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Misc. Modifications / Re: Cyborg Sun's Misc. Factory
Last post by Cyborg Sun - June 18, 2024, 09:42PM

This is a loadscreen I made of the badass artwork from the recently announced Marvel Vs. Capcom Fighting Collection. By default, this replaces the Act 1 extraction loadscreen, but you can rename the IGB file and use it for something else if you want.


Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: (My) Nexus Mods
Last post by Mynexus92 - June 17, 2024, 08:52PM
Update 06/17/24

Going to tackle some more retro designs, as well as fill in some missing characters. Fresh from the 90's (and early 2000's) we've got: Black Cat (Classic), Daredevil (Fall From Grace), Echo (Ronin), Falcon (Captain America), Hawkeye (Ronin), Iron Man (Modular), Mockingbird (New Avengers), Prowler (3 Variations), Silver Sable, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man (Spider Armour), Thing (Classic Alt, and Future Foundation), War Machine (MvC), Winter Soldier (Captain America), Wolverine (Classic), and X-23 (Classic).

Edit: I added the Marvel Vs Capcom War Machine as a fun reminder of an older era, and what does Nintendo reveal today? It's Mahvel baby!
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: (My) Nexus Mods
Last post by Mynexus92 - June 17, 2024, 08:41PM
Quote from: Ceamonks890 on June 16, 2024, 10:03PMWhere are Captain America's files at? Don't seem to be available.

I'm not sure how I missed that, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

On an unrelated note, thanks for all the awesome work you've done. You've brought life to so many characters, including my all-time favourite Kaine. Thanks again.
Misc. Modifications / Re: Remastered Interface - Upd...
Last post by ak2yny - June 17, 2024, 06:41AM
Another small update, because I made a mistake with the big font (non-title font). Copyright and other symbols should work correctly now.
Notes: The blue SHIELD logo was replaced by "...". The logo's occurrences in objectives has been checked and it works (as it is in the RE). There might be non-objective occurrences, but we aren't aware of any. Similarly, the special "X" and "!" symbols were replaced with special letters used for translations. We aren't aware of any occurrences of these either.
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: (My) Nexus Mods
Last post by Ceamonks890 - June 16, 2024, 10:03PM
Where are Captain America's files at? Don't seem to be available.

After hearing a tip about something big about to go down, photojournalist Frank West went to the quiet little town of Willamette, Colorado. He arrived in town in a helicopter observing the scene, at first thinking riots occured in the streets he soon found out the truth as he landed on the roof of Willamette Parkview Mall...
The city has been infested with zombies! And now, they have broken into the mall! Using everything he can get his hands on from hockey sticks to CDs to mannequins, Frank fought his way through hordes of zombies, saving survivors and uncovering the truth along the way.
Frank eventually unearthed the truth and escaped Willamette with his life and camera in hand, but not without a cost. He has been infected and through the help of an individual known as Isabela Keyes, they developed a vaccine that stops the infection for every 24 hours it's injected.
Three weeks after the incident, Frank tried to expose those responsible for the incident but was quickly buried due to lack of sufficent evidence, but the government was forced to admit their involvement in the incident.

Around a year after the whole incident, things would only get stranger as Frank found himself pulled into a portal as a result of the actions of a creatue known as Yami.
While assisting in the fight aganist this ancient evil creature hellbent on consuming time and space, he found himself fighting alongside many heroes like Ryu, MegaMan Volnutt, Joe the Condor and Tekkaman.
Getting a group shot of himself with everyone after the battle he affectionately calls "Ultimate All-Stars", Frank would hold onto this photo fondly. Knowing he won't be able to really convince any news outlets with this, he would simply glance at it from time to time to remind himself of his fantastical journey.

Next year, Frank would become somewhat famous for his escapades. To the point of many people considering him a "badass who kicks ass and takes names" but Frank would kindly correct them on being nothing more than an honest journalist doing his job.
Finding what happened after Willamette somewhat bittersweet, Frank used the opportunities presented to him to get further in journalism and grow his outlet. Even taking on having his own TV show despite it not normally being his scene.
Frank eventually would come to know about Rebecca Chang, who had been on the tail of suspicions abouıt government covering up small, contained zombie out-breaks in the midwest.
Deciding to finally go back to field reporting after being in the celebrity status for so long, Frank would get in touch with her and soon both would make their to Fortune City, Nevada, which they believe  to be their best bet.

