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Title: Beast Character Mod (Cohollow)
Post by: Cohollow on June 07, 2019, 04:15pm
:beast: Beast Character Mod :beast:

Brains meets brawn in this fully realized Beast mod. Built as an agile bruiser, Hank's well designed to go from target to target with ease. Attacks that afford a wide range of style and effects give Beast a solution to every problem. Right the wrong of Beasts absence as a playable character with this hella dope character mod! 




Edged Headbutt Swipes at target, before delivering a powerful headbutt with knockback.

Execution - Relatively basic like most starting attacks, with the added bonus of doing two strikes (each attack does less damage than your typical starter). The second hit can be directed to hit a second target and do knockback. Beast steps forward during attack instead of doing a short slide to the target, making the attack feel much smoother.

Furball Curled into a ball, Beast batters enemies on impact. (press and hold)

Execution - Much like any bruiser charge attack but with less damage, less knockback, and better turning. Well suited as a controlled travel attack. Good for travel as it unlocks early, allowing ep cost to be kept low.

Propeller Kick A spinning hand stand knocks nearby enemies off their feet.
Execution - Beasts signature radial attack, trips surrounding enemies. Well suited for tripping up surrounding enemies to give Beast a chance to get away from thick mobs. Also good at spreading hit effects due to the aoe.

Savage Shredder Spin forward, hitting multiple enemies with claws. Has a chance of doing a 'Deadly Strike' (33% instant hp loss)

Execution - The travel of this attack helps Beast close the gap on targets, and move away from less desirable confrontations. The deadly strike helps take down the health bars of enemies with high defenses and health. Hits multiple targets, giving deadly strike a better chance of being applied to an enemy.

Brutal Break Cripple surrounding enemies, slowing them for a time, then stuns the target with a powerful thrust.

Execution - A very useful attack for crowd control and interruption. The first strike hits surrounding enemies for slow while the second attack does a full stun, allowing Beast to direct further interruption and damage on the most troublesome enemy of a group. Full control allows the easy lining up of the second strike.

Maul Beast launches forward, knocking back enemies where he lands.

Execution - Beasts final attack has great travel speed and quick recovery time. During the roll at the end of his lunge, Beast can be directed to hit desired targets rather effectively. Well suited for any range, this attack can knock back enemies near and far.


CORROSIVE CONCOCTION Throws exploding canisters of a deadly mixture, doing radiation damage over time.

Execution - Radiation damage helps deal with enemies that would typically resist Beasts attacks. Hits targets in a large forward arc like Cyclops' optic rage, but has large explosion radius that can hit targets several feet behind Beast. Canisters are wildly random and diverse allowing full area coverage. Some will pierce, and have different velocities, angles, and spread.

BEASTIAL AWAKENING Beast resurrects himself from the dead if he dies within boost lifetime.

Execution - Just like Sabretooth and Wolverines revive Xtremes


Berserk The animal within is let loose, adding bleed damage to all physical attacks for a time.

Execution - Powers that hit as many enemies as possible are a great way to spread this bleed damage.

Formulate Beast coordinates the team, reducing EP cost, and increasing the level of all skills.

Execution - Formulate is the other side of the boost coin. The reduced EP helps to counteract the cost of increased skills. I've never had a desire to use skill increasing boosts with anyone as i tend to keep my powers at an affordable skill level. Anyone who feels the same may enjoy this version of this boost type.


Uncaged Instincts and cunning allow an increase in attack and critical hit chance. Increases to reveal cloaked enemies (level 7).

Execution - The increase to critical chance makes this type of passive more useful for those who don't get much use out of attack due to their play style.

Tameless Reflexes Increases chance to dodge melee attacks. Increases to unlock double jump attacks (level 7).

Execution - By far my favorite passive for its added agility moves. The double jump results in radial damage upon landing. The dodge chance and ability to jump off walls with the double jump is a big help for keeping from getting cornered. Some locations are no longer out of reach with the help of double jump.

Leadership Increases entire teams combo xp gain, and critical chance

Execution - as expected

Might Can lift heavy objects and damage reinforced walls.

Execution - as expected

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration rate.

Execution - as expected


 - can throw Wolverine
 - uses two skeletons
 - Any feedback would be wonderful, let me know if you have problems, questions, or ideas


Original Mod




Continued thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!
Title: Re: Beast Character Mod (Cohollow)
Post by: BaconWizard17 on June 07, 2019, 08:12pm
Very nice! I'll work on the character select portrait when I can
Title: Re: Beast Character Mod (Cohollow)
Post by: Cohollow on June 08, 2019, 04:57am
Thnx Bacon! no rush on the portrait my man.
Title: Re: Beast Character Mod (Cohollow)
Post by: Dream Weaver on June 09, 2019, 12:18pm
It's nice seeing Beast fight the NPCs and not die in two hits. Great work. He looks like a fun character to play and I like that "Corrosive Concoction" Xtreme of his.
Title: Re: Beast Character Mod (Cohollow)
Post by: Cohollow on June 10, 2019, 06:01am
thx dream weaver! I'm super happy with how he turned out, and can't wait to build the second version. The next version i make will use one skeleton and have more science based powers for a change of flavour, but that wont be for a good while