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Started by Jeanfan321, March 05, 2010, 04:57PM

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This Booster Includes
10 powers Version 1.4
Telekinesis-Lifts enemies and objects
Telekinetic Blast-Blast Enemies with a telekinetic ball
Restraining Wave-Suspends enemies in a telekinetic sphere
Psychokinetic Surge-Fires mental homing projections
Telepathic Illusions-Make enemies feel immense and unbearable pain
Telekinetic Trip-Jean sends the enemys away spinning
Psychic Wave-Sends out a HUGE psychic wave that nullifies enemies from there powers for a while
Mental Guardian-Jean creates a mental guardian (maximum of 3)
Personal Shield-Draws out a psychic shield that takes heavy damage
Phoenix Force-same as always
Shadowslacks-the man who made this booster and the awesome new effects he did so if you get a chance thank him for this booster he made for Xml2
Shadow-psychic wave effect but Shadowslacks just modified it
ThePhoenix-Person he started the booster for Xml2 Shadowslacks modified it
She doesn't have her extreme the code just wouldnt work
also use her old icons not her new icons from Deedooo/Nowhere Man

Notes:I really like this mod.She has some fun attacks but my favorite powers are Psychic Wave and Telekinetic Balls.Psychic Wave is really useful against enemies cause it knocks them back and removes there power for a time.Telekinetic balls are fun cause they may split off and hit other enemies not to mention that theres 10 balls. i like Telepathic Illisuions to cause it's funny to watch the enemies pop there heads up and down.But i owe this all to Shadowslacks for his booster for Xml2

Quote from: ds22489 on June 22, 2010, 11:25PM
What did you change in this booster?
not much just thanks to shadowslacks her moves are updated it has better effects and i personally edited mental darts to make it 10 and Shadowslacks decreased the speed so that the mental bolts can split off and hit other enemies she has 10 mental bolts in all

Oh, good, but one thing was interesting. Her mental *birdie* was orange. Did you make it blue? Or it's impossible?

that was the ''old'' which was orange ill have that one in the jean phoenix booster shadowslacks recolored it blue and to my opinion it looks very good

and for your upcoming Jean booster, is it going to be fiery or blue-ish?
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

I'm so glad to hear that
are you working together with Jean_Grey_Phoenix?
he's got some of the coolest phoenix effects I've ever seen
as a fan of Jean you should fall in love with them :phoenix:
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

yeah were working together were also working on a Storm full mod with new skins,icons,HUDS, etc

then are you going to use his effects from his upcoming fiery booster?
they look unbelievable especially Phoenix Force
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

awesome, I can't wait to see how Phoenix Fury and Pyrokinetic Blast are going to look like,
which animation are you going to use for it?
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

for Phoenix Fury im using her flying animation for Pyrokine Blast im gonna use probably jean's mental spike animation since she doesnt really have a good animation for that i gonna give her 2 nnew icons 1 for the Telekinetic Booster and 1 for the Phoenix

EDIT:Plus this isnt the right discussion for this please post any questions about my mods in my workbench plus check the first page of my rules