Soon Frank would find himself saving a man named Chuck Greene surronded by zombies. Believing him to be the culprit behind the Fortune City outbreak, Frank proceeds to confront Chuck about it, who in return would explain that he has been framed.
Believing his claims, soon the two of them would make their way to Phenotrans facility to meet a client of Frank's and help gain evidence to clear Chuck's name. Soon they would find out this source is none other than Isabela Keyes herself...
After a confontration and a possible permanent cure being lost, Frank and Chuck find themselves on a hill outside of the facility...Chuck ponder the difference a cure would make while Frank considers it could easily have been fake.
Frank notices he lost the now mass-produced suppressing vaccine, Zombrex in the facility. Only for Chuck to hand him his spare one, telling him: "The world still needs Frank West."

Having gone his own way...Frank would soon find himself sucked himself into another multiversal adventure...reuniting with not only the likes of Ryu and Chun-Li but meeting more superheroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, even forming a friendly rivarly with the former over their mutual profession of photojournalism.
This time helping in the fight against the giant planet eater known as Galactus as a result of the actions of the villains known as Doctor Doom and Albert Wesker. Frank looks up and wonders how does he gets himself into these situations.
Smirking to himself, he readies his camera and weapons to go into this adventure fully prepared and determined to come out with some nice photos, regardless of their believeability in his home world.

After defeating Galactus and having made his zombie escapades known to the team, Frank is approached by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Reed doesn't take long straight to the point...
He tells Frank about an alternate universe where all the superheroes of the world have mutated into zombies and are trying to cross over to this dimension...trusting his experience and skills with handling them, Reed asks Frank if he would be willing to help.
Surprised and even considering the fact that he'll be taking on superpowered and intelligent zombies, he accepts with sheer determination as they head into the zombie infested universe to put a stop to it.
Along the way...he meets another chainsaw-wielding mall experienced undead slaying man who seems really out of place here....after a brief run-in and going their own ways, Frank helps put a stop to the zombie universe and save the day through the help of Reed and Uatu the Watcher.

Frank would have another run-in with a multiversal event as he would help stop the likes of Ultron, Sigma and the combined Ultron-Sigma alongside many faces, old and new.

Back home, sitting up and watching TV one night, Frank would think about all the crazy adventures he has been on since Willamette. Not many developments happening since Fortune City, he would even briefly considering teaching photography classes....when suddenly!
Frank would suddenly get up in shock at a blue portal appearing in front of his couch. "Woah!" he would claim...before realizing it's a sight he's all too familiar with..."Another one, huh?". Frank would think to himself. "I've been going away a lot lately...wish I could be uncovering more things back here..."
But thinking it over, he decideds to chin up as that irresistable calling of a scoop would come to Frank's ears again. "But if it's the entire multiverse that's in danger once can count me in!". Frank would quickly go and change into his clothes, equipping himself with his weapons and trusty camera, he'd look at the portal with confidence as he rests his bat on his shoulder.

"Alright, let's get this show on the road!". Frank would bravely hop into the portal as it closes behind him...soon he found himself landing with a thud on a giant floating metal ship. Rising up and looking around, Frank would recognize the place from his past adventures..."It's the hellicarrier! Must be those guys again...probably that Parker kid is here too."
Looking around, he spots a group of heroes he has fought with before "Speak of the devil....", Frank says to himself. "Alright then, I don't know what big bad villain we're taking on this time but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this!"
Readying his weapons, combat skills AND trusty camera, Frank would take off in the direction of the fighting heroes to cover himself yet another war.

MINOR UPDATE! (July 13, 2024): Powerstyle changed & "p8_aura" effect added. Herostat is unchanged.
- "Mega Man Rising" now has an aura to indicate that it's active. Also got rid of a redundant trigger.

- 6 Powers, 2 Boosts and 1 Xtreme.
- 4 hex-edited skins, 3 HUDs (with 2  alternate HUDs), 3 loading screens, icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using TJ Rotolo's voice from Dead Rising 1 & Marvel vs. Capcom games.
- Announcer call and 5 Breaks for x_voice
- Uses assigned number #116 (clashes with Byrrah, Quake & Lily Bloomerchen on mannequin & loadscreens)

