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Started by Outsider, April 06, 2013, 10:43AM

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February 13, 2018, 10:44PM #1320 Last Edit: October 19, 2023, 11:10PM by Outsider

For the longest time, there has been one missing factor from the team known as X-Factor. Now, he is missing no more. Introducing my mod of Guido Carosella -- the fun-loving, heavy-chested powerhouse known as Strong Guy. A nice mix of raw power and unique fun factor. Download him now, as The Outsider's Road To 150 continues.

UPDATE: Now has a mannequin, more model skins and mannequins.

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-8 hex-edited skins (4 models, 4 PS2), 4 HUDs, 2 loading screens, icons, 4 mannequins, and sound/voice file using Haggar's voice from Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
-Uses assigned number #102 (Shares with Maverick. Will clash in mannequin and maybe loading screens.)

1. Imposing Punch: Guido stuns and knocks back an enemy with a lethal punch.
2. Comedic Uppercut: Uppercuts an enemy upward and far so hard that it's laughable.
3. Stronghold: Grabs an enemy and slams them down repeatedly with force.
4. Bulk Smash!: Runs and knocks enemies out of the way with his elbow and his upper body mass.
5. Spruzzo di Guido: Leaps into the air and slams down on enemies.
6. (Special) Lila's Teleport: Lila Cheney teleports Guido to her Dyson Sphere, then to his chosen location, causing damage to enemies while going and coming back.
7. (Boost) Kinetic Absorption: Grows more mass and gains even more strength and durability, but must use it only for a time to prevent permanent distortion.
8. (Xtreme) King of Strong Style: Guido expels stored kinetic energy out of his body in a powerful barrage of earthquake punches. (Shinsuke Nakamura reference FTW!)

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, X-Factor PS2 skin, HUDs, loading screens, icons, sounds, hex-editing, earthquake script, etc.
Aventureiromax - All model skins, mannequin
BaconWizard17 - Ultimate PS2, Lord of Hell PS2, Street PS2 skins (Outsider then tweaked/ modified skins)
epicanddragon94 - Carryguy_fightstyle files

None so far.


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Quote from: BaconWizard17 on February 14, 2018, 05:33AM
So how many mods do you have now exactly?

I have made 134 mods (not counting the 3 secret mods). Only 16 remain before I'm truly done.

At that stage, the only way I'd create more is if I, Nikita488, or someone else manages to somehow increase the playable roster to 33 heroes (as Nikita intended) without major problems.

Everyone, today is a damn good day! Thanks in full to the grace of God, I have managed to successfully fix the 28 Roster Limit Hack!!!! It has been updated to version 1.1, and Maegawa's name has been added to the credits for finding the zoneinfo stage select, which helped greatly with my testing.

Travis Von Doom reported that Uatu the Watcher (at Attilan) was turned into Wyatt Wingfoot... not anymore! It has been fixed.

I saw that Mr. Fantastic's NPC (also at Attilan) was also changed to Wyatt Wingfoot... not anymore! That has been fixed as well.

Travis Von Doom reported that the 28th hero's equipped item gets unequipped when the game enters the next area... not anymore! I've fixed that.

Likewise, I've noticed that all of the 28th hero's costumes were locked, even the one he/she is wearing... not anymore! Consider that fixed.

Hell, it doesn't even need a Wyatt Wingfoot herostat entry anymore!

So, needless to say, you should re-download it now before you forget to ( However, I am sorry to report that the 28 Roster Limit Hack will NOT work with the Heroselect program. Why? Because that system still uses the old numbers, and only recognizes 27 as the max limit. 28 is the new max limit. Heroselect would need to be altered, but its creator - Norrin Radd has been inactive, and I am unable to edit that system.

So, to those of you who use Heroselect, you may want to consider using the XMLBCUI method instead -- it's not hard at all (I use it all of the time), it guarantees that your changes are recorded, and the main reason... because you'll have 28 playable heroes instead of 27!!!! Think about it.

Awesome work, Outsider!!!

This is truly an invaluable contribution. I always have trouble figuring out which characters to use in any given MUA run because there's so many good ones. Having even one more space really does make a huge difference :)

That is excellent news, Outsider!

I'll be sure to install it right away!
Click here for my releases.
And here for my workbench.

