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Title: A World Where MUA is Bigger & Better (AKA: The "Earth-7150" of Real Life)
Post by: Cyborg Sun on May 30, 2022, 09:02pm
We all love Marvel Ultimate Alliance (and if you don't, what are you even doing here!?), but much unused data in the final game's code (and even more in the Marvel Legends prototype) suggests that the game was originally going to be much, much bigger. Now, there's something to be said about there being "too much", and it's always better to leave some doors open for future games. Thing is, though, MUA 1 ended up being the very last Marvel game of this style made by Raven, making it a one-of-a-kind game.

So... what if instead of whatever ideas Raven had for a sequel getting scrapped in favor of a Civil War adaptation, they were told, "Hey, this is going to be the very last Marvel game you make. We are giving you a more generous deadline (Perhaps late 2007, an additional year of development time), and none of these characters have any legal issues surrounding them. Go crazy, and add whatever content you want." Yes, this version of MUA would include more of the cut playable characters, cut levels, cut bosses, etc. Did I just make an "Earth-7150" for real life? Uh... yeah, I guess I did.

But get this... what if in this heavenly timeline, not only does Raven achieve this grand vision of MUA, but the game becomes a massive success. Like, ok, yeah MUA was successful, but this version is, like... woah. Clearly, they had a strong marketing campaign... and they need to capitalize on it.

Yes, it's still Raven's last Marvel game, but that doesn't mean they're done with Marvel. No, in this timeline, the game's success leads them to making DLC on the consoles that support it (not just the Xbox 360, like in real life... also, sorry, past gen versions, still no DLC, but the Wii at least gets Link and Samus). There is a lot more being offered than just a couple outsourced character packs... there are now whole new levels, new stories and maybe even modes to actually use those fancy new characters on, rather than just the same old levels from the base game. Maybe an "X-Men Legends" DLC pack is made, bringing back the levels and characters from those games?

This goes on for years... so much so, in fact, that the game is eventually ported to future consoles. Now Link and Samus can play with the DLC... but they're still Nintendo exclusive (sorry, but I gotta sacrifice something for this perfect vision, so the Big N are still jerks). However, who's to say other consoles don't eventually get their own 2 exclusive characters to match in future ports? And perhaps, the more ports there are, the more exclusive characters are added (maybe the Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series ports gain an additional guest or two, and so on and so forth...). Heck, let's get crazy and say the Steam port even has their own exclusives (most likely from Valve).

...Oh yeah, and there's still a modding community for the original PC version, with both an OCP and OLP (Official Levels Pack). Again, some sacrifices are made, and I imagine the OG PC community is pretty miffed they didn't get any DLC. Also, the OCP has all the console exclusive guest characters included, so you still have a way to bring them all together. And yes, because of how the DLC and future porting is handled, no sequels are made (Who needs them when you can already do level expansions?). Now, a lot of the DLC would eventually boil down to promotions for the "new hotness" in terms of comics and movies, especially once you go into the far future of the game's life, but oh well. And hey, maybe the game's success and DLC life would cause a butterfly effect, changing how the MCU is handled and causing the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters to not get thrown in the trash for a few years like in real life. Who knows?

It's like I said... the is the "Earth-7150"... of real life itself. Where Ultimate Alliance becomes even more Ultimate and lives a much longer life than many would expect or ever dream of. Which characters and levels would you like to see added to this magical alternate version of the game?