Cabral's mods (M: The Sentry/ Void, Loki, Odin, Thor, Sif. NM: MK, SW, ANIME).

Started by Julio Cabral, September 24, 2013, 06:59AM

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Hey Julio ! I just tested your Casey Jones mod.
For me, it works perfectly ( although I didn't use josytick ).
I really like the "simplicity" of it.
It's good to see the way you use your creativity in modding,
and the way you try to be true to the characters .
Hope you bring us more TMNT mod in the future .
Congrat & thanks for this one !!!  :thumbsup2:
" The day you stop racing,
is the day you win the race "

Quote from: Dr. Bruce Banner on June 20, 2016, 07:08AM
Hey Julio ! I just tested your Casey Jones mod.
For me, it works perfectly ( although I didn't use josytick ).
I really like the "simplicity" of it.
It's good to see the way you use your creativity in modding,
and the way you try to be true to the characters .
Hope you bring us more TMNT mod in the future .
Congrat & thanks for this one !!!  :thumbsup2:
Thanks! I hope the joystick issue is solved with the new powerstyle file I posted days ago.
I know people would love to see the turtles, I'll see if I got the inspiration needed for the challenge, not saying that I'll work of them right now, maybe someday.

A booster for Mockingbird is released, check page 1 for download, batons combat, new skins, mannequins and stuff.

Good job Julio,Mockinbird is one of my favorite avengers and I think you improved an already great mod with this booster.

Whuhoaoaoaa!!!! That Mockingbird release is really the Big Thing I was hoping I'd see released sometime! Incredible, can't wait to install it later today!

Quote from: Julio Cabral on June 21, 2016, 06:48PM
A booster for Mockingbird is released, check page 1 for download, batons combat, new skins, mannequins and stuff.

Fantastic, I like Mockingbird!

SENTRY/VOID Mod and Updates

The Sentry V1.0
Warning: This mod need Venom mod(DarkMark) and Sentry mod(sbarth) to be installed first
Remember: for a mod to work, always start a new game before use it.
The Sentry is a very complex character. Robert Reynolds, an schizophrenic man, drink one of the super soldier retry-formula and his multiples personalities came alive. He believes he is The Sentry(a Superman type superhero), but he also is The Void(a evil-demonic-monster).
Thanks: OMG, so many people that help me with this:
Let's start with the 3d modeling:
-Tommyboy. You help me with tips in 3dsmax and stuff when I was already giving up with it.
-Blaw. There's to much things to be grateful with him, all his tutorials, plus he give me some tips with powers and coding.
With effects:
-MUAlover. Help me with the editing.
-Polygone. Good advices.
-Lakan. Help me with rage system.
-Outsider. This one rock(check his posts). Also with rage system.
Special Thanks:
-DarK Mark(for all his contributions to the forum, in this case Venom mod).
-Sbarth(Sentry mod, anims, effects, powers, icons, passives).
New stuff(my work).
-New skeleton anim(from Wolverine to the mod). Add flight charge and a fury move.
-New skins and manequin.
-New powers.
-New sounds(It's a rip of the XML2 Sentry mod sound. I won't be so proud of this, not my best contribution). 
-Icons(just a little change to Sbarth's icons).
Bugs: -The passives(still need some work).
-The effects from his hands don't hide after using them, but not a bug if you consider Sentry's powers.
-Some sounds don't play.
If I have forget about something/someone, please consider: this is my first mod :P
Get it here:

Fixes: -The missing file (entities file) is now included.
-Effects of the hands now dissapear as they should.
-Icons shows in order now.
-All the four primary  skins have passives now, but the last one have only two.
Additions: -New voice files kindly provided from the guys behind the awesome fan made The Sentry Film.
-New skins with more detail and more consistency.
-Other effects (I'll like to say better but not so much difference).
-New flying mannequin.
-1 new skin (New Avengers) requested by the guys from The Sentry Film.
-New grabsmash, now he can tear apart the enemies(like with Carnage and Ares) and scare the ones that are close, to use it against bosses, try beat them first.
-New passives added in the powerstyle as events, health regen, resurrection, and fire resistance.
-He now fly instead of walk.
-Damien Gulde voice for Sentry, Ed Slopek voice of the Professor and Void. . .to be assigned(I'll find out). Christopher Tung, Matt Mitchell and all the guys behind The Sentry Film. More info here: and please like their page if you like it
-Zen Studios for Marvel Pinball models.
-Maegawa for the passives in the powerstyle metod.
-Anyone else I forgot.
Video: Uploading...
Get it here:

