases a blinding, damaging burst of light that will disorient enemies for a time.
5. Bright Fall: Throws light daggers all around her which act as light bombs, exploding  knockback to nearby enemies.
6. (Boost) Corona of Light: Adds energy damage to melee attacks and decreases energy spending.
7. (Boost) Healing Light: Surrounds herself with a healing aura that will also heal allies that come into range.
8. (Xtreme) Light It Up: Throws special light daggers in a radius, bouncing off walls and exploding with powerful light.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, HUDs, icons, loading screens, remixed light effects, dark effects, sounds, Divine Pairing scripts, etc.
sbarth13 - packages & icons from original Dagger mod
Jonnydragon88 - Initial voice files
Dihan - Elixir data
ak2yny - Reports & Suggestions

Andersonbrazil - (Both) Divine Pairing, Punk, Modern Alt, (Cloak) Modern, (Dagger) MUA2, Negative Alt, Punk Alt, Cloak Mannequin
Aventureiromax - (Dagger) Modern, Dagger mannequin
Outsider - (Both) X-Men, MCU, Negative, (Cloak) Negative Alt

Occasionally, after returning from intangibility, Cloak goes through the floor to his death. This has only happened once during testing and hasn't happened since. To make sure this doesn't happen, press jump again to confirm that you are once again solid. If you can grab shield credits, then you are solid. Unfortunately, the intangibility script does cause this to randomly happen at times, no matter the character.


Quote from: Outsider on December 16, 2013, 10:59PM
Occasionally, after returning from intangibility, he goes through the floor to his death. This has only happened once during testing and hasn't happened since.
Yeah, Vision's script cause that. My Loki has the same problem, but cause the power I use the script for use only standing animation, doesn't happen...except once when he was turning tangible again and the Ultron warrior punch him in the head and fall to his death. What a tragedy was that.

Cloak is indeed fun to play as. Dagger feels complete now with Cloak in tow
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December 26, 2013, 12:53AM #179 Last Edit: May 24, 2024, 12:10PM by Outsider

It is with great pride that I release a mod of Dane Whitman, the popular and highly requested Black Knight. He is unlike any mod you've ever played before. With a unique powerset and an easy-to-use sword switch system, he can and most likely will be one of the most popular mods ever made. So how is this mod different from all the others? Well, he has special instructions. Refer to the "Read It" file for details. The Avengers roster just got bigger, the team of Excalibur is growing, and now you can have an MI:13 team of :capbrit: :blade::wisdom: and Dane. I put a lot of hard work into this, and I'm proud of the end result. Enjoy this After Christmas gift.

UPDATE: Added two skins & HUDs, updated sword models, no damage taken when switching swords. Herostat has changed.

-Unique easy-to-use sword switch system that allows Black Knight to wield three swords, all with different effects.
-7 powers (including his pegasus Strider), 1 boost (3-in-1 technically), and an Xtreme.
-4 hex-edited skins, HUDs, icons, loading screen, and sound file featuring new sounds such as horses and Star Wars' lightsaber sounds.
-Uses assigned number #149.

1. Strider: Mounts onto his white pegasus Strider and glides, knocking enemies back.
2. Cerebral Jolt: Dane takes his Neural Sword, and slashes an enemy fiercely, causing mental damage. Chance of instant kill if victim is stunned.
3. Energy Field: Reverses the Neural Sword's energy to it's hilt that releases a radial blast, knocking enemies back.
4. Mystical Force: Taking energy previously absorbed by the Shield of Night, Dane fires a beam of light from his Sword of Light. Can pierce enemies if charged.
5. Shield of Night: Blocks briefly with his special shield, reversing damage back at attackers in an effective counter. Can follow-up with an attack.
6. Heart of Stone: Uses the Ebony Blade to turn a victim into stone, making them unable to move for a time.
7. Death Threat: Strikes with the extremely powerful Ebony Blade, causing high damage, and has a high chance of instant kill.
8. (Boost) Choose Your Weapon: This lets you decide which sword to wield. The ongoing boost is based on your choice.
9. (Xtreme) Live By The Sword...: Through one sword, Black Knight uses the combined might of all three swords, creating an intense wave of energy that damages all enemies while recovering allies' energy.

See the "Read It" file for special instructions concerning Black Knight.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, HUDs, loading screen, icons, sounds, effects recolor, etc.
Julio Cabral - Skins (Modern & Classic), Strider models, mannequin, Sword of Light
Escanor610 - Skins (Gallant, Sir Percy), Ebony Blade
Stickbro - Voice file

None so far.