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Title: Jonny’s Voice Emporium (Includes a new and improved M, Gwenpool, and Speed!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on April 07, 2020, 12:00pm
Alright guys. At this point… I’m starting to get a good deal of voice mods out there. I’m guessing my stans wants to be able to get them all in the same place… so now you can!

From here on I’ll upload my voice packs and (as you can see the first of which below) voice upgrades right here. Don’t worry, those 1st few are still up with links to them right here:

Dani Moonstar:,10815.msg197925.html#msg197925
Falcon upgrade: *looks just below
M 2.0:,10845.msg201626.html#msg201626
Keeping them all there so no one loses them, but I can move the descriptions all here if you like. Again, I just don’t want anyone to lose access to the mods.

And here’s the one I’m uploading today, the previously alluded to voice upgrade. Better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission. Yes, I made a Falcon voice pack upgrade.

First I give credit to Panaka_69 for the original 8 sounds (this:

I added the last 30. Same MCU voice, complete with an Xtreme and even some banter! Definitely spices up the mod in the best way.

Get it here:

Simpler to install this time, I promise. So happy flying. And last but not least, have fun!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes a Falcon voice Upgrade!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on April 07, 2020, 12:39pm
Almost forgot! One of the taunts might catch your attention more than others 😂.
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes a Falcon voice Upgrade!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on April 13, 2020, 01:19pm
At long last, itís finally here. For years weíve wanted, noÖ needed a voice for this man. No need to call Tyrone for this one, though most of you call him :cd:Cloak, and he finally has a voice pack!!!

Best you use this if you donít have him already:,8753.msg169018.html#msg169018

Iíve given 31 sounds including an xtreme. 2 breaks too if you wanna add them. All with his MCU voice from when Cloak and Dagger (rest in the most peace) still had a show. Fingers crossed they come back as cameos in the other MCU shows, especially the Disney+ ones cause just fun. If this mod helps push their popularity toward that even a little then Iím elated I had a part in that.

Seriously, I know how long this has been anticipated and I know this might even complete some of your games. And for all whoíve been asking me, youíre welcome too. Part of the reason Iím releasing it a smidge early (donít worry, I still tested it, Iím not a monster). Really hope this rounds our games out.

Get it here:

More coming soon, maybe an update for this too down the line, Tandyís unique voice coming very very soon. Keep your eye out for surprises too.

And last but never least, HAVE FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes the elusive Cloak Voice Pack!!!!!!)
Post by: JubilationLee on April 14, 2020, 11:17am
Oh my. Will have to test this out soon

Can't wait for Tandy :)
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes the elusive Cloak Voice Pack!!!!!!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on April 16, 2020, 04:49pm
Ever wanted a unique voice that cuts through the game? Like I donít know maybeÖ a  :cd:Dagger? Well if your name is Tandy you finally have one!

30 sounds, 5 breaks, some banter, and 2 extremes. From the posthumous Cloak and Dagger show so itís the MCU voice. Again hope they come back as cameos in the other MCU shows, especially the Disney+ ones cause thatís just fun. Would love to be a force towards that.

From my experience Tandy is one of the most powerful mods in the game. Like not even playin. So she should be differentiated from the cloned voice she used up until now, itís only right.

Get it here:

More coming soon, probably going back to my mutant roots. Keep your eye out.

And last but not leastÖ have FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes the elusive Cloak Voice Pack!!!!!!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on April 20, 2020, 07:12pm
As my bebe Katie Nolan once said ĎNo one cares but I donít care.í As in no one cares that much about thisÖ but I donít care, I made this anyways! Thatís probably the best way to describe this modÖ but I made it anyway! Jono Starsmore AKA Chamber  :chamber: finally has a voice!

If you donít have the Chamber mod yet, do yourself a favor:,878.msg20445.html#msg20445

Iíve over 35 sounds and 2 xtremes. If you know you know, Chamber is a bit of a rough british character so his voice accurately reflects that. Cockney dialect with all your favorite English slang in there too.

And lol itís my firstÖ well you know. But then again I havenít read the latest New Mutants and given the times and progressive moves of late I donít really know if Jono is straight 🤔. Whatever, Iíll find out one day. 