LOKI Mod and Updates

Description: This mod takes the in_game Loki files and moves, powers and sounds; and add other powers based in comics and movies.
Power1: Teleport_trick(game own)
Power2: Illusion. Press and hold this power to remain intangible, confuse enemies. And release the power button to back to normal.
Power3: Lighting chain(game own)
Power4: Magic ray from his hand.
Power5: Casket of acient winters. Freeze enemies
Power6: Norn stones. Add health regen.
Power7: Invisibility.
Xtreme: Loki's army. Lot of Lokis. They work in battle, don't use the xtreme for no reason( Cause Loki's army work for the O.N.U. Peace Corps and they wont attack first, they just response :P )
For skins, I'll upload some pics or a video maybe; but know that includes 6 skins(MUA, Classic, Original, Ultimate, and bonus two movies skins).
I'm not in charge of x-voice updates but, the sounds can be ripped from my zss files I have included.
Thanks:- Intangible script ripped from Vision mod.
-Blaw for some tips in coding.
-Dark Mark Hawkeye model.
And..that's all.
Missing: Loadscrens?
Bugs: Some sounds doesn't play for some reason :/
Get it here:

Loki fix 1:
Fixed things:
-The xtreme attack now has sound(HA HA HA HA). Multiplication intead of Loki's army cause now they're only 6 copies to be created.
-The default fightstyle moves are working. Also the moves attack light and knockback now do regular damage.
-The interact victim makes more sense, the victim change into a loki troll and back to normal when mental control is over.
Bugs that keep coming: The intangibility power sometimes doesn't work.
Loki fix2:
What it have?: -Conflict with boss Loki fixed.
-New sounds.
-1 new skin.
Thor Ragnarok Movie Skin
Credits: -All for Netmarble and Sega.
-Pitermaksimoff and Oo-fill-oo from deviantart for the model extractions.

ODIN Mod and Updates

We all know who Odin is, from comics, cartoons, movies, and in this case from MUA.
My mod take Odin's warrior side in a fightstyle that mix Thor's and Loki's, with multiple weapons to use(my favorite move is the charge attack).
His powers are based in comics and in Dr. Doom's, they cause much, much damage( from energy blast to even crows boost)
The skins(except for the first one), are convertions from other game models.
Bugs: Not a bug, but someone could dislike the excesive values that I add to the passives.
Thanks: -Blaw for hex-edit tips, max errors, and changing the characters numbers.
-Outsider for invulnerable code and to help with the character number conflicts.
-Sbarth13 for acept the number change, and other tips.
I'll like to take any request for Odin skins, if you fell I didn't include one you like.
Notes: Fox has tell me nothing wrong with my PC, but scan it with Antivirus anyway ok?.
The mod is by default in Thing's location(for the mannequin look good).

Special stuffs: -Clancy Brown voice(Odin in AEMH, Krugan in Highlander :p )
-Unique mannequin and boltons.
Uploading more pics...
Get it here
Xtreme problem fix:

THOR Boosters and Updates

Thor  :thor:
Warning: This mod need MUAlover's Thor Booster effects to be installed first
Get that here,7526.msg165716.html#msg165716 leave a coment
Thor Booster.
This mod contains:
Custom powers
-New custom effects for Thor's power1, so now he can twirl his hammer around when he charge the power.
-Mjolnir slam, with new animation, what I did was swap the xtreme animation for power 2 and power 2 for xtreme.
-Custom hammer boltons for Hammer toss, add movie hammer, Marvel Now hammer.
-Also add "Leaping Smite" power(Marvel Heroes, yeah), with it Thor will charge with mjolnir knocking enemies.
-MUAlover's Lighting rod now have Dr. Doom power1 effect, fixed the effect-bone position problem.
-Asgard's Blessing with Classic Thor will summon Beta Ray Bill as a minion. With Movie Thor will swap the skin for the capeless one.
-God speed with Movie Thor will swap the skin for the final Avengers battle one.
-Xtreme changed, now Thor spin around Mjolnir and call a ligthing from the sky to smash the groung with a fully charged hammer(like in the movies, and EMH like).
New skins:
-Add all my convertions, plus Age of Ultron optional skins, new Modern Thor, a super classic Thor, new Ultimate Thor.
New icons.
New huds.
New sounds:
-Add a few sounds for the moves, and add Chris Hemsworth voice in one optional voice file.
New mannequin(Classic Thor).
Credits: -All the efects are MUAlover's work, I'm so glad you have swap the colours back in the day.
-Any modder who have share his knowledge to get this mod done.
Bugs: -With God Speed on, the hammer twirl effects get hide by seconds.
-The xtreme effects need to be placed better.
Get it here:

This file give you a new skin, based on Thor's look from the movie Avengers Infinity War (2018) and a hammer bolton for his powers. Instructions are included.
-Netmarble for Marvel Future Fight.
-SSingh511 and Pitermaksimoff for MFF files.
Get it here:

