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Updated Hulk & Hawkeye with proper normal map, I did wrong in previous release + added Captain Marvel Wii model & Venom MFF :

Also added Kamen Rider Decade & Grand Zi-oh for Black RX mod by Aventureimax
Updated link in first post with lightning boosted less than previous version.
Shadows sucks, I have not found a good workaround for that, besides removing walls.
Second update, I've added the defaultman entry to the end of the herostat, it'll get added in automatically when you run OHS. Hopefully this helps with some issues. I haven't tested this extensively, but it should work. Please try out the new version and let me know if you encounter any issues.
I've noticed a few issues pop up with OHS not writing to the right location. Looks like the solution is to make sure you right-click OpenHeroSelect.exe and run as Administrator, otherwise Win10 sometimes redirects the files somewhere else. I'll update the instructions in the zip file as well.
Great news! Looking forward to all of your next mods!
Everyone, I am probably going to work on the tournament winner Dante next, but sadly, there's a lot to be desired. (1) There are no converted skins for him, so I will have to create a PS2 skin of him -- probably using a Gambit skin, and a demon form or two. And as you know, I'm a hit-or-miss skinner. (2) I have seen what he can do from various Devil May Cry games, and I looked heavily at Ceamonks' moveset for him. However, due to not having necessary boltons, some of his powers will either not look right or I can't create them at all.
That said, I never release lackluster mods, so I'll try my best to work with what I got, and try to create the feel of Dante as much as possible. But don't feel cheated from me if it's not as authentic as it can be.

In other news, look out for new double-sword boltons for :sstar: Shatterstar, as BaconWizard17 plans to work on it at some point. Be patient on that one.

And for the three new Mortal Kombat characters, I have confirmed that Cassie Cage is coming. However, another combatant will have to be cancelled... Kotal Kahn. He is becoming too much of a hassle for me. Don't worry though, I have a good replacement for him on the MK-on-MUA roster. In addition, UltraMegaMagnus has been producing some cool stuff to enhance the MK-on-MUA experience. I will release them when the three MK mods are complete.

That's all I got for now. Stay tuned, boys and girls.

Boosters / Re: Booster Sneak Peek
« Last post by Cohollow on September 30, 2019, 09:35am »
yes! i still have some boosters planned tho they will be awhile down the road as some irl stuff has taken focus for the time being. i shall return soon enough homies!
Very awesome! I love Batgirl!
Misc. Modifications / Re: Edited Mannequins Layout updated
« Last post by UltraMegaMagnus on September 29, 2019, 01:38pm »
Updated the layout with a version for 36 roster hack and removed the 33 roster version

Credits to nikita488, Mellomods, Tommymesh for the tools, code & mesh.

The custom mannequins from the preview are not provided yet.
Mod Releases and Conversions / The Outsider's Crypt - Batgirl
« Last post by Outsider on September 29, 2019, 11:05am »

It is now time for Barbara "Babs" Gordon to officially enter the fray, no longer connected to another mod. Deserving a mod of her own is the classic superheroine from DC Comics known as Batgirl. A simple but very fun mod, I've combined her classic weaponry with some computer tech from her time as Oracle. And with some rather cool skins in there, she makes for an excellent presentation. Check her out.

Now that Batgirl is her own mod, download Black Canary again as she no longer has Batgirl included. Also, note that while Batwoman is one of Batgirl's costumes, Kate Kane doesn't have exclusive skills.

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-10 hex-edited skins, 8 HUDs, loading screen, icons, mannequin, and sound/voice file using her own voice from Injustice.
-Uses assigned number #38 (will clash with Spider-Woman in mannequin).

1. Batarang Throw: Can throw numerous Batarangs at enemies.
2. Crusader Kick: Moves forward and kicks an enemy, causing knockback.
3. R.C. Batarang: Throws a Remote Control Batarang that will slice enemies and cause bleeding. Can control its' direction.
4. Smoke Bomb: Throws a quick smoke bomb that disorients enemies, stunning them and weakening their defense.
5. Oracle Beams: Hacks a satelite to fire beams down at enemies.
6. (Boost) Utility Belt: Activates special gadgets within her belt that increases her power damage and momentum.
7. (Boost) Nanite Activation: Oracle activates special nanites for the team that reduces power costs temporarily.
8. (Xtreme) Bat-A-Boom: Throws several wall-bouncing Batarangs that trigger small impact explosions.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, HUDs, icons, loading screen, sounds, hex-editing, etc.
Aventureiromax - Skins, mannequin
BLaw - Batarang models

None so far.


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