Get it here:

More mutant voices soon, and Iím coming up with more ideas as well.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes the elusive Cloak Voice Pack!!!!!!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on May 06, 2020, 03:41pm
I evíthgim koot a L tub míi ytterp erus ydobon dluoc llet. And Iím making good on a promise from many months ago. Some of you may remember one of the better (and only) live X shows out there, The Gifted. Sadly it only lasted two seasons, but left a long lasting impact for all who watched it. I learned more and about and came to like many characters from that show, but none more than their most powerful mutant, their green haired bebe. A heavy metal princess  :polaris: with more than an X-Factor, Iíve finally concocted a unique voice for Lorna Dane AKA Polaris!

Hereís the Polaris mod if you donít have it already:

Weíre packing 32 sound, including banter and xtremes (though Iíll let you decide on some of those). 6 breaks too, most Iíve ever done. All from The Gifted (rest in the most peace).

Always glad to give a unique voice to a character who didnít have one. While itís not as bad when a character doesnít have one at all, it is indeed messy to me! Differentiating is important and I hope this makes more Polaris fans and X-Factor fans.

Find it here:

As always more X voices are coming, unique and voices for the voiceless. Though I might start dedicating more time to character mod Iíve been working on, I also wonít abandon my voice stans! And remember you can always drop requests here or in the village. As you can see Iíll always get to them eventually. I promised this very mod waaaaaaay back in the M voice pack, and look where we are today! Anything can happen with enough time.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes the elusive Cloak Voice Pack!!!!!!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on June 10, 2020, 02:30pm
What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down! There goes that man again, making another New Mutant voice pack, but this time you might wanna say here goes that Xi'an again, or actually for the first time because finally Karma has a voice!

find the character mod if you don't have her already:,4304.msg125856.html#msg125856

I really went crazy on this, especially since I did this all in less than 24 hours. 48 sounds, most I've ever done I think? You can check. 6 breaks too! And while I usually don't say names cause I think I'll get sued (please please don't) I do want less confusion on that new fangled voice catalog... and I like to see fancy names on there. Due to the fact that she doesn't have any NCM (non comics media) representation with a voice yet and some of the similarities she and her share, I used the voice of Hayley Kiyoko. If anyone is lucky enough to know who that is or be fan of hers like me you'll understand what I mean.

Always glad to further fill out this New Mutants vocal roster, especially when it's one of the originals! And as you know I'm always down for enhancing the diversity of our mods, this time on multiple fronts I guess!

Find it here:

More fun in the sun coming up, including a special surprise!?! No no, I've said too much. I'll never talk! You're just gonna have to wait like everyone else. But not too long, and that's all I'll say!

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes Cloak, Dagger, Polaris, and Karma!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on July 12, 2020, 12:50pm
GUYS! I posted a special anniversary mod! Take a look!,10911.msg199190.html#msg199190
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes Cloak, Dagger, Polaris, and Karma!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on September 04, 2020, 11:18am
After 2 months with no mods, It was time to come home. I know I know, some of you were starting to get worried about me (can't say I blame you with the year we've been having), but you can sleep easier now, I'm fine. I've even popped another voice cherry to prove it! Lately I've been getting into the 2000s New Mutants and back into New X-Men. I noticed a few of them have mods on here... but almost none of them have voices. Like I once did with her x roommate, I continue to change that today! The only people who are gonna need a protector from this Surge :surge: are the enemies of Noriko Ashida because she finally has a voice!

This is the one I mean if you're not familiar:,2144.msg42458.html#msg42458

I make so many sounds, I got decibel overdose. It's the nifty 52 sounds, yes that's a record for me. I had so many that I didn't even finish the other second up cause I already had enough sounds before it was done! Given the uniqueness of her voice, how it fits with more aggressive characters and me trying to accurately represent ethnicities, Michaela Dietz was pretty much made for this. I feel should warn you, this bebe has a medium but still quite noticeable bit of profanity in it. Doubt that'll stop you, but I thought you'd wanna know.

Crushing it again with the X-WOCs, cause they deserve it! Plus I'm really starting to get into those guys more, probably gonna finish the series. Imagine if I really end up liking her and then remember back to this!

Find it here:

Idk what's next, probably some of her teammates. Maybe some of them can get in the game once I get matching down (looking at you the concept of matching powerstyles code with talents)... and modeling or at least converting models from other games. But that's neither here nor there! All I know for sure is someone from my alternates roster is gonna be next... keep your eye out.

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes Cloak, Karma, and Surge!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on August 19, 2021, 12:13pm
But when the world needed him most... he returned.