LADY SIF Boosters and Updates

Lady Sif
Warning: This mod need Lakan's Sif mod to be installed installed first
Lady Sif Mod/Booster
When I release some Sif skins I test them with Lakan's mod but the body parts where looking bad, so I start working in a 3ยบ Animation set booster but I finish making pretty much a new mod cause I wasn't so happy with the result and I was searching for a more "traditional" mod for her.
This mod contains:
-New animations, menu, fight moves, standing.
-New powerset, based in Avengers Alliance but you know, a little more dinamic.
-New fightstyle moves, I have try so hard to get a mod that's not a Thor copy at this point.
-New huds.
-New skins.
-New sounds. I use some sounds from the in-game Sif and from Storm MVC 3.
-New Mannequin, if she is placed in the 15 spot she'll very romantic with Thor, but she's holding a sword.. lol
-New icons, I like what Lakan do with the icons but I have more like a minimalistic taste for this things.
*What it remains from Lakan's original mod: effects, the map script.
-Lakan: Original mod idea, effects, script.
-scibott from Xnalara forums for the Marvel Heroes movie 3d model.
-Oo-fil-oO for the God of Thunder 3d model.
-Anyone I forgot :P
Get it here:

-Fightsyle moves, Classic Skin.
-New sounds from Gameloft's Thor TDW game.
-New skins for The Warriors Three.
-New Powers:
*Fandral the Dashing. Summon Fandral and add % chance to dodge attacks.
*Volstagg the Voluminous. Summon Volstagg and taunts enemies, increase resistance.
*Hogun the Grim. Summon Hogun. Reduce energy spend.
Special Note: I have to erase the Warriors Three summon at the same time move cause they were useless. The way it's now you can summon one per boost and they actually fight and do stuff.
-Bug: Each member of the Warrior Three have a sound to play when they appear. But after that every they get hit or die, they'll have Sif's voice. No way to fix this right now.
Get it here:

PUNISHER Booster and Updates

The Punisher (Booster)  :punisher_logo:
(My personal favourite mod so far)
Even if this is a standalone mod, I recomend to download the original Punisher Mod from Blizz first, it can be found here,826.0.html
Changes this mod give:
1) Idle/standing animation in combat.
2) New powers:
*M4(Assault rifle)
*Rapid Fire (machine pistols)
*Explosive mine.
*Battle Van in the xtreme.
3) New animations, I remove some of the Deadpool's moves and give Bishop's moves cause Frank is an old man and he couldn't move ninja like.
4) New icons and huds.
5) New mannequin.
6) New skins: Classic, Modern, Marvel Knights, Max, Movie, Omega Effect. More can be found in my generic release topic (Like Thunderbolts, Military, Suicide Run).
7) New sounds: Get a girlfriend respawnafirm, some for the new powers.
Credits: -Gazillion Entertainment for all Punisher's costumes.
-THQ for Punisher icons, and Max skin's coat model. Also the voice files but those also belongs to
-Thomas Jane for voice files.
-Blizz for the original Punisher mod.
-Gerry Conway, John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru for The Punisher/Frank Castle itself.
-Anyone I forgot to mention.
Get it here:
Notes:- In the preview video of the gameplay you can see spawnminion move for Rachel Alves, but I have to discard that idea cause I couldn't make it like I wanted to.


This mod will add Demogoblin skin to your Green Goblin mod. Features:
-1 new skin, Demogoblin.
-1 hud for it.
-1 new flyer model.
-Powerstyle codes that you'll have to compile.
Seems we got two versions of Green Goblin, Blaw's and Darkmark's, I only upload the codes to compile in the powerstyle in order to make this mod work.
-Extract all the files in the MUA folder.
-Decompile your Green Goblin powerstyle file and add the codes I provide in the data/powerstyles folder, compile the powerstyle.
Get it here:

You need to download Outsider's Mockingbird mod first
This booster gives to the original Outsider Mockingbird mod:
-Batons combat as basic combo.
-4 new skins.
-1 new hud to the All New All Different skin.
-Power 6, The Huntress, enable staff combat.
-New menu and idle animations.
Credits:-Netmarble for Marvel Future Fight game.
-Datkofguy from deviantart for her Modern and AoS models.
-Pitermaksimoff from deviantart for her All New All Different model.
Get it here:

RONAN (Marvel Future Fight Skin and Mannequin)
Credits: Netmarble and ssingh511 from deviantart.