1. Chainsaw Slash: Frank swings the small chainsaw he got from Adam the Clown at the enemy, dealing good damage. Also upgrades his Grab Smash.
2. Servbot Slamdown: Frank slams a Servbot head rigged with explosives on an enemy he grabs and pushes 'em off. Serving in 3, 2, 1...
3. Roundhouse Kick: Frank kicks the enemy straight in the jaw. They're not that different from the zombies when you think about it...
4. Giant Swing: Frank grabs a nearby enemy and swings them around before throwing them far with the release of the button!\nNot too shabby, huh? (Hold to Keep Spinning).
5. Double Chainsaw: Frank gets out 2 small chainsaws and spins them around, turning the enemies into minced meat (Hold to Keep Spinning).
6. Home Run: Frank gets out a baseball bat and charges it up, releasing it to hit the enemies with a home run! (Chargable).
7. (Boost) Quickstep: Made from his own recipe of blended wine and beer, Frank drinks a cup of Quickstep. Gaining faster movement speed and giving himself regenerative health for a time.
8. (Boost)  Mega Man Rising: Frank changes into his Mega Man suit, equipped with the REAL Mega Buster. Allowing him to shoot beams with Attack button and deal more attack and power damage!
9. (Xtreme) Real Mega Slam: Frank charges up his Mega Buster and fires it with a slam to the ground, creating a large focus of energy that hurts and stuns all enemies.  If the enemy is already stunned, then the energy will critically hit for 50% of their life.

Smile! - Press Smash while blocking to take a photo and gain PP! If an enemy is nearby, they will be dizzy for a short time.
Zombie Slaying Tunes - Press Jump while blocking to play one of three music tracks!

SKINS (11612, 11614-11615):
1. Dead Rising 1
2. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
3. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Fourth Skin (11613) should be obvious by now

- He's covered wars, y'know.
- This mod uses a minute worth of 3 tracks, Gone Guru by Lifeseeker, Fly Routine by Hostile Groove and Frank's Theme from UMVC3 by Hideyuki Fukasawa. I claim no ownership of these tracks.
- Xtreme sound effect comes from Akuma in UMVC3
- Servbot explosion sound effect comes from Chris in UMVC3

SuperMaster10 - Mod Creation, Coding, Skins, HUDs, Boltons, Mannequin, Loading Screens, Icons & Banner, Effect Customization etc.
ProfEscanor – Photo Animation & Drinking Animation
Outsider – Upgradable Grab Smash System, Music Script, "Back to the Future" Boost  from his Cable Booster, "Snap, Chuckle & Pop" coding & effect from Cassie Cage
Ceamonks890 – Princess Heart Boost coding from Cheryl Mason
Enchlore – X-Buster effect and coding from Mega Man X

ArmachamCorp & Bringess – Ripping DR1 Model & Reuploading, respectively
JSRRemix - Ripping UMVC3 Model
senjen – Ripping OTR Frank, DR1 Small Chainsaw & DR1 Servbot Mask
Markee - Ripping TVC Model
RyuAensland - Ripping Mega Man Volnutt Model from Mega Man X Dive
Avertureiromax - Shotgun Bolton
Julio Cabral – Baseball Bat Bolton from Casey Jones
jason 278 & George_the_crab - Ripping DR2 OTR Quickstep & Reuploading, respectively
8Tey & Crimson Fury – Ripping / Uploading DR1 Frank Voicelines
RandomTalkingBush – Ripping UMVC3 Frank Voice
Mysticus & NinjaGrump – Ripping MVCI Frank Voice
Interstellar Star Sailor – Ripping Dead Rising 1 Sound Effects
Nai255 – Ripping Mega Man NES Sounds
Free Sound Effects – Anime Shine Sound Effect

If the Xtreme is activated when the Mega Man Rising boost is in use, it will make the costume disappear anyway. However, you can still tell the boost is active by the aura around Frank
and the buffs and beam will still function as intended for the duration of the boost, he just won't be in costume anymore.
I couldn't really find a way to fix or filter this, so I recommend just being mindful of this when using one or the other if this bothers you.

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.

I've covered wars, y'know:
Quote from: adamjm1990 on June 10, 2024, 02:39PMAwesome work, I love these!
Glad to hear that man, Thank You!
Mod Releases and Conversions / Enigma's Mister Fantastic Mod
Last post by Enigma - June 14, 2024, 05:00PM
:fantastic: Enigma's Mister Fantastic Mod v1.0 :fantastic:

This is my Mister Fantastic mod. It contains the following:

*By default, Mister Fantastic's voicepack in MUA1 is almost completely empty. He has 1 bored, 2 can't go, 3 cmd attack any, 3 cmd attack target, 3 cmd follow, 4 respaffirm, 6 stats, 7 Orbital Attack Xtreme callouts (none of which have echoes on them like they're supposed to), and his Menu Breaks are in the file for some reason. All other types of lines are missing.
-I've expanded his voicepack as much as possible by repurposing the Menu Breaks, repurposing the Stats lines which are a type of line XML2 doesn't use, and adding more lines from his unique conversations, all voiced by David Naughton.
-I've also added his MUA1 Dark NPC's unique Death grunt and 3 Pain grunts.
-I've added reverb to his Orbital Attack Xtreme callouts, which by default don't have any echo on them.
*I made a HERBIE Xtreme callout voiced by Tara Strong as HERBIE from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1.
*Pinball use its MUA1 power sounds.
-The PC version of 2 of his 3 Pinball impact sounds had a loud unfixable audio pop at the end of it and 1 was much lower volume than the others. I replaced them with the PS2 versions, which aren't broken, and I rebalanced the audio level the 1 to match the other 2.
-By default, it had no sound that plays when he's rolling around. I've added 1 that's an unused power sound from the MUA1 Dark Mister Fantastic NPC that is labeled as being used for this power.
-The charge power sound also now plays when the power ends.
*Propeller Arms uses its MUA1 power sounds.
*Elastic Crush uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Rubberband Recoil uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Fantastic Fists uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Elastic Evasion uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Drastic Elastic uses 1 of its MUA1 charge sounds. It also uses 2 power sounds that it randomly picks between: its MUA1 power sound and an unused power sound from the MUA1 Dark Mister Fantastic NPC that is labeled as being used for this power.
*Fantastic Surprise uses 2 unused power sounds from the MUA1 Dark Mister Fantastic NPC.
*Orbital Attack uses its MUA1 charge sound and 1 of Cyclops's Marvel Heroes power sounds.
*HERBIE shares Orbital Attack's MUA1 charge sound and when he spawns, it randomly picks from among Orbital Attack's 4 MUA1 power sounds.

*He uses his MUA1 Retail PS2 skeleton.
-I've hex edited it to remove the unique Melee animations that didn't work properly in XML2. I made one of them his menu idle.
-I've hex edited the unique Melee animations I kept to work properly.
-I hex edited it so that Pinball's looping animation and his unique melee Trip animation will work properly.
*He has the generic passives Block and Leadership.
*He uses the wrestling fightstyle.
*He now has double jump.
*For all powers from MUA1 that I've used, as well as his unique Melee attacks, I've rebalanced them for XML2, recoded them to work in XML2, rewrote the power descriptions, rewrote the combo text (and added it in where it was missing), added in damage types where they were missing, and recoded the AI (and added it where it was missing).
-The XP increase that Psychohistory gives is less than any boosts any characters have that increase XP so that both types still useful and so that this passive isn't unbalanced.
*He has his MUA1 power Pinball.
-It now functions by holding the power button down to keep using it.
-It's now listed as a Charge instead of a Special.
*He has his MUA1 power Propeller Arms.
-It's now listed as a Charge instead of a Special.
-I added in the damage type where it was missing.
-The part that says it increases Melee damage actually just increases his attack damage for all powers. I've replaced this with an Attack Rating increase.
-I've completely recoded this power because the MUA1 version didn't stop properly and because overall it was coded in a strange and unnecessarily complex way that was preventing it from working properly.
*He has his MUA1 power Elastic Crush.
-It's now listed as a Melee power instead of a Projectile.
-Instead of doing more damage if the enemy is stunned, it now stuns enemies and has a chance for a Deadly Strike.
-It's description now says it does knockback and knockback now levels up.
-It now pierces through enemies.
*He has his MUA1 power Drastic Elastic.
-It's now a tap the button power instead of a hold the button power.
-It now trips enemies instead of knocking them back.
*He has his MUA1 boost Rubberband Recoil.
-It's now listed as a Radial instead of a Special.
-It's knockback now levels up.
-It's max range is now a static number that's larger.
-It can now affect enemies laying on the ground.
*He has his MUA1 boost Fantastic Fists.
-The increases Critical chance part now only affects non-powered Melee attacks.
*He has his MUA1 Xtreme Orbital Attack.
-It's now listed as a Blast.
-It no longer increases XP and damage.
-It now immobilizes any enemies who survive.
*I added a new 2nd Xtreme where he summons HERBIE.
*I added a new power called Fantastic Surprise.
*I added 3 new passives, Elastic Mastery, Psychohistory, and Vitality Capture.
*Unlike in MUA1, he doesn't have his unique Fastball Special, because it didn't work, and he can't be thrown by allies because the game allows you to do it when he's in the middle of using his powers, and if you do that, it causes problems.

