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Title: Game Instructions & Library of Links
Post by: Outsider on May 26, 2018, 02:52pm

Forum Site Rules
A list of rules that we all must follow as members of this community.,2304.0.html

Marvel Mods' Discord Server
A place where you can chat with modders and other members in real time.

Game Instructions (click to enhance):
(NOTE: You can see the full Mod Installation Guide here:,10809.0.html. Must register as a member to view.)

Official Characters Pack (OCP)
Essential for enhancing your game, as it contains important files. A MUST.,10936.0.html

50 Roster Hack (50R)
Needed to have 50 characters on your roster at one time. Has a few issues.,10774.0.html

36 Roster Hack (36R)
Needed to have 36 characters on your roster at one time. Has virtually no issues.,10702.0.html

Mod Installation Guide
Informs you of how to install your mods to enhance your game. Must be a registered member to view.,10809.0.html

A unique system to use to enter your mods into your game. Alternative to XMLBCUI.,10597.0.html

MUA Character Mod Catalog
Find all kinds of Marvel characters to add to your game.,399.0.html

MUA Non-Marvel Mod & Booster Catalog
Find DC, Top Cow, Mortal Kombat, Japanese Anime, & various characters to add to your game.,6755.0.html

The Outsider's Crypt
Find the majority of mods here, but some secret content could be lurking...,8753.0.html

MUA Skin Thread Catalog
Find links to threads containing many skins and models for your characters.,10921.0.html

Mortal Kombat Katalog
Find links to warriors from the MK universe, and its own version of MUA.,10082.0.html

MUA Booster Catalog
Find links to various boosters for many Marvel & Non-Marvel characters.,4170.0.html

MUA Sound Pack Catalog
Find different & alternate voice files for your characters.,10888.0.html

The Outsider's Fix
A number change system that allows you to fix mods from clashing. Officially connected to the CCC.,8753.msg166312.html#msg166312

Ceamonks890's MUA, XML1 & XML2 Archives
Recommended only for players who can't find what they're looking for in the original modder threads and properly know how to install mods to begin with.,n2dwu8p6cd5rs/shared


If you are reading this, and you have the rank "New folks," this means that you have a limited mailbox, so if you keep sending people private messages, eventually we won't be able to respond back because your mailbox will be full. So, register by posting at the "Say Hello!" thread, which is located here: (,41.0.html) Once you do that, your rank will change, and you'll have access to the rest of the forum and have a much larger mailbox.

Please note that these are only compatible with the original 2006 port of MUA. They will not work on the "remastered" 2016 Steam version. Unsure which version you got? Check the game folder -- if you see .bin files and the exe file date is 2016, then you've got the "remastered" version that is useless here. Search ebay or Amazon to find and purchase the 2006 original port.


The Creation Station (Outsider's Loading Screens):,8839.0.html

Ceamonks890's Character Callouts:,10038.0.html

BLaw's Realism Mod:,3631.0.html

The Outsider's Team Stage Collections:

Hex-Edit Test:,8753.msg191895.html#msg191895

Title: Re: (IF YOU CAN'T REGISTER) Discord Server, Character Mods, Skins, & More
Post by: sbarth13 on July 06, 2018, 10:59am
woot! made the list. i probably won't do any new mods, but i''ve had a couple requests to 'update' a couple of them. just started looking them over last night.
Title: Re: (IF YOU CAN'T REGISTER) Discord Server, Character Mods, Skins, & More
Post by: MUALover on August 13, 2018, 11:11pm
Long time no see this amazing community, and thanks for creating this list, Outsider!
Title: Re: (IF YOU CAN'T REGISTER) Discord Server, Character Mods, Skins, & More
Post by: nephilim667 on December 11, 2018, 03:56pm

ssooooo has anyone made any pyro or extra mods for the new steam release of the mua. i hear the graphics had been updated but since i mainly play with only modded in characters i cant seem to play the game without it suddenly crashing to desktop. any info on this would be greatly appreciated