Omega Red Mod Release

Started by idrinkdrpepper, August 25, 2007, 07:59AM

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August 25, 2007, 07:59AM Last Edit: September 06, 2021, 01:57AM by Outsider
Omega Red Mod Release (from creator of Mandarin and Mysterio Mods)

-Play as Omega Red with coil melee attacks
-full set of powers including a coil attack that drains life
-other powers include radial coil attacks, deathspores, death factor aura, et al
-Xtreme Power is called Omega Destroyer

Download here: Download Omega Red mod.rar
It is a .rar file that can be opened with winrar

Preview Video:

What's missing:

I labeled the 4 skins as Classic, Ultimate, Evolution, and Age of Apocalypse because I know these are costumes that exist (although I don't have pictures of them).  All four skins are identical in appearance, however they have different passive abilities.  Also, I got this skin from the preexisting Omega mod which was really alpha so I had to completely start over (made by cvc I think).  But I'm just letting you know that this skin was converted from XML2, so black spots will appear on the costume unless you have advanced lighting turned on.

UPDATE: - skins in latest download no longer have spots. Also included textures/4901_coil.igb
        - Also included textures/4901_coil.igb which will fix crash during special throw.

UPDATE (9/22/07): -fixed glitch with Red Armor so that it no longer makes O.R. invlunerable
                  -added iammingy's AoA and Ultimate skins and added credit to ReadMe doc
                  -created hud icons for AoA and Ultimate skins

UPDATE (11/25/07): -removed critical from Omega Cyclone and reduced damage to 1/3 of previous values
                   -(edited files are in data/talents and data/powerstyle)

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Thats great I really like Omega Red can't wait to check it out,BTW all the mods I put together are alpha and wanted people and asked people to work with them just as a starting point,so again can't wait to see him in action.

PS:Thanks idrinkdrpepper
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

@idrinkdrpepper, here is the ps2 skin for omega red, it results in no black dots, i tested it. perhaps you would consider including it to your mod. thanks for the mod.

Thanks, that skin looks much better. It looks better without the advanced lighting I think.  I updated the mod download and included another file called textures/4901_coil.igb.  I think this file already comes with the initial install of the game, but I included it anyway, because Omega Red needs it.

Also, I made a preview video:

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Dude, I'm VERY impressed.  Honestly, I like Omega well enough, but I wasn't going to install him.  You've changed my mind.


I figured this was as good of a place as any to discuss other skins, so I'll post some links to possible alternate skins.

Daggumit; I just played through X2: Wolverine's Revenge and wanted to find a screen of that Omega Red skin.  It was basically just him with no shirt.

Evolution (bottom)

Quote from: Teancum on August 25, 2007, 09:45AM
Dude, I'm VERY impressed.  Honestly, I like Omega well enough, but I wasn't going to install him.  You've changed my mind.

Lol. You'd better like him!  Do you realize how long it took me to code the life-draining power?  :nerd:  But I figured if you're going to do Omega Red, he absolutely needs that power, and I think it turned out pretty well.

WOW... my favorite villain!!!
Just to let you know, I am working the skins already...
Thanks for the mod!!!

video looked awesome, great work :)
Please search the forum before asking a question. I dont answer
PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
What im currently working on:
My mods are mine to booster/update, I will not give anybody permission to do it

@ mingy -- I'll see if I can grab a screen of Omega Red from X2.  He'd make a perfect 4th costume.

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Sure thanks!

EDIT: I found a small pic of him... Do you have pics of Omega Red from AOA? I remember he is blue and looks like Apocalypse... lol

EDIT 2: idrinkdrpepper, the game crashes when Omega Red uses the grab smash. The mod is missing the 23350.igb. Thanks.

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Quote from: iammingy on August 25, 2007, 01:40PM
EDIT 2: idrinkdrpepper, the game crashes when Omega Red uses the grab smash. The mod is missing the 23350.igb. Thanks.

OK. Updated the link to include 23350.

At one point, I was also thinking of adding bolton tentacles to his menu animation, but I never got around to finding the right place to bolt them.  The "idle" coils are included in the mod, but aren't used, so you might want to play around with those if you think it would spruce up his image.

I like the preview vid. Omega Red's a cool villain.

thanx 4 this mod but i am having a problem getting the herostat.engb to save when i edit it with XMLBCUI...
i can decompile it fine and i edit it and save the xml file then compile it to engb...
it shows up as engb.bak so i just delete the .bak part but when i look at the file again it is unchanged...
i noticed this bc i did it the first time and the character i wanted to replace (Ms. Marvel) and she was still there...
any ideas???
if it is possible for one of u to edit it for me and get it to save could u post it here...i was wanting to replace Ms. Marvel...
also i am new to this and was wondering what "mannequin" is...
i noticed that it says: needs - 3 skins, mannequin

Thanx in advance...

I recall that I also had trouble with an herostat.engb.bak file. I think it happened bacause I was trying to compile the "new" herostat.engb in the same folder as the "old" herostat.engb file. Try compiling it in another folder, and don't ever forget to back the original up.

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For editing the engb files, I find it easier not to use the UI.  I downloaded nba2kstuff's xmlb compiler and I also downloaded the batch files.  So, I have a folder on my desktop that contains xmlb-compile (the application), and xdcompile and xccompile (the two batch files).  So, in my data folder I right-click on the herostat.engb file, go to "Open With" > "Choose Program...", then I browse my desktop and choose the xdcompile program and then click the checkbox that will let me always associate engb files with xdcompile.  So, whenever you open an engb file such as herostat, it will create a .xml document that can be read in Notepad.  When you want to recompile your edited herostat.xml, right-click on it and open it with xccompile, which will create new.herostat.engb.  Then, delete the old herostat.engb and change "new.herostat" into "herostat".

Mannequin is the character model that appears in the background of the team select menu.  Look at the preview video again and you'll see that Omega Red's mannequin is just the default locked character (all black).