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Author Topic: X-MEN Legends / MARVEL: Ultimate Alliance official websites content...  (Read 1422 times)

Offline YevgENICH
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Hi, Dear MARVELMODS community! Since games' original websites are down and even archieved pages are not complete, I'm wondering, does someone have all original model pictures / art / sketches / screenshots / photos / some flash files like Power Profiles (XMLII:RoA) without watermarks and with original size, and other staff like official X-Men Legends Fan Site Kit (6MB) / Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Screensavers or have any information where it is possible to find?

I try to make some searches based on original info / previews or just accoring to name / size even without any  preview signs, but unfortunately got no luck in some cases.

Here some examples:

X-MEN Legends Mutant Vault:

X-MEN Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Mutant Vault:

Thanks in Advance for Your reply and sorry for such dumb question / wrong place to ask.

Sincerely, YevgENICH!