Itís been a long time, I shouldnít have left you without a strong rhyme to step to (although I did leave you with some pretty strong rhymes in boost beats, no idea if youíre stepping to them). Thatís right, I have comeback from a very long hiatus that only started because boy do 8 hour jobs take a lot out of you. But like Magneto and most of his family I just will not stay gone!

So as you guys know I like to keep my voices accurate to the characters theyíre for, at least as far as ethnicity, personality, and other factors if I can. Problem is I started doing that on my SECOND mod! I retroactively realized I kinda dropped the ball on my first, and on one of my favorite demographics. So I made another one!

Introducing the second ever original voice for Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix AKA M!

This is her mod if you need it:,8753.msg179476.html#msg179476

Weíre looking at 50 sounds (11 more than last time) and a wopping 8 breaks! I really gave in to the boujeeness on this one, like before, maybe even a little more this time! All voiced by one of my favorite celebrities. She's got a point, sheís an icon, sheís a legend, and she is the moment. Now come on now. Itís Ziwe Fumudoh!! Itís giving princess, itís giving Monetís true personality. 

I'm glad I still got it btw, I was worried I might have lost my touch. But as you'll hear, I'm still the Kang of voices.

Get it here:

Really hope this gets me back into modding. I have time now! And I donít just mean voicing, Iím gonna keep trying, for us. I know my stans wanna keep stanning, so Iím gonna try to keep the mods modding. I got what you need imma give it to you baby!

And last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes Karma, Surge and a new and improved M!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on August 20, 2021, 02:06pm
Back so soon? Yes, we are.

Ngl, imma keep it quick and easy today. So as you guys know the legend of Outsider twice had a secret set of mods, and he told all not to spoil. So I didn't, even though I knew what it had to offer. On the second secret set was one of my favorite characters, and y'all know me, if the voice ain't original i'll always be tempted to... make one. So I did, over a year ago, keeping this secret (along with the boost beats secret of this character that I told you about on,10911.msg201600.html#msg201600). When I found out he released it I knew i could now strike.

It's the Gwen Poole voice, not to not be confused with the Gwenpool voice!

Get her here:

We're rocking a magical 29 sounds, 3 breaks, ya know, the essentials. I may come back with an update but don't hold me on that. All voiced by peppy Janice Kawaye that just sounds exactly how the character looks.

I swear this is the last secret... for now.

Get it here:

Keep an eye out for 1 more release in the next day or two, then I gotta sort my mind out on what I want. I'm thinking I may cut up FATWS. I may also release my team bonus content, very untraditional, It has teams and sounds you didn't even know you needed.

And last but not least HAVE FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes Karma, a new and improved M, and Gwenpool!)
Post by: Jonnydragon88 on August 26, 2021, 11:19pm
So, as yíall know, Iíve been outta the game for a little. But around the beginning of that break I was working on a mod. Pretty much finished it so Iíve had this baby in the chamber for months and months. In the 11th hour of this break it hits me: this fits way better with this character then sayÖ Josh. So made the tedious (actually it wasn't that bad) necessary changes and the rest was history.

At long last, we finally have he voice of Speed AKA Tommy Shepard AKA Spoiler
Tommy Maximoff
if you really wanna get technical, but thatís a story for another day.

This is Speed:

Weíre coming in hawt with with 54 sounds, 10 breaks! Fitting pretty well with that personality, and coming with the excitement too. All voiced by the amazing Ben Schwartz who as some of you know isnít voicing his first super speed character 😉.

Thatís 5 down, 2 to go in the royal family department. Maybe one day Iíll get to do voices for Anya and Luna (I doubt the former but the later has a shot of the ole Marvel trend of turning heroís kids into something serious many years later, of which Tommy is).

Get it here:

And thatís the end of the comeback era! Now we can start getting back to normal. Probably gonna post some band aids that will become popular enough to be cures before I can get together some MCU VOICES! Is this one of those? Will I post the not even 1 minute of dialogue that MCU Speed has spoken in WandaVision? Duck around and find out!

And last but not least HAVE FUN!
Title: Re: Jonnyís Voice Emporium (Includes a new and improved M, Gwenpool, and Speed!)
Post by: Outsider on September 06, 2021, 06:31pm
I can certainly appreciate the Aaliyah reference... I miss baby girl. (R.I.P.) I will check out what you've done with Monet and Gwenpool's voices.