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Started by Erik Lensherr, July 18, 2014, 03:38AM

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Quote from: Erik Lensherr on January 10, 2018, 11:39AM
Hey guys! So I've been quiet for a while because of the lack of time. I also lost files of some projects. But I can tell you something for sure - I'll release something special in the end of January. Stay tuned :)

It looks like Avetureiromax was involved, so I think I know what the big surprise is... I will be keeping a watchful eye, protege.

Awesome news! I'm excited to see what it will be!

That was a good news, after a long time we'll see Erik Lensherr's work again. I'm so exited.

Glad to see your back Erik.

Erick, this suspense is to kill !! lol !!
His always so fantastic mods fill my heroes' set.
I look forward to seeing your releases!

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Finally I want to present to you my special release - 4 MODS PACK! Everyone knows them, everyone loves them and now everyone can play with them! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES FINALLY IN MUA!


- 4 playable characters with 4 skins, 2 huds, mannequin and loading screen;
- unique sounds, voice files, icons and a new team bonus;
- 5 attack powers, 3 boosts, Xtreme and special ability for everyone.


1. Katana Slice - Leonardo provides a two-hit combo with his swords.
2. Ninja Mastery - Leo uses his signature weapon to reflect incoming attack and strike the opponent.
3. Shurikens Throw - Leonardo throws shurikens into enemies, causing bleeding.
4. Circle of Justice - Leonardo provides a high-pressure circle attack to knockdown all enemies around him.
5. Turtle Tornado - Leo spins with his swords, creating a massive tornado. (Can be charged)
6.(Boost) We are Family - Can play opening themes from 3 TV shows and gain bonuses.
SMASH: TMNT 2003: Extra skill points.
ATTACK: TMNT 1987: Resistances to all damage.
MOVE: TMNT 2012: Gains energy per kill.

7.(Boost) Meditation - Leonardo can meditate better than other turtles to clear thoughts and heal himself. (PRESS AND GOLD)
8.(Boost) Tribunal Power - Leonardo focuses and calls his tengu form, gaining massive cold damage to all melee attacks with a chance to slow enemies.
9.(XTREME) True Leader - Leonardo uses all his internal energy to protect an entire team from damage and push all enemies away.


1. Turtle Power - Leonardo is the most experienced in the team. He gains 15% crit chance.


1. Staff Combo - Don uses his staff and provides a multi-hit combo.
2. Ground Slam - Donatello charges his staff with energy and releases a force wave.
3. Ninja Mastery - Don uses his signature weapon to reflect incoming attack and strike the opponent.
4. Laser Beam - Donatello uses special gun to release a powerful energy beam that cab set enemies on fire. (Can be charged)
5. EMP Gadget - Don uses one of his gadgets to create an EMP pulse which stuns all enemies.
6.(Boost) Cloaking Device - Donatello uses special device to make an entire team invisible and decrease powers energy cost.
7.(Boost) Energy Shielding - Donatello protects team, creating an energy shields.
8.(Boost) Tribunal Power - Donatello focuses and calls his tengu form, gaining massive electricity damage to all melee attacks with a chance to stun enemies.
9.(XTREME) Backup Plan - Donatello hacks the satelite and calls an Orbital Strike on all enemies in range.


1. Turtle Power - Donatello is the smartest in the team. He gains on 30% more XP.


1. Sai Strike - Raph stabs an enemy with his sais causing bleeding.
2. Turtle Crush - Raphael jumps in the air and crushes into the ground with a force wave.
3. Ninja Mastery - Raph uses his signature weapon to reflect incoming attack and strike the opponent.
4. Sai Throw - Raph throws a sai at the target with a chance to instant kill the target if fully charged. (Can be charged)
5. Deadly Combo - Raph provides a powerful melee combo with a helicopter kick as a final hit.
6.(Boost) Real Fight - Raphael taunts enemies to attack him and reduces damage taken.
7.(Boost) Furious Turtle - Raph wants to destroy everyone who attacks his family and gains health per kill.
8.(Boost) Tribunal Power - Raphael focuses and calls his tengu form, gaining massive fire damage to all melee attacks with a chance to set enemies on fire.
9.(XTREME) Angry Raph - Raph becomes very angry and provides a powerful force wave with a chance of instant kills.


1. Turtle Power - Raphael is the strongest in the team. He gains 15% more attack damage.


1. Nunchucks Dash - Mikey spins with his nunchucks attacking all enemies in a small range and stunning them. (Can be charged)
2. Hunger Games - Michelangelo throws a pizza in enemy and decreases his defense. Can throw multiple pizzas on the higher levels.
3. Gas Bombs - Mikey jumps into the air and throws a gas bombs which poison enemies.
4. Ninja Mastery - Mikey uses his signature weapon to reflect incoming attack and strike the opponent.
5. Turtle Torpedo - Michelangelo charges forward and attacks in a torpedo style knocking enemies back.
6.(Boost) Speedy Mikey - Mikey uses all his agility to dodge a high percentage of incoming melee attacks.
7.(Debuff) Having Fun - Mikey uses his best weapon - a sense of humor to decrease enemies's attack damage.
8.(Boost) Tribunal Power - Michelangelo focuses and calls his tengu form, gaining massive wind damage to all melee attacks with a chance to trap enemy in a small tornado.
9.(XTREME) Mikey's Everywhere - Mikey jumps on every enemy in a large range and strikes with his nunchucks, stunning them.


1. Turtle Power - Michelangelo is the fastest in the team. He gains additional 10% move and attack speed.


- These mods are for Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006) on PC;
- Clashes in mannequins and loading screens: Leo and Bishop, Don and Rogue, Raph and Forge, Mikey and Apocalypse.
- Nickelodion skins by aventureiromax:,4284.msg188840.html#msg188840


aventureiromax - my main contributor, all skins, mannequins and segments done by him;
BliZZ - some elements of Gambit and Rogue mods;
Outsider - loading screens for making TMNT picture more cool;
Maegawa - mods conflict fix so we can play as 4 Turtles without any problems.




OH MY GOD :runaway:

AMAZING :applause:
I look forward to trying them out later!

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 :applause: :bowdown: :bowdown1: :rockon: :thumbsup2: Good job as always ;)

EDIT: The four new skins promised can already be found on my page of the forum ;) Enjoy!
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

I never knew I wanted this but it's perfect for the game :O Will be playing!

January 25, 2018, 12:38PM #340 Last Edit: January 25, 2018, 12:45PM by Outsider
When I have time, I will try these out. I see you even have their Tengu forms that I suggested at my Moveset Contribution Thread a long time ago. These mods look very promising -- well done.

January 25, 2018, 06:13PM #343 Last Edit: January 25, 2018, 08:20PM by Ceamonks890
Oh man, one of the biggest community wishes has now been granted with the Ninja Turtles finally being playable in MUA! Thanks so much to everyone involved for this huge treat :D