IRON FIST  :ifist:
This mod contain:
-4 new skins, Classic, All New All Different, Weapon of Agamotto, Inmortal Weapon. In the style of Marvel Future Fight.
-3 new huds.
-New mannequin.
-New sounds(UMVC3) but...Outsider already did it, so you no neccesary need to add these if you already have those.
-The dragon trail effect have more life now so it looks more like a flying dragon.
Get it here:

This file gives you a new Thanos skin based on his lookfrom Avengers Infinity War and a new voice file from Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite.
-Netmarble for Marvel Future Fight and all his contents.
-Capcom for MVCI.
-SSingh511 from Deviantart for the MFF Thanos model.
Get it here:
*Armored Infinity War skin (follow the same instructions for the gauntlet to show or hide)
Credits: Epic Games for Fortnite game.
Deviantart user papkapapka for the model extraction.

IRON MAN   :stark:
This file include an Avengers Infinity War skin with instructions on how to use it. Read it please.
Credits:Netmarble for Marvel Future Fight
Ssingh511 from deviantart for the model and textures.

Thor Disk mission:
Thor the dark world - Brian Tyler

Ghost Rider Disk mission:
More sinister than popcorn-The west was build on legends - Christopher young

Iron Man Disk Mission :
AC/DC Shoot to thrill
Driving with the top down - Ramin Djawadi

Ultron Disk Mission :
The Avengers theme - Silvestri

-Daredevil Disk Mission:
Main Title-Fogwell's Gym- John Paesano (Netflix OST)

Disk Missions

This mod allows you to fight the Lizard and his minions in the sewers.
-XML2 Danger Room sewers map.
-All models from the maps.
-New npc minions: Lizardman.
-Spiderman 90's cartoon background music.
-Optional new costumes: Cinematic Spidey and Lizard with larger snout.
-Comicbook cover.
-RGB switch to the map, but it's on the sewers, kinda look fine the way it is.
- Classic Lizard skin by Blizz.
- Activition for X-men Legends II.
-Mellomods for his simulator modding notes.
Bugs: None so far.
Get it here:

HULK VS  :hulk_icon:
Warning: You can't fight the Hulk if he is not in your heroes roster.
This mod allows to fight the Hulk in a New York city map from XML 1.
-New map: NYC from XML1.
-New objects: defeated shield agents.
-Effects and models from XML1 that complete the map.
-The Incredible Hulk theme as a background music.
Adds from the Modder's Co-op version:
-Fixed the sound problem.
-Change Dark Hulk for Hulk.
-Models can be grabbed and destroyed.
-Background music.
-The sounds can cause problems but you can press pause and the problem will be fixed.
-Right before you turn the corner to find the Hulk one of the police cars starts jumping with no reason.
*Activision for XML 1 itself.
*Teancum for XML PC built.
*DarkMark for the Hulk mod.
*Craig Armstrong for the Incredible Hulk main theme.
Get it here:

PUNISHER MISSION  :punisher_logo:
This mod allows you to play a hero simulator mission in the XML 1 map called North Rooftops, with new villian minions (Fisk's men). Features:
-New simulator map, NYC 2 (rooftops).
-New minions, Fisk guard and Fisk soldier.
-New models for the characters, a new Bullseye (optional).
-New heli map effect, Kingpin takeoff.
-Comic cover.
-Background music from the beautiful OST from The Punisher movie, Carlo Siliotto's work.
-Conversations from THQ Punisher game.
*Activision for XML 1 itself.
*Teancum for XML PC built.
*Carlo Siliotto for The arrow, Call me the Punisher and The Punisher main theme sounds.
*Netmarble Games for Bullseye's Future Fight skin.
*I couldn't make the voice files work for Punisher or Kingpin.
*Kingpin's hud isn't showing uo.
*The helicopter can be seen in the streets when you are fighting Bullseye.
Get it here:

This mod allows you to play in NYC streets, fighting 200 Ninjas from The Hand, maybe they're easy to beat but two slashes and you'll bleeding out.
*Activision for XML II itself.
*MelloMods for ps2 models.
*Nowhereman for Elektra's booster that give us The Hand ninjas.
*Main Title-Fogwell's Gym- John Paesano (Netflix's Daredevil OST).
Bugs: -Volume increasse for no reason at all, but I'm ok with it, loved the music anyway.
-The map is from the PC version of XMLII, that's way the blue colours.
Get it here:

This mod gives you the chance to play a Shao Kahn VS simulator in the Astral map from XML 1 game.
-New map, Astral, to make it look like Outworld.
-New enemies, Tarkatan Warrior, Kahn's Soldier and Oni.
-UMK3 The Pit theme, the one that plays at the final boss fight.
*Activision for XML 1 itself.
*Teancum for XML PC built.
*Eb Boon and John Tobias for Mortal Kombat itself.
*Netherealm Studios for the characters designs and music used in this mod.
Bugs: *You'll need to press pause sometimes if you want to hear the music.
Get it here: