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Title: Nil's XML2 PSP Texture Pack
Post by: Nilrogram on August 04, 2022, 01:23pm
Hello, and Welcome to my XML2 PSP Texture Pack page. Here you will be able to download a texture pack made for X-Men Legends 2 on the PSP. This will unfortunately only work on the PPSSPP version, as they are visual to the emulator's texture replacement only. If I decide sometime in the future to learn how to convert these skins to actual files, I will release them here. This pack will replace almost every character in the game, using new skins such as:                                  :colossus: Colossus becomes  :hulk_icon: The Hulk (Full skill retexture),  :sunfire: Sunfire becomes the  :magma: magma form (Lava), :xman: X-Man becomes :genis: Captain Marvel, and :stark: Iron Man's MK5 suit. (See examples here: I hope you enjoy!

Please do not modify or release my work without permission!