Thanks for the comments. I am very proud of this accomplishment. Admittedly, I am now curious to see if 30 playable heroes are possible without NPC issues, but my previous testing says it's impossible due to those NPC issues. That's cool -- 28 is fine by me. If 30 is possible and becomes a success, I'll just end it there and not try to go even higher, as 30 is a nice round number.

Also, after seeing the Black Panther movie, which was a great film, I am inspired to create a small booster for him. If you've seen the film, then you probably have an idea of what I intend to add -- stay tuned on that. (If you haven't seen it yet, you should. It's awesome!)

My next mod will be Goro of Mortal Kombat, but I'm not starting right away. It will likely be a mix of his classic brute moves and his variations from MKX.

Quote from: TheMK on February 16, 2018, 05:58PM
Awesome work, Outsider!!!

This is truly an invaluable contribution. I always have trouble figuring out which characters to use in any given MUA run because there’s so many good ones. Having even one more space really does make a huge difference :)

It really does make a world of difference. 28 is always better than 27.

Quote from: Travis von Doom on February 16, 2018, 08:48PM
Amazing!  Thank you so much!

You're welcome, and thanks for reporting those issues. Since I'm so busy I wouldn't have known about them if you hadn't pointed them out.

Quote from: Maegawa on February 17, 2018, 12:14AM
That is excellent news, Outsider!

I'll be sure to install it right away!

Thanks for that. Hope you enjoy it. BTW, I saw your idea about having an XML2 character select menu instead of mannequins. While I do like the display of mannequins, a character menu with portraits of characters would be better. Perfect for the MK roster, for example.

Quote from: BaconWizard17 on February 17, 2018, 06:12AM
You’re a saint! It’s a shame we can’t try this on X-Men Legends 2

Well, Teancum did do some experimentation, but he ran into the same problems that I did with MUA. That said, perhaps there is a way for XML2. I don't have that game, but perhaps someone can find a solution.

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OMG, you guys are all amazing !!!
I can't thx enough everyone in this forum for all the amazing mods, MUA is really the game I enjoy the most.

Quote from: Outsider on February 13, 2018, 10:43PM
Not sure if you're referring to Strong Guy or the secret mod I released. No, I wouldn't say Strong Guy was forgotten, but he is long overdue.

Was refering to Guido yeah, secret mod was someone I never heard of, but his powers sure are interesting! 
My Release topic :,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

The Black Panther movie was really great!!!

If the booster is anything like it I know it'll be just as awesome ;)


After seeing the new :panther: Black Panther movie (don't worry, no spoilers here), I was inspired to create a booster for the King of Wakanda. Now T'Challa is even more lethal than he already was! Check it out, and behold the King.

-New Boost - Kinetic Force: T'Challa uses his suit to continually absorb damage as kinetic energy for 60 seconds before releasing that energy in a destructive kinetic blast.
-New Ability - Vibranium Suit: Resists 10% of damage and gains 10% movement speed.
-Energy Daggers can now stun enemies for 10 seconds, thanks to Shuri's tech. He can also throw more than before when you ad points to the power.
-Increased damage output of Razor Cyclone, while reducing energy cost.
-"Master Hunter" is now called "Wakanda Forever."
-Changed first passive to "Panther's Speed" to increase his attack speed.
-Removed "aicanuse = false" on boosts so that Panther's AI will use boosts.
-New herostat - Added Leadership (Note: This herostat may not match yours. Adjust the skins accordingly, but keep everything else.)
-Added new movie skin and HUD. Has been hex-edited as 1106.
-Added package files so you can add skin 1107.
-Updated his sounds file to compliment his new skills.
-Your choice of four loading screens inspired by the movie. You can see the preview pics. (NOTE: Only three screens can be seen for one character, including his in-game one.)

Outsider - New boost and ability, coding fixes & renames, loading screens, added sounds, Kinetic Force effects, etc.
Aventureiromax - Movie skin & HUD

None so far.


Thanks very much for this, Outsider :)

I indeed enjoyed the Black Panther movie a lot -- in fact, I saw it for the second time today, and I'll probably see it at least one more time in a few weeks!

I'm really happy to get to use this epic booster in the game.