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Quote from: dwoga on October 24, 2022, 09:17PM
I change rooster using XMLBCUI, I did not install the remaster interface. Yes, we're using the same version of the mods. For the sake of testing he's going to put the exact rooster that I made to see if something changes. But is there a character mod that changes interface? I don't remember reading about it to be honest.

I do actually have MO2, didn't think about managing MUA with it, thanks for the advice!

I don't know how you got transparent conversations and different looking icons, as I don't think the OCP added the remastered interface to it, as that should be optional (as sadly, the remastered interface also ruins any custom team stages by showing black patches).

I only made minor changes to the Roster Hacks, but nothing substantial. (By the way, it's "roster" not "rooster.") In the near future, I'll make some changes to the Roster Hacks to work alongside the HUGE project I'm currently doing. I consider this new project a game-changer that will have its own thread. Stay tuned for it.

It's been awhile, hasn't it... I know. This BIG project I'm doing is nearly done. Once I'm finished, I'll have my testing team check it out to ensure that it works well. If all is satisfactory, I'll then release it in a separate post for everyone to behold. It'll definitely be done and released before the year is out. I know it's been a long wait, but trust me, it'll be worth it. Stay tuned, boys and girls. :king: (evil laugh)

I'm really excited for whatever this is! I'm sure it's going to be great!

If its a holiday release would be nice I'm very excited.

On New Year's Day, my HUGE game-changing project will be released to the public. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, as you know it, will come to an end... :king: (evil laugh)

I can't wait! I'm so excited to see whatever this is!

January 01, 2023, 12:34AM #2541 Last Edit: January 01, 2023, 12:38AM by Outsider
My huge project has finally been released! The Expanded Game (EXG) is here!!!! Check it out here:,11319.0.html

In addition, the following mods have been updated:

36 & 50 Roster Hack: New default team stage, extraction points updated to coincide with the EXG.
:mystique: Mystique: Shape-shifting files updated to coincide with the EXG.
Sersi: Shape-shifting files updated to coincide with the EXG.
James Bond: Fixed voice file. No longer that problem with Q's line.
Outsider's Special Scripts: Files updated (if you have the EXG, don't worry about this, as they're already included).

I am aware of Anderson's EPIC skin pack that he released on Christmas, so I've got some updating to do. Will let you all know when it's done. 2023 is off with a bang!


So with the release of the Expanded Game (EXG) that became highly successful -- minus the several small unforeseen issues that I had to fix, I became a stage modder, understanding its coding and how things there function. But I always liked giving people options. So this post will be the section that I release any mods that improve the stability of the game's more demanding stages.

- Only 4 characters being loaded instead of 7.
- You only face Mephisto's Pets (the flying demons) in three rounds at the start.
- No special conversations with Mephisto (there were only two -- Dr. Strange & Nightcrawler).
- As a result of the above, no more of the infamous crash.
(Please note that this is included with the EXG already. This package is ONLY for those who don't want to use the EXG, but still want to play Mephisto's Realm without the dreaded crash).

- Only 5 characters being loaded instead of 9.
- The weaker versions of the Dark Fantastic Four are removed and replaced by the stronger boss versions.
- Harder final battle, providing more of a challenge.
- As a result of the above, no worries of effects not working.

Whew!!! It took a lot longer than I wanted, but my round of updates are finally complete. The mods and boosters below have been updated (it's a big list...)

Agent Carter: Got rid of faulty effect from one of her gun powers.
Ancient One: Her special conversation now coincides with the new EXG.
:bullseye: Bullseye: Added five new skins & HUDs, and package files for sixth skin. Herostat has changed.
:carnage: Carnage: Updated MUA2 skin.
:electro: Electro booster: Added two skins & HUDs, two alternate mannequins.
Groot: Added two new skins & HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Heimdall: Added alternate (MCU) mannequin.
Ironheart: Added Wakanda Forever skin & HUD, changed flying effects. Herostat has changed. (After this update, please remove "9679, 9697 & 9698" from your game's "actors" folder.)
Kamala Khan: Added MUA3 skin.
Kraven The Hunter: Added 3 new skins, 2 HUDs, & alternate mannequin. Herostat has changed.
Mandarin: Added Marvel Pinball and fixed Wenwu skins & HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Mephisto: Added Future Fight skin & HUD. Herostat has changed.
Miss America: Added 3 new skins & HUDs, updated primary skin, fixed effects so they don't stay on if CPU is using her. Herostat has changed.
:sinister: Mr. Sinister: Added glossed version of primary skin.
Outsider's Last Call: (Shuri) Added Jumpsuit skin & HUD. Herostat has changed; (Jane Foster) Added new skins & HUDs, fixed a couple of coding issues. Herostat has changed. (After this update, please remove "1050" from your game's "actors" folder.)
Red Hulk: Added Inferno skin & HUD. Herostat has changed.
:scarletw: Scarlet Witch booster: Added alternate menu anims, new classic skin from UltraMegaMagnus, new classic HUD, two mannequins, and fixed sound file.
Sersi: Added 4 new skins & HUDs, and alternate mannequin. Herostat has changed.
Static: Added Injustice skin.
The Outsider's 250 Celebration: (:phoenix: Jean Grey) Now has icons that work for keyboard users, added textures that some may be missing; (Sif) Added 3 new skins & HUDs, altered mannequin. Herostat has changed.
Typhoid Mary: Updated all skins, removed sword sounds from basic melee combo.
:wbane: Wolfsbane: Fixed some faulty animations, added 2 new skins & HUDs. Herostat has changed.
Wong: Added alternate (MCU) mannequin.

Now I can breathe that sigh of relief that I'm done with the updates. I still have an update for The Agent to do, but I'm too exhausted to finish that one too, so I'm done for now. Now I have something else in mind. What is it, you ask? Stay tuned... :king: (evil laugh)

Everyone, Arachne and :ronin: Ronin (booster) have been updated. The former's webs will no longer change colors whenever she and :spiderman: Spider-Man are on the same team, and the latter's coding was fixed to work with the latest OCP's changed sounds, so no more sound glitch.

I'm in the process of updating the EXG currently, but after that is that planned thing I was talking about. Your resident "man of mystery" is still hard at work.

Everyone, Star-Lord has been updated heavily. Trust me -- you'll want this update. Download him, and remember that the herostat has changed.

Before or after the update, please go into your game's "actors" folder, and delete skin 9320 -- Star-Lord doesn't use that skin anymore.

May 08, 2023, 02:01AM #2548 Last Edit: May 08, 2023, 10:25AM by zmikey08z
Hey, I'm not sure if it's me but with Selene some of her effects are missing and are just green squares. I've dragged them all in correctly, they're definitely in the game files, used heroselect and am using her correct .xml file. Just a tad confused on if it's me being a dunce or if it's the mod as I've been away from mods for a while  :laugh:

Generally, green squares indicates missing textures. Does this happen with certain powers or all powers?