*Since his default PS2 skins are in very bad shape, and since his none of his default PC or PS2 huds are accurate to what his skins look like, I've only included skins I've completely remade. I've also made custom huds and 3D heads for each of them.
*Due to many technical issues, he doesn't use separate skin files for his arms for the powers and melee attacks that use them in MUA1 (Propeller Arms, Elastic Crush, Drastic Elastic, melee light attack 1 2 and 3, melee trip 2) and instead uses arms built into his skins. This also allows him to use the giant fist boltons, which I've also done new versions of. The giant fists aren't compatible with the separate skin files in XML2 due to more technical issues.
*He uses his MUA1 icons, which depict his Ultimate Younger skin.
-He uses his unused icon, which I used for Fantastic Surprise.
-He uses BaconWizard17's higher quality version of the XML2 Block icon.
-I made new icons for Elastic Mastery, Psychohistory, and Vitality Capture.
-I made a new icon for HERBIE using some comic art.
*I've made a XML2-compatible version of his MUA1 loading screen and created a character select portrait using the art.
-This loading screen is not actually of his Ultimate skin, it's of his Marvel Adventures skin, which Raven didn't actually make.
*His unique melee Triple Hit uses its MUA1 effect.
*His unique melee Trip uses its MUA1 effect.
*Pinball uses its MUA1 trail effect and an impact effect I created.
*Propeller Arms uses its MUA1 effect.
-I removed the weird out of place dust cloud from it.
*Drastic Elastic uses its MUA1 effect.
*Rubberband Recoil uses its MUA1 effect.
-I removed the camera shake.
*Fantastic Surprise uses the same pylon model that Cyclops's Auto Artillery/Deploy Pylon power does as well as the XML2 Ultimate Patch versions of its effects.
*Fantastic Fists uses its MUA1 effect.
*Elastic Evasion uses its MUA1 effect.
*Orbital Attack uses its MUA1 effects.
-I recolored parts of both effects so that they would be blue like the rest of the effects instead of yellow.
*Since in MUA1, only his Orbital Attack Xtreme has an impact effect, I've created a new one to use for Pinball and Elastic Crush.
*Since there's no HERBIE skin, and since he did have versions in the comics where he was a normal humanoid robot with normal arms and legs, I've used the skin that was closest to that, has a Cel Shaded version, and isn't already a XML2 NPC, which is the MUA1 Prototype Ultron Striker.
*HERBIE uses the same charge effects as Orbital Attack. I created the effect that aura effect that's used when HERBIE appears and disappears.

*Menu Breaks: One of his default Menu Breaks mentions MUA1's plot so I've replaced it. Because his Menu Breaks are in an odd order, I've included them all renumbered so that replacing that one is easier.
*Non-Cel Shaded Assets: Non-Cel Shaded versions of the default skins and fists.
*Alternate Fists: Fist boltons for his Original, Classic, and Dark skins.

*BaconWizard17: higher quality Block icon, testing, troubleshooting
*Cates: idea to use giant fist boltons for Block.
*tubularspaceman: feedback, ideas
*a well known crackpot, JulioCabral, metal venger 1, One Below All, Phoenix, undertakrr, Vampyre: feedback
I've updated the following mods and boosters:
Cannonball, Captain Mar-Vell, Omega Red, Psylocke, X-Man

I've added the following new mod:
Mister Fantastic

I've added the following skins to Enigma's Skin Releases thread:
Mister Fantastic Classic Skins, Mister Fantastic Original Skin, Mister Fantastic Ultimate Dark Skin, Mister Fantastic Ultimate Older Skin, Mister Fantastic Ultimate Younger Skin
Mod Releases and Conversions / Re: Enigma's Skin Releases
Last post by Enigma - June 14, 2024, 04:48PM
:fantastic: Mister Fantastic MUA1 Classic Skins v1.0 :fantastic:


**These are my versions of Mister Fantastic's MUA1 Classic skin. I've fixed many issues with the original texture and model, including replacing the broken chest symbol part of the model with the much better version from the unused MUA1 Labcoat Ultimate skin.
*I've also given him a new and better skeleton.
*I've recreated this entire texture myself (except for the foot bottoms) by recoloring and modifying my fixed verion of his MUA1 Original skin texture.
*This costume has been inconsistently colored in the comics over the years. It's most recent use was on action figures, where it's been depicted as being blue and white sometimes and black and white other times, so I've done versions of both.
*I've made a completely new MUA1-style hud because there isn't an official hud that looks anything like this skin. I've also made a XML2-style hud.
*I made Cel Shaded and Non-Cel Shaded versions and a character select portrait.
-For the black and white version, I've done black Cel Shaded and blue Cel Shaded versions.
*I made new versions of his big fist boltons. I fixed issues with the models and made a new texture.
*Please note this skin has no separate arm skin files. My Mister Fantastic mod doesn't use them for technical reasons.

*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template