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Title: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: Ninja Kyden on December 22, 2020, 04:52pm

Dark Phoenix:,10997.msg200537.html#msg200537

Difficulty Mod:,10997.msg200660.html#msg200660

Title: Re: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: Ninja Kyden on December 22, 2020, 05:34pm

Stryfe is the villain who got me into Marvel when I was a kid.  I saw him on the cover of some comics at the grocery store in the early 90's and thought he was so cool-looking.  When I saw there wasn't a mod of him, despite him being in XML2 as a boss, I knew he would become my first mod.

I designed him with lots of utility and power in mind, given that he's the clone of Cable with more raw power to spare, thanks to not being infected with the techno-organic virus.  Given Stryfe's upbringing by Apocalypse and his cruelty, he feels empowered when he hurts enemies, replenishing a small portion of his EP with every attack.  To balance this out, he has generally higher EP costs and lower EP regeneration from his passive.

-7 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-5 skins with HUDs and sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #50.

1. Terrorkinesis: Telekinesis with fear.
2. Kinetic Rush: Charge tackle that stuns.
3. Concussive Blasts: Projectile attack; charge for more blasts.
4. Mind Melt: Radial attack that causes bleeding and stuns/nullifies.
5. Psionic Blast: Mental beam attack with a chance to kill.
6. X-Cutioner's Rage: Immobilizes enemies and causes bleed.  Can drain health.
7. Force of Will:  Powerful radial attack that can convert and then kill.
8. (Xtreme) Legacy Virus: Causes massive damage over time and slows.
9. (Boost) Telekinetic Force Field: Protective barrier.
10. (Boost) Psychic Enhancement: Speeds up team and adds mental damage to melee attacks.

Julio Cabral (Cable)
UltraMegaMagnus (MFF Stryfe)
Additional thanks to BaconWizard17
Special shout-out to Ceamonks890 for original voice acting on Stryfe, it's incredibly impressive!
Another shout-out to Hemlot for walking me through voice and sound file creation!
**Installation Instructions**
Additional thanks go to Cohollow for trouble-shooting with me on Stryfe's powerstyle
And to BaconWizard17 for walking me through so many things on my first mod

Title: Re: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: BaconWizard17 on December 22, 2020, 05:38pm
Congrats on your first release! Stryfe is awesome
Title: Re: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: Ninja Kyden on January 17, 2021, 12:08pm

Asgardians are invading XML2!  Hela is such a wickedly awesome character.  Now you can conquer XML2's Midgard with Hela and her minions.

This mod of Hela makes heavy use of her magical powers and was partly inspired by her Marvel Strike Force version, where she always has a minion with her.  I think this mod makes use of her powers in a unique way, creating an XML2 power set that is both original and fun.

-6 powers, 2 boosts, and 2 Xtremes.
-1 skin with sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #158.

Additional skins.

1. Mystical Mischief: Cause random debuffs.
2. Shock and Age: Chain lightning power that slows and weakens enemies.
3. Hand of Glory: Hela's signature death punch.
4. Knives Out: Lots and lots of knives.  With poison.
5. Darkest of Sorceries: Suck the energy and life out of enemies.
6. Hallelujah It's Raining Swords: More deadly than raining men.
7. (Xtreme) Hel Hath No Fury:  Unleash the cold of Niflheim.
8. (Xtreme) Dead Man's Party: Raise an army of the dead.  Also, summon Greg.
9. (Boost) Faster, Goddess! Kill! Kill!: Speed up Hela and slow down enemies.
10. (Boost) Zombie Ragnarok: Because zombie apocalpyses are overrated.

Additional thanks to UltraMegaMagnus
LucasFernandesBR (from his MUA1 Hela mod)
Whiteking (from his XML2 Emma Frost mod)
**Installation Instructions**
Additional thanks for effects wizards that came before me, go to nodoubt_jr and Cohollow

Title: Re: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: Ninja Kyden on February 10, 2021, 08:23pm

Bigger. Badder. Darker!  HOTTER!  Rising from the ashes of her PSP conversion, a new Dark Phoenix mod arises.  With enhanced and new effects and new and modified, upgradeable powers, burn down the world of XML2.

Dark Phoenix is actually the character who got me into modding.  While playing with her PSP conversion mod, certain things bothered me.  So, I started playing around with her talents file, and then her powerstyle file, and started to get the hang of things from studying those.  Next thing I know, I'm creating a mod of Stryfe!  And now, I've come full circle by releasing an updated mod of Dark Phoenix.

To encourage leveling up powers, I've designed it so that certain features unlock when a power is leveled up to a certain level.  For example, level up Dark Phoenix's first power and it can stun enemies.  Level up her third power, and it can charge and has more fireballs.  In addition, some powers affect other powers and melee finishers.

I couldn't resist giving Dark Phoenix a malicious version of telekinesis, but her main powerstyle is already pretty heavy at 24 kb.  So, an alternate powerstyle and talents file are included.  However, be cautious, because they are larger files than usual.  To use her original 2nd power, Erode Mind, with the alternate powerstyle, it can be used by combo'ing from her trip attack (trip attack is light-heavy-light), by using an extra light attack (so do light-heavy-light-light).  There are also other secret combos to be found once the other powers are unlocked.  This is useful for people who play with a controller.

-7 powers, 2 boosts, and 2 Xtremes.
-Multiple skins with sound/voice file.  Alternate skins also included.
-Uses assigned number #02.

None.  But would love feedback!

1. Psychic Surge: Cause mental damage.  Upgrades to stun.
2. Erode Mind: Damage over time.  Upgrades to drain EP and lower enemy defense.
2 alt. Telekinetic Siphon: Telekinesis that upgrades to drain health.
3. Inferno Blast: Throw a fireball.  Upgrades to throw more fireballs.
4. Mind Over All That Matters: Lift enemies into the air.  Upgrades to slam them down and cause damage over time.
5. Phoenix Rage: Incinerate foes.  Upgrades to drain health.
6. Dark Phoenix Force: Convert enemies.  Upgrades for a chance to kill.
7. Space Warp Inferno: Teleport around.  Upgrades to stun enemies and cause them to explode.
8. (Xtreme) Consume All:  Catastrophic damage and chance to kill.
9. (Xtreme) Dark Goddess: Become invincible and increase damage to go on a killing spree!  Upgrades to increase talent levels.
10. (Boost) Cosmic Shield: Absorb damage.  Lots of damage.  Upgrades to grant extra protective effects.
11. (Boost) Life Steal: Previously known as Energy Absorb 2.  Upgrades to drain EP with all attacks like a proper boost.

**Dark Phoenix PSP conversion**
Couldn't have done this without Matt710 converting the PSP version of Dark Phoenix
New, beautiful skins befitting a Dark Goddess by BaconWizard17
Outsider (from his MUA booster)
**Installation Instructions**
Maegawa (skin swapping)
Additional thanks for effects wizards that came before me, go to Erik Lensherr, nodoubt_jr, and Edward

Title: Re: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: BaconWizard17 on February 11, 2021, 12:35pm
Congrats on the release!
Title: Re: Ninja Kyden's Mods
Post by: Ninja Kyden on February 22, 2021, 09:25pm

This mod increases the difficulty of all enemies in XML2.  The regular ones and all bosses.  It increases their attack, defense, health, and damage.  In most cases, those have been increased by x1.5.

This is a work in progress, so PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK.